1 pearl Harbor

december 7th 1941, japanese airplanes attacked the u.s. navy by striking in hawaii. many people were on the boats ready for another day of training but little did they know ww2 was just starting. radars were still new so many people didnt think there were actually planes coming for pearl harbor, at first the planes were seen on the radar but they flew between mountains causing radar to loose conncetion when told about they said it was just a glitch. at around 7:53 am japanese plans started to bomb the ships many people escaped many people didnt many were heros such as dorris miller aka dorie miller he was a black man who worked kitchen duty when he saw that other ships were being shot down he decided to take action and started shooting at the japanese planes shooting them down. he survived pearl Harbor and continued to fight in ww2 until 1943 when he died in action (he is my favorite tbh). another hero idk his name but he got people out of the boat by gatheribg as much as possible and getting them out he made a few trips and saved many peoples lives. he ended up dying sadly on the ship when he went back to get more people. the japanese stopped bombing around 8:55 am over 2,500 people died at pearl harbor. there are about only 5 people still alive from pearl harbor from the uss arizona.