1 Lewd Transmigration


[Would you like a new start? Y/N]

Hiro was confused.

There was nothing in sight. He was floating in space with a blue box in front of him.

"Eh? What is this?" He said. "Where am I? Where's Aria?"

He remembered Aria, his childhood friend since young. A beauty with natural black hair and a nakadashi face. She was truly the definition of japanese beauty.

And he had been talking to her not so long ago. "But everything after is black and fuzzy. Uu~"


[Would you like a new start? Y/N]

The blue box rang again. For some reason, even though he didn't have a body, he could still hear it.

"Would I like a. . .new what? Eh?" He muttered. "Should I click yes? Uu~ But If i do so, I might get into trouble!"

Another thing about Hiro was that he hated troubles or conflict and always avoided them. Ahh~ He missed Aria and wished he could ask his childhood friend on what to do.

Hiro tried to touch the blue box and noticed his hand went through it. It felt warm to his soul. "Maybe it won't be so bad?"

He was also very gullible.

He gave into his curiosity and clicked yes.

[Assimilation initiated. . . .Success.]

[Please choose your gender- Male, Female, Other]

Hiro puffed his imaginary cheeks. "Of course I'm choosing male!"

[Male have been chosen as the gender. . .ERROR! Searching for alternatives. . .]

"Eh? Wait a moment!" Hiro yelled.

[Female have been chosen as the gender. . .ERROR! Searching for alternatives. . .]

"That's why I'm telling you. Stop, stop!" Hiro screamed into the void. "PAUSE!"

[Alternative has been found. Integrating the user's gender as Trap. . . .Success.]


[CONGRATULATIONS! Would you like to customize your looks? Y/N]

Hiro was defeated at this point. He didn't like to argue for too long anyways, even more so if it's with a freaking blue box.

"Mou. . .I give up!" Hiro said. " I can't believe my gender is a trap. Uu. . .Nothing has changed."

He let bygones be bygones. It was one of his strong traits, the ability to adapt quickly to foreign situations.

He clicked on "Yes".


[Customization initiated. . .Failed. Searching for alternatives. . .Failed.]

"Geh. I'm not even surprised anymore. This stupid box. . " Hiro sighed.


[Beginner package has been evolved to veteran package. Would you like to open it? Y/N]

"Eh? Veteran Package?" Hiro muttered. "Is it because my customization didn't work?"

Deciding whether to open or not, he decided to leave it to fate. He closed his eyes and clicked on something.


[Veteran Package has been opened. Your perks will be revealed.

[Hard Body] has been achieved.

[Quick Fingers] has been achieved.

[Strong Bones] has been achieved.

[Weapon Expert] has been achieved.

[Intimidate] has been achieved.

[Ira's Constitution] has been achieved.]

"Woah! They sound so cool! Am I going to be some sort of warrior?" Hiro's imaginary eyes sparkled.

But of course, his bad luck had to strike again.

[Veteran Package has been modified.

[Hard Body] has been modified to [Hourglass Body].

[Quick Fingers] has been modified to [Erotic Fingers].

[Strong Bones] has been modified to [Flexibility].

[Weapon Expert] has been modified to [Perfect Bottom].

[Intimidate] has been modified to [Seduce].

[Ira's Constitution] has been modified to [Luxuria's Constitution]. ]

Hiro wanted to yell but his soul felt weary like a part of his soul had been taken to create the body he would have. A searing sensation like that of a mother's warmth covered his senses as he let the blue boxes do whatever it wanted.

After a couple of moments, he felt full. . and content. At peace.

"Uhn? What's all this?" Hiro asked.

A notification appeared.

[ [Hourglass Body] [Perk] [Passive]

-Increases sexual appeal.

-Increases charisma by 5.]

[ [Erotic Fingers] [Perk] [Passive]

-Improves foreplay and sexual satisfaction.

-Hands will remain eternally soft.]

[ [Flexibility] [Perk] [Passive]

-Increases sexual appeal.

-Increases endurance by 5.

-Increases charisma by 5.]

[ [Perfect Bottom] [Perk] [Evolution Tree Available] [Passive]

-Increases sexual appeal.

-Increases Endurance by 5.

-Increases Charisma by 10.

-Increases Luck by 10.

-Increases Vitality by 10

-[Succubus Asspussy] will be available.

-A small amount of health is restored upon swallowing semen.

-A random boon will be bestowed upon your partner.]

[ [Seduce] [Perk] [Passive/Active]

-Increases sexual appeal.

-Increases Charisma by 10.

-Increases Luck by 10.]

[ [Luxuria's Constitution] [Perk] [Evolution Tree Available] [Passive]

-Increases sexual appeal.

-Increases Endurance by 20.

-Increases Charisma by 50.

-Increases Luck by 30.

-Increases Vitality by 50.

-Increased Sexual Play.

-Immunity to [Poison] and [Diseases].

-[Synergy] may be available.

-Experience will be gained through intercourse.]

[Calculating. . . .Success. [Status] is available. Would you like to see your [Status]? Y/N]

Hiro was a bit taken aback by the constant notifications. He blinked his non-existent eyes and took a while to digest the information. He concluded that he would be a very charming person in his body but then remembered that his gender was [Trap].

"Yaa. . I don't have any choice but to click yes." Hiro said.


[ Name: Hiro

Gender: Trap

Level: 0 [0-->1]

Affiliations: None


Stat Points [0 Allocation Points]

Strength: -10

Agility: -10

Endurance: 30

Charisma: 80

Luck: 50

Vitality: 60



[Hourglass Body]

[Erotic Fingers]


[Perfect Bottom]


[Luxuria's Constitution]



Null ]

Hiro felt a little sad when he saw that his strength and speed were in the minus zone but was glad all his other stats were above average. Or, he hoped they were.

"I wouldn't know what to do if everyone was like Goku-san." Hiro said before smiling. "But, just as Aria-chan always say, 'I'll try my best!'."


Another notification popped up.


[Searching for World of Origin. . . .Failed. ]

[Searching for World of Origin. . . .Failed. ]

[Searching for World of Origin. . . .Failed. ]

[Searching for World of Origin. . . .Failed. ]

The constant ringing of the blue boxes made his mind heavy. He tried to hold his head before he remembered he didn't have hands. "Hee~ I wonder what type of world I'm going to."

[Searching for World of Origin. . . .Failed. ]

[Searching for World of Origin. . . .Success. Integration has initiated. . . .]

In his mind, a beautiful world of magic and swords appeared. He saw the history of the world, lived through it and learned it's customs and fashion, their culture and kingdoms. It was fascinating, the different types of species living in the magic world made him breathless.

"Oriana-The World Of Origin." He whispered in his mind. It was still a lot to take in, his mind still heavy with the load of information but he also grew excited.

This would be his new world. His new beginning.

The things he would do.

"Wait." Hiro stopped himself. "This is weird. With my luck, why am I getting such a wonderful world? No, it can't be."

He stared at the blue boxes. Then, his eyes sparkled. "Have the blue boxes taken pity on me~?"

[Integration has been completed. ]

[Proceeding with transmigration….]

Location has been found. All parameters have been satisfied. Transmigration will start in five seconds.

"So this is it." Hiro said. "I'm going to be in this new world."




Hiro felt like crying. If he had his body, he was sure tears would be slipping out by now. "I hope Aria won't be too lonely without me. Or, maybe she feels relieved?"


"After all, she won't have to deal with my clumsy self anymore." Hiro smiled. "I really hope she lives a good life."


Transmigration has started. Please enjoy your stay in [Oriana].

A bright light filled Hiro's senses before he couldn't see anything anymore. Full of hope and wonder, he wondered what he would experience in this new world as he felt himself vanish into particles.

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