1 Chapter 1 - The Beginning of Amy

Amy was born on October 3rd, 1989 in Portland, Oregon. She's had a disease that caused her to have less pigments in her skin. As she gotten older some Kids started to pick on her and bullied her and it continued for years. They have Called her names from "freak" to "weirdo" to "ugly" and "burnt saltine" and even more.

     There were these two twins in particular, that went by the name of Billy and Nell, born the same day and year as Amy , they were always jealous of her because her parties always had more kids, they were bigger and much more fun. Because the twins lived with there grandparents, they're parties weren't as good as Amy's.

     When Amy turned 13 she had a little shin dig at Chuck E. Cheese's . The twins gotten so Jealous, they decided to ruin her special day by hurting her and the first thought to come to their heads was to stick her head in a toilet and drown her. During her party, she drunk a little too much soda and had to go to the bathroom.

     As she walked to the bathroom, the twins started to follow her in there with the most deranged , psycho face ever and she when she turned around from hearing there foot steps behind her, she gotten scared so she started to run. They chased after her and eventually caught her. She kicked and screamed for help and nobody could hear because of the loud music. Nell grabbed her by her hair and Billy punched on her till she couldn't get up anymore and Nell grabbed her head and put her head under water but the impact with the head and the toilet was so hard, she bit down on her tongue and it cut off. She Screamed while under water and caused her to drown, but Nobody knew it was Billy and Nell because they put gloves on before the attack.

     When a little girl came into the bathroom she saw her dead in the ground. The little girl screamed and cried as loud as she could until people came in and saw what she had seen. Everyone was devastated. People not knowing who it was that did it to her made it even more bad, it gotten so bad that Amy's Mom had jumped in front of a train due to depression. Her daughter was all she had because Amy's dad had left her months before she was born so it was just her, her mom and grandma. Because her mom was the only child, They had ended their family tree just like that and that was the end of it all . But little did people know, that Amy would soon return to get her revenge.

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