1 Meeting the Family

"Ohh my gosh I don't know what to expect. You think they're gonna like my bulgogi?" Taehyung asks as he squeezes my leg. He comes to a stop light and looks over at me.

"Tae there is nothing to be nervous about. I talk about you nonstop, they seem like they already like you even though they haven't met you yet." I tell him, putting my hand over his and squeezing it. The light turns back green and he speeds off.

25 minutes later

"Alright imma grab the Bulgogi and you can get the bathing suits and towels and stuff." Taehyung says as he opens the trunk to our G-wagon. I grab all of our stuff while he gets to the food and we begin to walk up the driveway of my uncle's house. I can see some of my nossy ass family members peeking out of the window already. I shake my head and knock on the door.

"Y/NNN!! I missed you boo! Ooooo and I see you got your own Li Shang here wit you." My cousin, Joy, says.

"Joy that is wrong! This is Taehyung my KOREAN boyfriend." I say to her while pushing my way past.

"Well excuse me lil cuz I was just playin wit you. Hey Taehyung I'm Joy." She says while putting her hand out for him to shake. He smiles and try's to shake her hand the best he can while still holding on to the bulgogi.

We walk into the kitchen in which all 20 of my family members stand. They smile and greet us as we come into view. Taehyung looks around smiling and gets a little too excited, he forgets he's holding the food.

"Shit!" He says as the food nearly slips from his hand. He looks up and pierces his mouth shut. His cheeks form a red tint as he looks around at all of the eyes starring at him.

"I mean shoot?" He says softly.

Everyone bursts out laughing causing Tae to let out a breath. I smile at how cute he is.

"Just place it over there. Junebug ain't done grilling and we haven't made it to the pool yet. Y'all should go put on your swimsuits." My mom says as she gives me and Taehyung a hug.

Tae places the food down and follows me up the stairs into my uncle's guest bedroom. He closes the door and locks it then turns towards me.

"Mann all that nervousness sure got me tense. Maybe someone can help soothe my mind..." he says while slowly walking over to me and grabbing me by the waist.

"You ain't slick. You really wanna do this while my family is downstairs?" I whisper to him, smirking to myself as I feel his grip on my waist tighten.

He kisses me roughly and leads me to the bed. I fall down onto the soft sheets and he wastes no time climbing on top of me. He breaks the kiss so he can unbutton his shirt. He then takes off his pants and throws them on the floor. Once he's done he lifts me up and forces me on to his lap. I straddle him as he helps me take off my shirt, I'm wearing a skirt so there's no need for me to take that off.

He kisses down my neck, I'm sure leaving some love bites as he does so. I lift myself up and move my hands down to his boner, I grab his underwear and force it down. I move my panties to the side and I slide down onto him. He bites the sensitive skin of my neck as I do so.

"Go faster princess." He demands as his hand clasp on to my ass, helping me move my hips.

"Fuck!" I whimper out, trying my best to stay as quiet as I can.

"Yes baby you're doing good." He says in a low voice as he watches me ride him.

I begin to shake as I feel myself clinching around him. His grip tightens on my ass as I release my juices on to him. I move faster, feeling his member twitch inside of me. He groans my name as he releases inside of me. I lower my head to kiss him softly and he wraps his arms around me. We kiss softly, still out of breath.

"I love you so fucking much." He says breathlessly. He places a kiss on my cheek and then lifts me off of him. He digs in our bag for some baby wipes and then he cleans himself off. I clean myself up as well and then we slip on our swimsuits.

"Damn babygirl lookin good as fuck!" He says while giving my butt a slap. I laugh and then grab his fully tattooed arm, pulling him out of the door. When we get down the staircase all eyes are on us. Joy looks at me with a smirk then shakes her head. Taehyung shuffles around behind me with his head low as my family gathers their things to go.

"We gonna stay back with Junebug and watch the game. We'll give y'all a call when the food ready." My Uncle Clarence says. Five of my uncles decide to stay back as the rest of us head out.

We begin our journey down the street to the pool and half way down I tap Taehyung on the arm. He looks down at me and lifts a brow.

"Can you carry me?" I ask looking at him with puppy dog eyes.

He rolls his eyes and smirks then bends down in front of me. It takes everything in me not to slap his ass before I jump onto his back. He lifts me up and we continue walking.

10 minutes later

3rd pov

"So what the fuck you did to my cousin?" One of y/n's cousins ask Taehyung as they sit on the edge of the pool.

"What you mean?" Tae asks back.

"My cousin. She thick now, I know you haven't been doing that shit wit her she too innocent." He says. Taehyung can't help himself. He clasps his hand onto his mouth and begins to laugh.

He slowly falls back onto the concrete and rolls on his side laughing. His whole face turn red as he starts hiccuping from the laughter.

Y/n sees him from across the pool and swims over to him. She makes her way in between his legs causing him to lift himself up and look down at her. He bites his bottom lip trying to hold back his laughter.

"What got you laughing so hard?" She asks.

"Your cousin th-thinks you're, get this... INNOCENT!" He says and bursts out laughing again.

"Ok... why is that so funny?" She asks.

Taehyung looks at her and smirks.

"You know why that's funny princess." He says. Y/n slaps his thigh as she starts blushing. She looks over at her older cousins and smiles.

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"He's joking around. It's- uh I'm still— I mean we— um." Y/n takes a gulp of her own saliva and says.

"Damn, that shit's crazy. Cuz you nasty as fuck." Y/C/N says.

Taehyung grabs y/n's head and brings her in for a kiss, smiling and still laughing at the same time.

'When will the damn food be ready' y/n thinks to herself.



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