Am I Truly Not Blessed? Book

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Am I Truly Not Blessed?


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Pretentious young masters that wish to fight over a women with Fan Tong should be prepared to never taste a woman again. Heavenly tribulations that stand in Fan Tong's way should be prepared to be banished by the heavens. Those that face him shall be met with misfortunes of varying magnitudes that come in all shapes or sizes. While the whole world ruthlessly fights over cultivation resources, Fan Tong is casually strolling around thinking "Cultivators are much nicer than what they're made out to be" completely oblivious to the massive changes going on around him. Fan Tong must be careful on his path on cultivation as he doesn't have his golden finger...…. or does he? Authors note: This is my first attempt at writing a book and if you have any critiques to make my writing better than feel free to put it in the comments; Don't rant about grammar errors in long sentences as that won't help improve my writing but feel free to ruthlessly point out errors and how to fix it.


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