1 The Meeting

It was the first day of the national gaming competition. There were three rounds to go through, and the last group standing wins.

"The three rounds of this competition shall hold using your mind and teamwork," as the MC announced this Haru spine went shivering while his face went all red. He had known that him and his team would win like they always had, he still worried though. But that was not the main problem ever year they had fought against the same team. Of course they have won ever year but this year there's a different group. Haru body soon went full on red he was a living tomato why you may be asking because the team that they were going against had a handsome man in it. He felt like it was live of first sight and the man saw him and winked at him.

"WHAT THE FU**!" Haru wakes up and immediately runs downstairs to his game set angry and plays video games.

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