Amora of AloranAmora of Aloran

Amora of Aloran

by Raposa

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Before we get to the summary, I want to point out 1 thing that I think you should keep in mind; if you're looking for a fantasy book/novel that's mainly romance then I'm sorry to say that this book has been wrongly labeled and I don't know how to change it. Yes, there is romance but its a small part of the story as of right now but that might change in the future. At the moment, its a book filled to the brim with adventures, action, bits of mystery, and a whole truck load of fantasy! Next stop, City of Summaries!! :D ------------------------------------------------------------------------ On Amora's 16th birthday, an unexpected event threatens to endanger her best friend's life as well as her own; forcing them to seek help from a newly found acquaintance with many secrets. One thing leads to another and they soon find themselves embarking on a journey across the land, gathering forces in order fulfill a prophecy and stop the people of the land from bringing destruction upon themselves! - - - Danger lurking around every corner... Mysteries reaching as far as the eye can see... Friend or foe: who can tell? Adventures brimming with excitement... Romance and heartache bundled together... All the while, fighting with her own inner demons. What could possibly go wrong?? Cover art done by me{the author}

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