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What is Amara - Reunion

Amara - Reunion is a popular web novel written by the author RedSonia, covering ROMANCE, FANTASY, STRONGFEMALELEAD, WEREWOLF, MODERN, IMMORTAL, VAMPIRE, ALCHEMY, MATE, WITCH, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 694.7K readers with an average rating of 4.98/5 and 65 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 333 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


A college senior goes on a vacation to Italy with her classmates and her world flips upside down when she dies and wakes up as an immortal. Seraphina can't go back to London where everyone thinks she is dead, yet her existence is not common among immortals either. She is the first of her kind and many would kill to find out how her adopted father managed to grant her eternal life. Join Seraphina in her journey of finding out who she became as she drifts between accepting her new fantastic reality and dealing with her past. --- This is book 1 in the series "Amara" where you get to join Seraphina in her journey of accepting her immortality. FL is strong, smart and she does not depend on ML. Expect drama, mystery, and romance in a modern-fantasy setting. If you are under age 18 or sensitive to adult content, I suggest you skip this novel. --- Excerpt from the novel... I stepped on the threshold and the clamor quieted down in one quick wave that swept through the classroom as people stared at me and spoke in whispers. Those were my classmates, the ones that degraded me due to my poor background, but now things are different. I met their eyes with confidence and there I saw him, behind the last desk on the right, that is made for two. He was looking at his phone and ignoring two women who talked to him. The time replaced his boyish features with mature ones, and he became the handsome man who must be the cause of many wet dreams. The lack of noise got his attention. It took him a second to spot me, and the world faded at the moment our eyes met. The magic between us was the same as I remember, but stronger. Probably because we are not kids anymore. Now we are grownups and trying to label this feeling that engulfed me as anything other than attraction laced with lust, would be denying the obvious. Damn! I thought that by coming to this reunion I will be able to get over my infatuation that stems from my dreams. I was confident that I will realize he was never mine, to begin with. It was just a teenage crush that should have died with my mortal self. But as his endlessly blue eyes bore into mine, I was unable to resist the aching need to get closer. Oh, boy... I am in trouble. Aren't I? --- Connect with me. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RedSonia.Novels Discord: https://discord.gg/cFaejHB Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/redsonia_novels/ --- I own the cover. --- Give my other novels a try! - Is this Destiny? - Accident Prone - The Alpha's Bride

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Hello from the author! This is my third novel, and hopefully, you can see an improvement in my writing style. 😉 What can you expect? - The story is set in modern times, Europe mostly. - The female lead is not a weakling. - In the beginning of the story, FL's main goal is to regain her lost memories and to understand her new abilities while coping with the new world she found herself in. At the same time, she has a longing to experience something she lost a long time ago: feeling loved. - The ML is weaved through the story, and he makes his real appearance later. Don't worry, there will be plenty of other suitors for the FL until the ML shows up. - This is a fantasy novel where facts and locations are modified to fit the narrative, so keep an open mind and enjoy the ride. - There are no unnecessary misunderstandings. - There WILL be STEAMY scenes so... you have been warned. I hope you will dive into this story that will be filled with drama, mystery, action, romance, and funny moments. Check out additional information in the Aux chapter 'Introduction', and of course, try out my other novels.


One more book from my favourite author! I can't wait to read this story and its a series!!!!! Woo hooooooo🥰 Congratulations on ur 3rd (original) book Author💐🌹🌷


Third book from this author in my library. The story is amazing and well written. I have lots of love for this author. 😍 To all of you who are on the fence: give it a try and you won't regret it! ❤️❤️❤️


I can only say one thing: WOW! The beginning is intense and I want to know know what happens next. Serina is learning about being 'special', and it seems that her adopted father (Aldus) needs to learn about being human. Amara is my third novel to follow from Redsonia and I can tell you that this author does not disappoint. Great work, author! 😘


I love it! It is only the beginning of the story and I am really into what will follow. The author is my favorite on WN. This is the third book I'm following from her and she is definitely adding new spices to her style! Go for it ❤


I am really enjoying the gripping storyline and the storytelling style in this novel. The author is doing a great job in building the characters in the story and the plot is very interesting. I am eagerly waiting for more chapters.


Joining in with the rest of the faithful readers of this author. The story is promising and the first few chapters are revealing that the FL is a strong character who can use her head. I can't wait for more chapters! 🥰


A smooth and well written modern fantasy romance book by an experienced writer. A good read for you who are into modern romance fantasy with unique and original concept and story. It's nice reading experience and here's my honest review. Positive: - Beautiful writing style with little to no mistakes in grammar - Unique and freshly original concept and story. It's my first time reading about an alchemist main character in modern world and I find it really fresh and Interesting concept. - Interesting characters' design. Female lead is in interesting character and not a weakling. The other character such as her mad scientist adoptive father is also equally interesting, he gave off the creepy vibes of mad scientist and have a very unique way of seeing things and thinking. I have a hype on male lead who hasn't introduced yet. - Rich with description. I was amazed at how good author describing everything in the book. The characters' expression were pictured in great detail and everything such as characters' features, places and etc were described in great detail and rich with description. - World background. It's blend between modern world and fiction but you wouldn't get confused because how smooth author at picturing the world background. - I have a high expectation on, ehem, steamy scene. But please only with the male lead. Negative - Honestly I really want to find some minus points on this book so I can give you constructive critique/criticism. But sadly I hardly found any flaw in the book. - Hm, maybe I'll add on the comment section when I find some flaws on this book. - FMC had experienced a horrible way of dying. I hope those bastard who ********* and killed her get the worst punishment. Poor Amara. Overall. It's great reading experience and despite being a male who aren't into first person female lead stories, I could enjoy this book without any problem. It shows how good the book is. And if you don't mind me asking. How many chapters you're planning for this book and how long it would before male lead comes to picture? I just hope she wouldn't let any suitors to take advantage of her before male lead comes to picture. I'm not doing this for swap review but since this book is my cup of tea, this book is already on my permanent reading list. But I'm wondering what's the meaning of "Reunite" on the title hmm 🤔 people from her past 🤔 maybe male lead is someone from her past 🤔 interesting. Anyway, Good luck!


Reveal spoiler


I have read till chapter 9 and the character development is pretty good. RedSonia has given great descriptions and updates are regular. Overall I would love to see how Lazarus' and Amara go forward from here.


Got it in my library and I can't wait to read. The synopsis is intriguing and based on other two novels (and one short story) from this author that I'm reading, I am expecting great storytelling.


Now that I'm current with the latest chapters, I must say that the story is getting better with every new character. No one is neglected, as we get a background about everyone who appears, revealing mysteries and additional layers of the storyline as we see other points of view. I love it and I can't wait to see what will happen next. Oh, and the daily updates are a big bonus. 😁


I got hooked from the first paragraph. It's awesome that the novel is written from first person POV but there aren't any inconsistencies, and the story rolls on perfectly. I'm totally ready to continue on this adventure with Seraphina in her new world😍


This story was lit! I can't feel bored at all! I should say this was interesting and unique. The author was a veteran of course! I will be reading this and add it to my library. Kudos author!


This author does not disappoint. Her chapters get better and better and her characters are believable even though in a world of so much unknown. I can’t get enough not complaining, please write faster…


Stay on your toes when you read this book because one moment you will think- ok so that's gonna happen and in the next. Bam! It's not. The story seeing is quite nice with just one glitch, present tense and past mixed at places. But apart from that the storyline is nice. You will love some of the vivid descriptions. More power to us as we both are starting on something new!


It is a very good book. I really like the way you write and I am very intrigued by how the plot will unfold. I look forward to more chapters. :)


The writer is new but his work is unmatched. He has got the potential to reach the top of the list. Deliberately waiting for your next chapters to arrive .


I'm leaving a review after 150+ chapters and I can say that this novel is amazing! I love the mystery and drama and all the supernatural stuff. I can't wait for ML and FL to reunite (for real), and I find that their meetups in their dreams are super-sweet.


This story is very solid. It is great. I could probably go for a bit more description of the background environment, but it's one of the best stories that I've read on Webnovel. The plot is unique and it is different than most of the stories that I've read.


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