1 Prologue

Uoiea: I want you to stay

Keanu: what is it again

Uoiea: never go away from me

Keanu: You know I cant do that

Uoiea: stay forever

Keanu: I'm sorry

Uoiea: but now, now that you're gone all I can do is pray for you

Keanu: I'll be good without you

Uoiea : to be here beside me again

Keanu: stop this, you're just hurting yourself

Uoiea: why did you have to leave me

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Keanu: Im saving you

Uoiea: when you said that love would conquer all

Keanu: I said stop this.

Uoiea: why did you have to leave me

Keanu: It will do no good.

Uoiea: when you said that dreamin was as good as reality

Keanu: Scarlett, Im sorry.

Uoiea: and now I must move on

Keanu: yes, you will also benefit for that

Uoiea: trynna forget all the memories, of you and me

Keanu: yea

Uoiea: but I can't let go of your love that has thought me, to hold on

Keanu: just move on

Uoiea: why did you have to leave me

Keanu: Im sorry

Uoiea: when you said that dreamin was as good as staying with me

Keanu: staying will never be enough

Uoiea: can I have one last request before we even part ways?

Keanu: if I say yes to that request, will you leave?

Uoiea: as you wish

Keanu: go on

Uoiea: please, meet me at the seaside.

Keanu: it might take an hour

Uoiea: I will wait for you.

I put my phone down and reached for the fifth can of my beer. I never really drink, but what I'm feeling right now is so unexplainable and I want something to mend it, I feel like alcohol will never really leave my side right now.

I looked at the sky, there's no visible star right now. The sound of the waves are really soothing. I sighed, why do people hurt us when all we did was to love them, genuinely.

I don't actually know what to feel right now, I feel so numb, how did we even reach the end without me noticing. We were so happy, yeah, we were.

I reached for my seventh can, I then glanced at my watch, it's already 8:30 in the evening. I took a deep breath. Why am I hurting?

I heard someone called me from behind.


His voice, I can sense no pain, how come? He even called me Scarlett already.

"H-hey," why am I even stuttering. I tried standing but I lost my balance, maybe because of the alcohol.

"You're hella drunk, what are you doing?" He said upon catching me.

I giggled, "Because you're leaving me," I then cried.

"I'll take you home," he said.

I'm not actually drunk, maybe I'm just taking advantage of the alcohol.

He opened the door for me, "thank you," and then I giggled.

I closed my eyes for a while, I feel like my world is moving, ugh alcohol.

"Why are you drinking?" He asked me.

"Why are you leaving me?" I asked him back.

"Why wont you stay? We were so happy, so happy that I can't picture pain anymore, tell me Theron, how?" I added.

He shook his head in disbelief. I looked outside the window, it's already raining.

"W-why can't you answer me? Did you really love me? How can you let go that easily?" I hate how alcohol is now overpowering my system.

I didn't receive any response from him.

We drop by Starbucks and he ordered me an Americano, "sober up," he said as he gave me the coffee.

I finished it all and accidentally fell asleep.

"Hey, Scarlett, wake up, we're here."

I tried opening my eyes. His eyes, I would never get tired of staring at those beautiful eyes. His face was an inch away from mine.

"Please stay," I suddenly said.

"It won't work, we won't work." he said and stood up.

"What if it does?"

"We can't force things that aren't meant to happen," he said, emotionless.

"But, I love you," I said, shaking.

"I pity you, you look so desperate."

A tear escaped my eye, how can his words be so sharp?

"Yeah right, haha your words were so sharp, it seems like you meant them."

"I do, I do mean them, so please just leave and stop forcing yourself to me," he immediately answered.

"Yeah, you're right, I'm sorry," I then wiped off the tears. "Favor?" I looked at him and he looked at me.

"For the last time, please do the things you used to do before we part ways" I said, trying to prevent the tears from falling.

He sighed. I know he's just forcing it, I can see it in his eyes, he walked towards me, he then held my hand and kissed both of it. He placed my hands on his waist for a hug and then he hugged my back, " please, please my love tell me, for the last time," I whispered.

He let go of me and starred at my eyes, he wiped off my tears.

"Uoiea, please wait for me," he said, the only difference right now is that his eyes has no emotions.

I feigned a smile, "Yes, I will wait for you, no matter how long it takes, I will wait for you.."

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