1 Episode 1: Savior

Warning: this story isn't mine! The original author of this is Hideki Sohma


The scene is of Junichi in a park on Christmas Eve, as snow lightly falls as Junichi's narration starts. "Two years ago, I had my heart broken. A girl I liked stood me up on Christmas eve. I was to meet her at the park, but she never showed up. Only recently has my heart begun to heal. But maybe, just maybe I can give it one more chance...

Junichi stood in front of a fountain as he looked at his senior, Morishima-senpai. Recently he had spent time with her, following her around when she asked. With each passing moment he became more infatuated with her. She was beautiful, energetic, and the most popular girl in school. Clenching his fist he weakly spoke. "I...I like you."

The blue eyed girl looked up at him. "Hm?" As if she hadn't quite heard him. Taking a deep breath he said it again. "Morishima-senpai. I love you!" This time she definitely heard him. She put a finger to her chin as if to think for a moment. Finally, she hopped off her seat and looked at Junichi with a smile. "Thanks, but i'll pass."

Unable to blink or breath, his mouth opened agape. He repeated the words as if to make sure they were real. "I'll...pass?"

(Kimi no Mama de intro starts. It's the same all the way up until the end where the animation of the girl walking with her back to the camera starts. We see Hibiki's ponytail bob back and forth from behind. She stops and turns to the camera looking slightly surprised. Putting her hand on her hip she closes her eyes and lets out a sigh. She then opens her eyes and smiles at the camera)

"Junichi-kun, are you okay?" a voice shook him, as he hadn't moved an inch for a while. Finally, he snapped out of it, his voice filled with far less enthusiasm. "Hm? Oh, yeah, i'm fine. It was silly anyway." He barely managed to get through the ball in his throat.

Haruka gave him a smile. "It's all right Junichi-kun. But you're still fun to be around. I'd still love to be your friend!" the words cut through Junichi like a knife. Friends? After all that she had the nerve to... Junichi quickly bowed. "Excuse me Morishima senpai. I have to go."

Haruka tilted her head confused. "Oh...okay Junichi." Getting okay, he immediately turned around and began to power walk away from her. As he began to walk away, Hibiki saw her friend standing by the fountain, a boy walking away from her at a fast pace. As he passed her, he let out a quiet "excuse me" and kept walking. It may have been her imagination, but she could have sworn she saw a tear in his eye. Seeing him walk by, she let out a sigh.

(The episode title fades into the corner of the screen)

Hibiki, her hands on her hips, walked over to Haruka. She had been her friend for a long time, but at times, she couldn't understand why. She was boistress, loud, and unpredictable. Boys confessed to her all the time, and it looks like this had been another one of those times. Just once it would have been nice if... she shook the thought from her head.

She looked over at her friend. "Haruka, what did you do to Tachibana?" Haruka put a finger to her lip. "What did I do? Nothing?" Hibiki raised an eyebrow. "Nothing?" Haruka shrugged in response. "All I did was say I wanted to be friends. What's wrong with that?" Hibiki put her face in her hand. "I swear you're hopeless Haruka." Her friend' response was a quizzical look. Hibiki sighed again. "Never mind. I'm done with swimming practice. You want to head home?" Haruka smiled and nodded. "Mhm!"

The scene faded to Junichi's house, as he walked through the front door, not even announcing his presence. He closed the door behind him and trudged upstairs. As he made it to his room he dropped his bag and opened the door to his closet. Quietly he climbed in and closed the door behind him. He clutched his pillow tightly as a grimace appeared on his face. "Never. Never again." he spoke softly.

The next day Junichi was sitting at his seat, his hand on his chin. His friend Kaoru leaned into him. "Man, you look terrible." His other friend Umehara joined in. "Yeah captain, you all right?"

There were bags under Junichi's eyes as he simply looked back at them. "I didn't get a lot of sleep last night." A smilepasses his friend Umehara's face as he leans into Junichi. "Were you up really late with a really good magazine?" Junichi shot him a "not right now" look. Kaoru put on a smirk. "Was it about a girl? Were you up all night thinking about Haruka? After all you've been pretty chummy with her lately." Junichi twitched slightly. Umehara looked back at Junichi incredulously. "eh? You lucky dog! Why have you kept that from me? I thought we were friends?" Kaoru smiled and nodded. "Right? Right? You'd think that he would want to tell everyone about it! So, tell us Junichi, is it everything you hoped for and more? Is she-"

Junichi cut her off by standing up. "Excuse me." Turning around he immediately walked out of the room leaving behind his two best friends stunned. "Was...it something I said?" Kaoru asked, confused.

Getting out of the room, Junichi exhaled a deep sigh. "Nosy busybodies." He said more to himself than anyone. A yawn escaped him. "Maybe I should go to the infirmary and take a nap."

Not even getting three steps toward his destination, a voice stopped him. "Ah! Tachibana!" Raising his eyebrows in surprise, he turned around to see the class representative Ayatsuji. "Hm? Oh, hello Ayatsuji-san. Can I help you?" Standing before him was the ever cheerful class representative Ayatsuji. Honestly he couldn't figure out how someone could be so chipper all the time as well as so busy.

She gave her usual smile. "Tachibana-san hello! I'm sorry to bother you, but I hope you wouldn't mind doing me a favor. I need someone to drop off this paperwork for the swim team at the pool. I wouldn't normally ask this, but the festival committee had a bit of an emergency." Junichi blushed slightly. "You..want me to go to the pool? What about the girl's swim team?" Ayatsuji chuckled. "Don't worry. The girls swim club isn't meeting today. I'm sorry to do this to you, but could you please?" she asked him with innocent puppy dog eyes. "Well...I..uh..."

It then cut to Junichi carrying the paperwork as he walked to the pool, letting out a sigh. "I swear, that girl has some sort of otherworldly power or something..." A few moments later, he reached his destination. Taking a covert peek he looked inside. It really did seem to be empty. He let out a relieved sigh as he stepped out from the shadows and walked towards the office. Placing the paperwork on the table, he put his hand on his hip. "Well, at least I could do THAT." Stepping out of the office he walked back towards the pool. "I suppose I should head home." He mused to himself.

Suddenly Junichi heard a voice in the distance. "It's all right Nanasaki, you head home. I'm going to take a few laps." The voice echoed through the hallway leading to the pool. Suddenly Junichi shot straight up. "Crud! I should probably get out of here." Picking up speed he began to power walk towards the exit. Avoiding a chair he had to move closer to the pool. This proved to be a mistake however as he stepped in an errant puddle, causing him to lose his balance.

Junichi flailed his arms futility as gravity took hold and brought him crashing down, his head making a loud THWACK as it hit the side of the pool, before he finally slide into the cold water.

Normally he could have easily been able to swim his way back to the top of the pool. However, the hit to the head made him woozy, leaving his extremities unresponsive. Sick and disoriented, Junichi began to slowly sink to the bottom of the pool.

He tried to feebly move his body, then stopped, putting on a small smile, his eyes closing. As he drifted out of consciousness though, he could have sworn he heard a muffled voice, calling out his name. But that was silly. No one would call his name. No one.

Everything was dark, but that was okay. Here he was alone. It was like his closet only without the stars. He could be himself here. He wouldn't have to worry again. But that's when the voice came again, calling his name.

In an instant, the darkness started to lift. His eyelids slowly started to flutter open. As they did, he came face to face with a familiar person. The face pulled away from him to reveal his upperclassman, Hibiki.

Suddenly, he had the urge to vomit up water, which he did. His eyes slowly opened a bit more, focusing on the person in front of him. "Tsuka...hara...senpai?" An incredibly worried expression turned to one of relief on her face. "TACHIBANA! Thank goodness..."

"That's strange..." Junichi thought to himself. Why was she worried? What was going on? All he knew was that he was very tired. Slowly he started to close his eyes again. As he did, the voice called out to him again in a worried tone, but this time, it went completely dark.

(The Mid-episode bumper comes up revealing the words "Amagami SS")

Junichi opened his eyes. He still felt a bit wet, but a layer of dryness was on top of it. Turning his head around he gathered his bearings. He was in the infirmary. But what had led him there? His memory was still a bit fuzzy. Slowly he sat up. As he did a pain shot through the back of his head. He let out a grunt, causing him to sit bolt upright. As he did this, the curtain was pulled aside. Standing there was Hibiki. Seeing him get up, she breathed a sigh of relief. "Tachibana. Thank goodness. i'm glad to see you up." Junichi scratched his head, taking care around his bumped area. "What...what happened?" Very silently and seriously, Hibiki sat down on the edge of his bed. "Tachibana, I know things seem bleak now, but what you did, that's not the answer. Haruka... She has rejected a lot of guys. It's not you. I'm sure you're a great person. You..you shouldn't give up because of that."

A silence filled the room before Junichi finally broke it off. "Um..Tsukahara senpai.. what...what are you talking about?" A stupified Hibiki turned back to him. "You..um..didn't you...?"

Suddenly the events of the past came back to him. "WAIT A MINUTE!" He was so loud that it shocked Hibiki. "You think I- NO! I was just there to drop off some papers for Ayatsuji-san. Then I heard someone coming. I panicked and tripped and..." he pushed his fingers together embarrassed.

At first a shocked expression crossed Hibiki's face. Then slowly her face returned to normal, then a soft smile as she put her hand to her head as she mumbled "thank goodness" to herself. Junichi raised an eyebrow and she immediately turned back to him. "But anyway, you need to be more careful. Accident of not, you almost drowned."

Junichi nodded slightly. "uh..right." Hibiki then coughed into her hand. "Right. Well, if you're okay, i'm going to head home. You should go home as soon as you feel able." Junichi nodded again.

Hibiki did a light bow. "If that's all, I'll take my leave." "Uh...okay." Junichi reponded quietly. Turning around, Hibiki then walked away, leaving a stunned Junichi behind. He then slowly laid his head back down, his mind beginning to wander. "Almost...drowned?" A quick flash of memory ran before Junichi's eyes as he remembered a mouth against his. the flashback ending he put two of his fingers to his lips.

For a brief moment he let a red tinge cross his face. Suddenly though, a thought broke through. "OH CRAP! I never thanked her!"

Immediately popping out of bed, he made a B-line for the door of the infirmary. As he threw the door open he looked side to side. Unfortunately, she wasn't anywhere in sight. "Where did she go?" He mused to himself thoughtfully.

Crossing his arms, Junichi walked home alone from school. "I'm kind of ungrateful. Senpai saves my life and I don't even thank her." It was later in the day and only a smattering of students were still walking home, although none paid any attention to him.

It was then that he passed by a store. As he did, he happened to look inside and see all the wares that were available. As he did he snapped his fingers. "That's it! A present!" Digging into his pocket he pulled out his coin wallet. Opening it up he looked inside and sighed. All that was in there was his lunch money for the week and a few hundred yen. Closing his wallet he immediately smacked his face with both hands. "I have to do it." He said with gusto. And with that, Junichi stepped into the store

The next day, Junichi was tapping his foot anxiously as he looked at the clock waiting for the lunch bell. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the bell rang and Junichi picked up his bag and headed over towards the lunch room. Quickly a crowd began to form. As Junichi reached the lunch room he looked around in an attempt to locate the person he was looking for. After a minute he located her sitting down with Haruka who was bothering her as usual.

Seeing his target, Junichi took a deep breath and made his way towards them. A few feet away, Haruka noticed him. "Oh! Hi Junichi! How are things?" Junichi was so focused on his goal he forgot for a moment who he was looking for. "Oh, Hello Morishima Senpai." Hibiki smiled gently as she looked at Junichi. "I'm glad to see you're doing well." Junichi smiled back softly. "Yeah, thanks." A moment of silence passed as the two looked at each other. Haruka then proceeded to look between the two. "Huh? What...did I miss something?" Hibiki waved her hand. "No, no it's nothing. Anyway, I'm going to get some ramen. Haruka, you and Tachibana can-" "Actually" Junichi cut her off. "I wanted to talk to YOU Tsukahara senpai." A shocked look appeared on her face. "Me?" Shakily, Junichi reached into his bag, pulling out a wrapped gift. "I...I never told you yesterday. Thank you Tsukahara senpai." Hibiki looked at the gift and waved her hands frantically. "What? I...I didn't do it to be thanked! It wasn't a big deal, I couldn't-"

Haruka interrupted. "Hibiki, I don't know what is going on, but a cute boy is offering you a gift. Take it and say thank you." Now burning red, she slowly took the gift. "I..thank you Tachibana." Taking the gift she put it in front of her, not opening it. Haruka sat there for a moment and then huffed. "Geez! Are you going to open it or what?" Shaken back to reality, Hibiki looked down at it. "Oh, right." and began to open it. After unwrapping it, the gift was revealed. "I noticed when you walked with Morishima senpai you didn't have one, so I thought maybe you needed one." Hibiki reached down to pull out a dark purple scarf. Smiling, she looked back at Junichi. "Thank you Tachibana, it's lovely." Junichi smiled slightly. "Great! Well, thank you again." An awkward moment later, Junichi looked away. "Right. So, i'll be off." And with that, Junichi turned and walked away.

Hibiki, still in shock, turned over to see Haruka, whose face was very close to Hibiki's. "Hibiki. You are going to tell. me. everything." She said in a sweet, yet somehow demanding voice.

A short explanation later, Haruka is squeezing. "Hibiki! That is amazing! It's like something out of a fairy tale! I always KNEW you were a prince! A shining knight, saving the less fortunate! '' Hibiki, embarrassed beyond belief was trying to keep her head down. "Haruka, please stop! And you CAN'T tell anyone." She said authoritatively. Haruka stopped in the middle of her fantasy. "But why?! Everyone should-" "No." Hibiki cut her off, a slight blush on her cheeks. Defeated, Haruka sighed. "Okay, it will be our secret, my prince!" She smiled and clapped her hands together. Hibiki just sighed in response. As her head turned down, she found herself looking at the scarf in front of her and couldn't help but smile slightly. Haruka caught this and gave her a goofy grin, to which Hibiki immediately whacked her in the face with the cardboard gift box. "Don't start." She said quickly.

The scene then cuts to Junichi's class later as he is keeled over at his desk. "Gee Junichi, you don't look so good. Didn you eat lunch?" Kaoru asked a famished looking Junichi. He laughed weakly. "Guess I left my wallet at home." Kaoru sighed. "you're hopeless, I swear." Junichi just laughed in response nervously to this. "Yeah, that's me." We then see his coin wallet which is open inside of his desk. As we see inside it is revealed to be empty.

Episode end.

Original Author's Note: I really do love Amagami and all of its storylines and arcs. The only thing that ever really bothered me was that Hibiki never got her own romance arc. So, I thought I would fix this. I imagine that Hibiki's route would branch off from Haruka's early on. Basically, the branch off point is, what if he gave up on Haruka after she rejected him the first time? The format is like you were watching the series. Four episodes long. That being said, enjoy!

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