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An Eternal Being


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A Young man's Soul that have been staying in an Eternal Prison, he doesn't even know how many years have passed when he got here. And a hope appeared infront of him, It was a System that gave him hope. ... But first, English in not native language, you will be expecting a lot of bad grammars. Okay guys, if you are wondering that I have dropped other Fanfiction novels I have written, because I accidentally boot my whole data... Even my iCloud Acc is not even safe. That's why I dropped them, my iPad is also getting laggy when I tried to do something special, it sometime crash. This will be my very First some like Original Novel, I hope you enjoy. I will continue writing for this novel, since I'm really bored. Daily Release 1-2/ chapters a day, don't expect too much. The wallpaper is not mine, the credits goes to the content creator.