An email from the Billionaire
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An email from the Billionaire


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What is An email from the Billionaire

An email from the Billionaire is a popular web novel written by the author caia_clearwood, covering ROMANCE, COMEDY, BETRAYAL, MISUNDERSTANDING, RUTHLESS, BILLIONAIRETYCOONCEO, VIRGIN, BAKER, CURVY, GROVEL, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 8.5K readers with an average rating of 4.83/5 and 31 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 8 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


When someone asks about Bella-Rose James, the responses you get are- 'She is the permanent designated driver,'-her friends. 'She brings homemade chocolate chip cookies to me. If only she would let me take her on a date. Why! I could be charming if I try (Someone snorted in the background),'- Matthew from old age home. 'She is my beautiful sweet baby. I still remember when she used to run around naked in our front yard-' -her mother. 'MOM! Stop. You said you would never bring it up,' -Bella-Rose James. 'Why are you asking about her? Do you know I have a Remington 870? Just letting you know I know how to use it,'- her dad. 'That's it. I'm disowning both of you,'- Bella-Rose James. When someone asks about James McKenzie, the responses you get are- 'He is the most ruthless slave driver,' - his employees. 'He is the most ungrateful child of mine,'- his mother. 'He is lonely. Doesn't likes to talk much. He always keeps to himself,' - his housekeeper. Read the journey of Bella and James and how these two opposites learn about each other through emails and how their newfound love wobbles when the secrets James carries comes into light. Is their love strong enough to handle the pressure or will it crumble breaking their hearts? [Wattpad ranks Highest rank- #1 crazyfamily] Note: not edited

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I just love the narration! The way the protagonist is narrating the story is just superb! I was grinned the entire time! Although I read the forst few chapters only but I am loving the blurting of Bella. She is definitely worth a read. To add to the fun, your synopsis is so hilarious I am literally grinning! You are doing a commendable work author. Kudos to you. I saved this and am definitely going to read it till it ends.


Wow...its really impressive. I love the way the characters flow and relate with one another, and this book is definitely going to my reading list.😃😃🖤


This story flows like milk over my cereal. It is well written and makes you want to continue reading. I love how thr story comes together and has my interest piqued. Great job Author. I will follow this one. The narration and the characters just seem to leap off the page.


It is a great book the Synopsis is interesting and attracts to read further. The writing is good it feels connecting and the title is also pretty good. All in all it's really great.


I like how you write your story, the flow of your story , it's really nice , from the blurb to the main whole story , it's absolutely interesting and intriguing at the same time, Thank you for sharing this beautiful story, I will definitely recommend this.


I LOOOOOOVE THIS BOOK. I love how the writing feels like a conversation the main character is having with me. It makes the story so easy to read and by the time I reach the end of a chapter I can't believe I've read so much! I wasn't keeping track. 😂 Great storytelling! The author really knows how to get readers engaged and pull them into the story. This is so entertaining and so much fun to read, and even has parts that are really funny. (like the part about Stella being in stellar condition and mom being doomed) 5 stars! Great work.


I want also to get message from the billionaire can you recommend me to him.. hahaha kidding... this was a good romance. Love this genre of story. A love story of an icy cold protagonist..


I already love Bella from the very start of the story! This story is a MUST read! Highly recommend it to everyone out there since feb. 14 is near, go check it/this out! The author really puts her love into this story. SUPPORT!!!!


This is an amazing story, the prolouge has just enough context in it to get you hooked and wanting to read more, I can honestly say that this person is an amazing author and I cannot wait to read more and see what else they can produce


The story is really interesting. Just like previous reviews, the flow of the story is great and the characters are relatable. Great job author! Hope to read more soon :)


From the prologue, you can already tell this the main characters are one crazy bunch. They are hilarious, have, spunk and are super easy to relate to. I recommend this book to everyone. kudos to the author for this masterpiece.


I love how the story flows as I read. Although not a fan of romance, it still managed to draw me I. If you love romance and money (like we all lol), this is your stop. Nice work author san😁😁😁


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


Spectacular writing and very gripping. This is a book that I would recommend someone to read. It's has a very intriguing story that holds on to you and never lets you go from the onset. The author knows how to put words together to form a masterpiece that is both relatable and enjoyable. I love the character development it's very well done. Can't wait to see how the story unfolds.


Synopsis made me smile 😆😆. I guess we can relate to Bella in a way. The relationship of mother daughter is very fun to read. Good luck with the work to the author.


This story hits different. I love the way it's written. Easy to read and nice prologue. I'm hoping to read until it's ending. Good job author!


I couldn't control my laugh while reading synopsis ❤🤣😂 Since the start your story hooked me with it. it is hilarious and it comically touches the reality. I love it so much. Your writing is so great and simple which touches the heart., 🥰🥰🥰 keep writing and make us happy happy😀😀🥰


Cutest story to ever exist with a perfect world background. Really captivating, I must say. This wonderful piece had me hanging for days despite my busy schedule. Keep it up author!


I love how the characters relate to each other making it realistic and authentic to the reader, the plot is sabtle and the flow is a definate nice trail of fun...


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