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"Hello?" I said with my morning voice as I answered a call from my friend, Akira.

"Let me guess, I woke you up, right?" she asked me with a serious tone.

"Yeah? What's the matter?"

"You're asking me what's the matter, hey let me tell you that it's already 8:45 in the morning and you just woke up, our teacher is about to------" I looked at the clock.

"OH MY GOD!" I cut her off.

"Yeah, so you better get up,"

"Okay, thank you, btw good morning!" I told her while I was stretching.

"Morning, don't even dare stopping by a coffee shop, I beg you," she said firmly.

"I'm sorry, I have to," then I heard Bella, my other friend, that she wants a coffee too. Ugh, as if I have a chance to say no.

After I hanged up, I immediately went straight to the bathroom to take a quick bath. Minutes passed and then I entered my closet, scanned my clothing racks, looking for something to wear.

After minutes of searching, I got my maroon halter top, gray blazer, and a light washed maong pants paired with my plain white Converse sneakers. I then applied a light make up and let my middle length hair down. I sprayed my Versace Yellow Diamond perfume, one of my favorites.

"Good morning, Ma!" I greeted my mom as soon as I went down.

"Good morning," she glanced at the wall clock, "Seems like you're late again huh? Take your seat and eat," she said while putting place mat on the table.

"No, ma, I'm already late, I'll just take some sandwich with me and stop by the coffee shop because I might not catch up on my first subject," I told her as I reached for the sandwich.

"Okay, take care, okay?" I nodded then kissed her cheeks and bid goodbye.

"Good morning, kuya Melvin," I greeted our driver.

"Good morning, ma'am Scarlett, shall we go?"

I nodded and he opened the car door for me.

"Let's stop by the nearest coffee shop, please, I need something to wake me up," I told our driver. I saw him nod his head.

I looked outside the window, it's shady, it looks like it's about to rain, good thing I wore a blazer today. I sighed deeply, I still feel so dozy, I think I should work on my sleeping schedule.

I put my earphones on and listen to music while eating the sandwich that I brought with me.

"Good morning, ma'am," the guard in the coffee shop said and he opened the door for me.

"Good morning," I said then I smiled.

"Welcome to Déjà Brew, ma'am, may I take your order," the staff in the counter asked me.

"Two Iced Caramel Macchiato," I said as I was scanning their menu.

"What size, ma'am?"

"Venti, please, to go," I then I looked at her.

"That's 300, ma'am," I got my walltet then handed her my payment.

While I was waiting for my order, I decided to take a sit near the counter. I placed my book on the table, I don't even know why I still brought my book with me, I won't even use it, oh well.

I felt my phone ringing so I took it out, I saw Bella calling.

"Where's my coffee?" she asked.

"I'm still here at the coffee shop," I answered.

"Girl, you better be here by 10 minutes or else," wow scary.

"I'll try, bye," I then hang up.

I scrolled through my social media timelines and checked my messages when a guy wearing black hoodie, pants, and a black bandana entered the coffee shop.

He got everyone's attention not because of his aura, well, but because the way he opened the door, it was so loud, its like he's calling everyone's attention.

Based on his I.D. lace, he's also from Somerset University. I was staring at his well fixed hair, when he turned around, our eyes met by chance.

My eyes widened when I realized who he was. WHAT THE---- He's Keanu!

He's a grade 12 student and the captain of basketball team from where I am studying.

I tried hiding my I.D. lace, I felt awkward and I don't even know why. I pretended that I was reading a book.

After seconds, I tried peeping on him and I saw him chuckling, alone.

Is he crazy?

I hid on my book again and realized that I WAS HOLDING IT UP SIDE DOWN.

"Two venti Iced Caramel Macchiato for miss Scarlett!"

OH MY GOD, WHAT A SHAME. Was that the reason why he's laughing?

I feel so embarrassed. I stood up, I wanna get out, I'll just let kuya Melvin get my orders.

"Miss Scarlett,"

I was about to open the door when I realized that it was raining already.

I get my phone and tried dialing our driver's number when someone called me from the back.

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"Hey here's your order, they're already calling your name on the counter," I looked back, "Miss Inverted," Keanu said, handing me my order with a grin on his face.

The nerve..