Amorous Devotion For His Mature Lady
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Amorous Devotion For His Mature Lady


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What is Amorous Devotion For His Mature Lady

Amorous Devotion For His Mature Lady is a popular web novel written by the author BlaccLotus, covering MATURE, EROTICA, STRONGFEMALELEAD, NOBILITY, DOMINANTLEADS, WOMANIZER, SECONDLOVE, FWB, MULTIBILLIONAIRES, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 358K readers with an average rating of 4.85/5 and 38 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 34 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Many say love is a fleeting emotion. But to them, love is an amorous devotion. Equally dominant mature woman and younger man. … Cassandra Qin, a woman of grace and feminine perfection. Well-known as a charismatic and regal chairwoman, a prime woman in her late thirties whom a lot could only worship in their most beautiful dream. Deemed as a gorgeous woman who has it all; exquisite beauty, wealth, success and beautiful daughter. She is respected and admired by all, yet unbeknownst to them, the very same woman they could only look up to has to nurse her wound in silence and darkness of night when no one is around. A woman whose heart is encased frozen to any heat of intimacy is what she believed she is, or so she thought until she bed him, her sweetest mistake. A wet dream dressed in a hot suit. The finest womanizer. The man whose presence set her desire aflame and whose touch burns her body ablaze. Crown heir of the darkest household, him who bound by his devious vow. He is the man she should have distanced herself from, yet the maddening temptation is just as irresistible as his daunting smile. This is a story about them, a dignified mature woman and her irresistible younger lover, them who get very lost in their passionate yet ultimately loveless affair, amidst of menacing dangers, neither are able to fall for the other. However, what's more if the second woman is her own dearest one? ... Sensuous fingertips trace down the lines of masculine perfection and up rippling pectorals. Hot and wet tongues lock together as silken thighs straddle gyratingly in a sinuous motion. Inhalations whisper of passion and desire. The breaths catch while fingers orchestrate an exhaled symphony of moans. "Please me." The lady demanded upon his neck biting his skin as she topped him down against the velvet sheets. "My pleasure." The man rasped, swallowing down, as he caressed the silhouette of smooth, contrasting thighs. "Anything for you milady." . . . Ds. Dirty romance with touch of drama. Told from female and male viewpoints. Crappy writing and slow update.


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AUTHOR's UPDATED REVIEW. AMOROUS DEVOTION is a short (18+) romance novel with an erotica subplot. A story about passionate relationship between mature woman and her young seductive lover. WHAT TO EXPECT 1. Equally Strong Woman and Man. Female lead and male lead are both dominant over the other. This is the story where the obsessive and possessive male lead met his match, an extremely charismatic and regal woman. 2. Not A Sweet Romance. I wouldn't say that the story is about a sweet romance. This novel isn't that kind of "Destined Love" stories. You might be disappointed if you're expecting a sweet and fluffy romance in this book. 3. Amorous and Hot Male Lead. A natural born womanizer. Julian Long is definitely not that kind of perfect husband material male lead. He is a man whose smile is enough to get any woman wet. Although he is a womanizer, he knows how to respect and treat women well. 4. Mature and Capable Female Lead. Cassandra Qin is a mature woman, both mentally and physically. She had experienced a lot in life and is a single mother. She is a renowned businesswoman who stands at the peak of her career. 5. Mature Relationship. The mature here isn't all about the a.d.u.l.t relationship. Both leads would be pictured as a.d.u.l.t individuals who have their own complicated life. Thus, do expect a mature relationship and mature communication. 6. Slow Burn Romance. Love might bloom late for them or maybe not at all. 7. A lot of hot MAKING OUT sessions. There would be a lot of steamy encounters and intercourses. Given that both of them are extremely experienced, it would be hella Hot. WHAT NOT TO EXPECT 1. Weak to Strong Characters. Cassandra is a successful and renowned businesswoman who stands at the top of her life while Julian is a superior individual and extremely capable heir of the most prominent household. Both lead were born gifted and superior. 2. Unbalance Relationship. If you're into that kind of romance where male lead/female lead is clearly dominant over the other, or that kind of head over the heels male lead/female lead. This book isn't for you. 3. Expected Ending. Expected the unexpected. Happy, bittersweet or even sad ending are all possible. Just so you know I'm quite a hopeless romantic. 4. Good grammar and writing. My writing is quite crap so deal with it. Do expect a plenty of grammatical errors throughout the story. I could only say that I will try my best to improve. 5. Scheduled Updated Stability. I'm pretty snow as snail at writing, so it would be around one chapter per week. The book itself is quite short. I'm planning to end this book around 120-150 chapters. Although I couldn't guarantee you an expected blissful ending like most of books. I could assure you that this book is about a womanizer who would find himself changing slowly, becoming a better lover. He would end up becoming a faithful and loving husband. This story is very close to me. I do wish my grammar and writing would be capable enough for me to tell the story. Here's the leads' illustration to give you more visual.


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I am gonna give another review to this book. Really glamorous and perfectly described, well-written... It makes me envious of your writing capability, Dear Author. Hehehe!! You write so well!! And lastly, your book covers are so so so gooood!!! I mean I am loving the book covers of both the books. ^_^ ^_^ O_O <3 Your work is real good, I'm loving it!! <3 Write more and make us dream more (evil grin) <3 ;) Keep up Author-nim!! <3 :)


The first thing that stands out is the beautiful, beautiful, beautiful writing. It flows nicely and is immensely descriptive, capable of immediately pulling the readers in and enchanting them. I cannot stress enough how much I like the writing style (although there are some mistakes but with some editing they'll disappear). This gorgeous writing style is necessary to pull off this story successfully as it is. The pace of the story is great, neither too slow nor too fast. It follows the characters nicely and we can get insights into their minds which I highly appreciate. This whole novel in general has, I dont know how to describe it, an elegant vibe to it. For some reason, I feel fancy while reading like a dignified lady. The chemistry between the leads is just wow, sparks and very sultry. The female lead is amazing, strong and independent and I also really like Aveline. They compliment each other well, as mother and daughter (and looking at author's review, yep, yep Aveline is so pretty, she's already my fav hehe) and I do hope Aveline has a chance to find her own ML. The ML here is very hot, I do have to say more on the typical cold and overbearing side but its undeniable how attractive he is. He's quite frivolous and dominant at the beginning but I guess later on in the story, he'll be perfect for cassandra. The only thing I have to point out is that the chapters might be a bit too long. Well, what else can I say about this novel than its absolutely gorgeous. A read that will hook you from the first sentence and you won't regret a single second reading it. Sincerely, this is one of the best webnovels I have read yet and I absolutely adore it!


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The first chapter starts slow and hints of a romance, but then the next chapter turns hot and steamy and it's only hotter after that. Nothing wrong with it, the author 'warns' readers that it's hot smut... and it is. There are some grammar errors here and there, but nothing that would obstruct the reader from following the story. Keep up the hard work, author. 👍


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Your story is incredibly good. Writing Quality: Your writing quality is good. It's just that there are some problems with capitalisation of certain words, sentence structure and spelling. You do have a good grasp of your words though. Well done. Stability of Updates: I have nothing to say here. Story Development: Your story development is steady. You've really grasped the correct pace for a romance story. Well done. Character Design: I do like your characters. It's just that they seem a little too flawless. I would prefer if you showed a little more flaws in their personality or appearance. World Background: I have nothing to say here.


I’ve always been a sucker for romance but this is some high quality writing here. The descriptions is so good, the writing quality is splendid and character presentation is good too. I absolutely love Cassandra, she really is a strong woman. Good job, author 🙏🙏


So far, I have not seen the second female lead. Is it her daughter? If so(It would be good). I hope this will turn to a good two wives ending, with of course you need a realistic way of doing it. I have high expectations on this novel. Hope the ML has solid attitude, not always changing like your other novel.


Okay, I wasn't a fan of reading these but I actually have fun reading a few chapters for review. The writing was exceptionally good, and actually I liked the characters. The author made a world background of the real contemporary world, which is nice. I'm sorry I can't really go on. It just takes my heart too much to bear. I love the characters, both beautiful and handsome💕 Hope they found love instead of just friends with benefit 🙈


I'll give mostly 5 stars, but I didn't know this was um haha, oops, that type of romance. Anyways it's pretty good, personally not my cup of tea, but it'll probs be good for anyone looking for a mature romance!


In HBMIL my favorites were Qin Feixue, Long Cassandra and Long Evelyn, I was hoping and looking forward to them getting together but unfortunately it ended. I loved the part where cassandra teases LJ after she stops him and evelyn from doing the deed, and i thought they would do it from how it was going as cassendra started getting turned on. If you are going to introduce characters like them please make them end up together. If not and Julian and Cassandra are committed to each other is also good, if that's what your going for. Anyways thank you so much for the novel looking forward to it. Anyway Most People who are interested in older woman would definitely love it. Like Me. Your Writing is good it is very detailed and only 2 or 3 mistakes in sentences unlike some others i have read.


Superb story. Hot and sexy book. The male lead is simply irresistible and tempting. The male lead is also very interesting character. I simply love this book!


All great! Interesting male and female lead! Can't help but wanting to read more! Characters Design five stars, Writing four stars and Mature scene Four stars.


First of all, I got completely infatuated by this book. 😍 PS I know I'm shameless 😂 Okay, now to the more serious business, the author's narration skill is the kind that leaves you itchy for what comes next. Thus, you're definitely going to stay glued once you start reading. Now, hurry. Pick up this book (if you are a fine of deep romance. Wink*), add to your library and read it. It's enjoyable [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=update][img=update]


Ah, the main theme is so well picked! The affair of a mature woman (adult, I'd say, mature is a bit older) and a younger guy. But the atmosphere! It makes the whole difference! The author is a master in picking the perfect atmosphere and then, describing it as if painting! Think of the finest movie director showing you a scene, the camera traveling across the place and letting your eyes grasp everything at the most perfect timing. You will find it in this book, in form of words. It's so chic! Subdued! Decadent!


Goodness, author, I was blushing so much, and I had to fan myself so many times. You have your way for describing so well, extremely well and not just the steamy scenes. So far I am enjoying the novel a lot and I can't wait to see where it is going. The character design is well done, and I love the pace of the plot. Slow but right on point. Overall, it really kept me entertained and that is a good thing. Author, please keep going with your story! I am leaving in my library waiting for more updates. 😉


The first 3 chapters so far are well-written to the point of awe-inspiring for me. The writer crafts the scenes and characters with absolute detail to the point that you're absorbed into the world before you know it. As I don't read smut or mature stories often, Amorous Devotion for his Mature Lady might be the first I finish. This is the start so take it with a grain of salt. But for my first 3 chapters, I am excited to see more.


⚠️Oh My! The steam! This is a sultry story so far! The chemistry between the two MCs is explosive in nature. The story is slow, but the world build and characters are Extremely detailed. I would suggest editing and proofreader. There’s quite a few past and present tense mixups, and sentence structure issues, but the story is GOLD. Keep it up Author❤️


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