1 Life

'Am I dying?' Levi Collins thought dizzily.

He was dizzy and blurred. He remembers being in the new car he had just bought ...

'Really ... What happened?', Levi was confused, he just remembers going through an intersection on the road and then he felt a strong crash on the side of the car.

Looking around, Levi saw smoke coming out of the car's engine, the rubble of the crash and a truck with the front destroyed near the car.

'I see, the truck hit my car ... But why am I feeling so ... weak? I remember tightening my security belt.', Levi thought and looked down and realized what had happened.

Blood poured out of his belly, going up to his injured legs and filling the floor of the car, creating a small pool of blood.

An iron rod pierced his belly in such a way that Levi wondered if it is possible to survive.

Blood suddenly started to come out of Levi's mouth, and the last thing he saw was the truck driver running towards him.

'Well ... I had a good life.', Levi thought before closing his eyes.


"Levi Collins was a great man, even though he was so young he managed to rescue his family's bankrupt company and become a millionaire, I was a colleague of him in college and even today I remember his genius."

Levi's funeral was the next day, family and friends attended the mansion that Levi had just bought.

Levi's parents were there, and they were crying non-stop as they looked at their son in the coffin.

After several people shared their feelings about Levi, the priest responsible for the funeral continued the funeral, which took place a few meters behind the mansion, under a large pine tree.

"My son was very fond of trees, nature, and also the family ... I believe this is the ideal place for burial." Levi's mother, Ray Collins, said as she looked at her dead son and wore black clothes.

"My son would never like the idea of ​​being buried in a cemetery, he would rather be cremated and have his ashes scattered around the world. But I don't want him to be cremated." Levi's father, Clay Collins, said.

After burying Levi and filling the grave with earth and flowers, Levi's father personally placed a cross above his son's grave.

"My son was not religious, but he wouldn't like to have no way after death. May God give you peace in heaven." Levi's mother spoke with a bitter smile.

"May God give you peace in heaven." All those present said in one voice.


"The baby was born! He is a boy!"

One of the largest mountains in the region, it was conical in shape and was actually an inactive volcano. The mountain reached a height of ten thousand kilometers, and the deep fog prevented anyone from seeing the top of the mountain. A huge river passed beside the mountain, and on the other side of the river there is a village. The mountain was named after the fire god, Ignis.

The village is small, and all the villagers work on the large farm on the plains surrounding the mountain.

In one of the village residences, a simple hut built mostly of wood, several people were celebrating the birth of a baby.

Inside the hut, a strong man held the baby beside the bed where he laid a smiling woman. The strong man is the father of the child and he said, "His name will be Kyle, in honor of his warrior grandfather, and his surname will be Nomit, so that the Gods will bless him with an unlimited future."

The baby, still stained with blood, slowly opened its eyes but did not cry.

"Is the child okay? Why doesn't he cry?" The woman in the bed asked worriedly, she was pale and was the mother of the newborn baby.

The strong man looked seriously into the baby's eyes, and was astonished to realize that his eyes were strange. The boy's irises are mostly black, like his father's, but around his pupils there is a faint green color, which gives a touch of mystery to his eyes.

The boy looked directly into his father's eyes, expressionless, but actually... he was confused.

'But what the hell happened? I reincarnated !? Shit! I wish I had gone to hell, there are so many nice people there... Minus the demons. Even going to heaven wouldn't be bad, except for the eternal boredom. ', The baby thought as he looked at his new father, it was the beginning of Levi Collins' story in another world, now as Kyle Nomit.

"The child is blessed by the God of life, so he doesn't cry.", Kyle's father said in astonishment.

"What? What do you mean?", Kyle's mother was confused.

"See, the green glow around his pupils, is the sign of the God of life and vitality, the great GreenWood.", Kyle's father spoke and started washing the boy in a basin with water, to clean the baby's body.

Kyle's father was the only one to help with his birth, as there is no midwife in the village.

After cleaning the boy and covering him with a clean cloth, Kyle's father shouted:

"You can come in."

Suddenly, the hut door opened and several people hurried in. They all wore simple and sometimes dirty clothes, which shapes their status as farmers.

"Are you a boy? He will certainly be strong like you, and angry like his grandfather, Kyle the Wolf."

"See, there is a strangeness in the child's eyes."

"By the Gods, was the child blessed by the great GreenWood !?"

"Kyle will certainly be a great man! I can imagine him being a knight under the landlord."

It turned out that Levi Collins reincarnated in a land with medieval aspects, with feudal lords, kings, knights, nobles and among other classes...

He was born in a village in the lands of Lord Ashen, a powerful feudal lord in the region, he is also a viscount under King Gyner, the king of light, who rules over all lands between the Dragon River in the east and the great vibrant sea in the west. The kingdom is called Urystelig, which means unshakable in the ancient language.

Mt. Ignis is in the territory of another kingdom, but is right next to the dragon river which serves as a border.

The village of Kyle is on the west side of the Dragon River, and is therefore at the eastern end of the territory of the Urystelig Kingdom.

'I never thought I could suck on an unknown woman's tits while being a baby, but now I have to accept the fact that this woman is my new mother.', Kyle thought as he drank milk from his mother's breasts.

"Arderith, how's the baby?", An old village elder went to visit Kyle's family and asked while looking at Kyle with a smile. She had wrinkles all over her face and looked over 70.

Arderith, who is Kyle's mother, said, "In the past few days he hasn't cried once, but there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with him."

"Perhaps the reason he did not cry is a blessing received from the Gods.", The old woman spoke with a smile and then asked, "Where is Arwen? That little bastard."

"Don't talk about my husband like that ...", Arderith spoke with a bitter smile and then replied: "He's at the plantation, taking care of the new seedlings with the others."

"I see ...", the old woman, full of wrinkles, smiled slightly and took something out of one of her pockets, it was a small blue stone.

"That's ...", Arderith looked at the stone in surprise and then at the old woman.

"Having received a blessing from the Gods, perhaps he has a talent for following the mystical path.", The old woman spoke with a smile and wrapped the stone with a cloth before giving it to Arderith.

"Elder, this is very valuable, I cannot accept it.", Arderith spoke hesitantly.

"It doesn't matter if you want to accept it or not, this is my gift to little Kyle, and also from his grandfather. We both found this stone while we climbed Mt. Ignis.", The Elder spoke and placed the stone wrapped in cloth next to Kyle, who subconsciously grabbed the object.

"See, little Kyle liked the gift, hahaha ...", the elder spoke and laughed.

Arderith looked at Kyle with a hesitant expression, but decided to accept the gift.

"That bastard Kyle, he died fighting until the last minute, but he just wasn't brave enough to take responsibility for his actions.", The Elder spoke with a bitter smile.

Arderith looked at the old woman and said, "I heard you two loved each other, but he didn't want to leave my mother-in-law."

"Hah! It is not an exaggeration to say that that bastard was very attractive, but he just didn't know how to control himself, several women fell into his clutches all over Lord Ashen's territory ...", the Elder spoke as she turned and left the hut.

"Including you...", Arderith murmured and then looked at Kyle as he thought: 'I have to educate Kyle correctly so that he knows how to be responsible unlike his grandfather!'

For the next few years, Kyle tried his best to live an ordinary life as a child, at least as long as he didn't have the ability to be independent.

He learned a lot during those years, the language the villagers used was new to Ralph, but he had no trouble learning, perhaps because he was a baby and had fresh neurons.

[Typo: His name is Kyle, not Ralph.]

How to plant, how to harvest, how to make sacrifices to the Gods... Ralph learned all about the life of an ordinary man from these lands. The culture is completely new to Ralph, and he was impressed to learn that the villagers have a basic notion of cosmology.

They know that the earth is just a planet and orbits a star... They know that there are other planets and stars in the universe. Of course, their knowledge is very basic, and they have no deep knowledge of chemistry or physics.

When Ralph turned five, he had pretty much gotten used to the village lifestyle, which was quite simple.

However, due to Kyle's already adult intellect, everyone in the village believes that he received the blessing of the God of life, GreenWood.

"Wake up, boy, today is the day you receive the blessing from the lord's envoy.", Arwen woke Kyle, who was sleeping.

It was the day that children born in the village in an interval of five years receive the blessings of the feudal lord, who sends a representative and a priest to the villages in his territory.

Kyle yawned and stood up. Due to the hard work he was a little dirty.

"I went to get water from the river, wash your face!", Arwen said as he placed a bucket of water on the floor.

Kyle sighed and went to wash his face. Because there is no deep sense of hygiene in this place, Kyle sometimes has to bathe alone in the river. The day before he was very tired and ended up sleeping dirty.

Kyle tried to convince his parents to clean themselves better, but they didn't understand Kyle, who is just a child in their view.

After washing his face, Kyle put on the best clothes he owns. A plain white shirt and long pants that belonged to a boy who died last year of a mysterious illness.

Kyle in this life has brown hair like his mother, and black eyes like his father, although there is a green color circling his pupils.

There weren't many children born in that five-year interval, just ten. Most were a year or two younger than Kyle.

The village had a small central square that served as a point for important events and announcements.

After arriving there, Kyle saw that the people had built a small platform for the lord's envoys to come up and speak.

After joining the other kids, who were forming a line and looking nervous, Kyle waited.

After a few minutes, a carriage appeared on the horizon, pulled by four horses and raising dust wherever it passed.

When the carriage stopped in front of the central square, three men got out of the carriage.

A man is a knight, with a sword hanging from his waist and iron armor.

Another man was a priest, wearing religious robes and carrying a mysterious scepter.

There was then, a thin man dressed in noble clothes, he had long curly hair, and also a cold look.

The nobleman stood on the platform and shouted, "I came at the behest of the great Viscount Ashen, to begin the qualification ceremony. All children must be introduced to the holy priest, so that he may give divine blessings to them."

The children, with the guidance of their parents, went in an organized way to the priest, an old man who have a kind smile.

The first child stood in front of the priest, who lifted the scepter up and shouted: "May the blessings of the Gods guide your way."

The priest looked at the crystal at the end of the scepter and then sighed as if disappointed.

He then did this to the other children, in the same way, until he did this to a girl who was in front of Kyle, and the crystal on the scepter flashed green for a brief moment.

"Hoh?", The priest looked at the girl in surprise and murmured to the noble man: "This girl has a spiritual root."

The nobleman looked at the girl in surprise and then shouted, "Who are this girl's parents?"

"It's us.", The girl's parents introduced themselves politely to the noble.

"Your daughter was blessed by the gods, and she must receive the mystical teachings. However, she must come with me to the great mystical college of the kingdom.", The priest spoke.

"What !?", the parents were suddenly shocked and worried, but after a moment they looked at each other and smiled before saying to their daughter: "Listen, my daughter, this is an opportunity given by the gods, if you go to the mystical college, your future will be bright, and maybe you can help our village more than just being a farmer."

The girl just seemed to understand that she would be separated from her parents, and started crying and saying, "No! I don't want to, I want to be with you ..."

The parents seemed to hesitate when they heard the girl's cry, but started to try to comfort the girl.

After several minutes, the girl seemed to accept the fact that she would be separated from her parents.

The priest then looked at Kyle and said, "Come on, boy. It's your turn."

Kyle swallowed his own saliva and walked towards the priest.

"May the blessings of the gods guide your way.", The priest spoke and looked at the crystal on the scepter.

A white light appeared, but it was just so dim that the priest could barely see it. There was a difference with the girl's case, the light didn't just blink for a moment and remained on the scepter.

"What does that mean !?", the priest murmured in astonishment.

"Priest, is there a problem?", the nobleman asked with a frown.

The priest took a deep breath and looked into Kyle's eyes, he then noticed the strangeness in them.

'Does this boy have a spiritual root? But why is the light so dim? And why does it remain in the scepter? ', The priest asked himself.

"Priest?", The nobleman noticed the priest's strange expression and looked at Kyle.

The boy looked quite ordinary anyway so why did the priest look so astonished?

The priest took a deep breath and murmured to the nobleman, "I don't know."

The nobleman looked at the priest and asked in surprise: "What do you mean by that?"

"I just don't understand the scepter's response, I've never heard of anything like that.", The priest replied with a strange expression.

The nobleman contorted the corners of his mouth and pondered: 'I am ordered to take only children with spiritual roots, but even the priest does not know whether that child has it or not. What should I do? Take the child? '

After a while, the nobleman shouted, "Who are this child's parents?"

"It's us.", Arwen and Arderith introduced themselves.

"Your son needs to be examined on the church, his situation is not common.", The priest said with a dignified expression.

Arwen and Arderith looked at each other with concern in the eyes and Arwen asked, "In that case, what can happen to him?"

"I cannot answer, but perhaps it is just a lack of knowledge on my part and your child is qualified to enter the mystical college as well, perhaps...", the priest spoke as he shook his head.

Arwen and Arderith looked at each other again and murmured for some time before agreeing with the priest.

Kyle, looked curiously at the priest's scepter in the meantime, he is curious about this mysticism.

"Okay, now that the children have received their blessings, we must withdraw.", The nobleman spoke and got into the carriage first.

The priest took Kyle and the girl's hand and said with a slight smile, "Don't worry, you can see your parents in the future."

Kyle and the girl looked at their respective parents for a moment before getting into the carriage. They both knew it would be a long time before they could see each other.

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