Am I A God?
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Am I A God?

Bear Wolf Dog

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What is Am I A God?

Am I A God? is a popular web novel written by the author Bear Wolf Dog, covering SYSTEM, COMEDY, PET, Magical Realism genres. It's viewed by 5.5M readers with an average rating of 4.42/5 and 398 reviews. The novel is completed and can be read all 1125 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"Let go of that kitty cat!" A shooting star whizzed through the sky, causing countless super powers to appear on Earth. However, the main characters that awaken during this phenomenon aren't humans, but cats... During this event, this same thought appeared in the minds of countless cats: "Am I a god?" Zhao Yao, an ordinary human, is the only person that can control these super cats. Zhao Yao: "Am I a god?" ……………… TL's Intro: Zhao Yao, the protagonist of the story, is the most ordinary man you could possibly imagine. Since graduating from college, he had been engulfed by his bureaucratic workplace and its toxic environment. To make things worse, he has neither a car, money nor a girlfriend. The only silver lining was his fat and lazy cat, Matcha, which provided a semblance of company and friendship. However, things were about to change drastically for Zhao Yao and Matcha. One shooting star will transform their lives into anything but ordinary.


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Website : qidian china Views : 2.25million Rating : 7.5(231) Chapters : 432 Status : ongoing Word count : 970thousand author level : lv5 No of works : 4 If you are interested, my reviews are in almost every novel with atleast 3 likes. Please do not reply for this review, as this is an ongoing novel, I would like to update it time to time in my replies. Like is suffice to show your appreciation.


I feel like it's necessary to support this novel since it seems to be about super powered cats. I love both heroic stories and cats so what could possibly be bad about this?


hahjaja..this novel ive readed in chinese site. its so fking interesting..let me laught cant stop...vote this vote this vote this vote this vote this vote this


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I think it will be very interesting story, because it's about cats and some super power. What can be more amusing than that? Heh. I hope it won't be disappointing. Good luck!


I hope people would start writing a proper review or synopsis. Just to give the idea to new readers on what the story is. Most of the comments here barely reviewed about anything important. Okay... I know I contradicted myself by writing this, but I just had to point it out.


The synopsis don't help me to know what this story is, just......cats. Seriously Qidian give us not very good novels to vote and even force us to vote for novels we don't care about by a lack of choices since they don't add new novels in vote system if all novels are not chosen, just give us free spirit stones since the vote system has no meanings... Sorry for my broken english.


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This is a pet comedy WITHOUT romance. In fact, many times, the main character bemoans his lack of a girlfriend. “Am I A God?” is a story in a world with superpowers. However, these superpowers, when awakened by a meteorite, belong not to humans, but to cats instead. These supercats can also give their powers to certain humans, called Apostles, to borrow until the cat takes them back. There is no seen limit on the number of Apostles a power can be loaned out to. Zhao Yao, the main character, owns a cat named Matcha. The day of the supercat awakening, Zhao Yao is taking Matcha to get sterilized when Matcha suddenly talks to him. Matcha had awakened a superpower. Sterilization removes a cat’s superpower or the possibility to have one. Zhao Yao now has access to a Book that allows to him to essentially contract with supercats. Based on the level of his Book, he can have a limited amount of cats. The Book also allows him to use the superpowers of his contracted cats based on their loyalty level to him, which affects the chance of the superpower activation succeeding. The Book is set up in an RPG style, but a very basic one with XP and a Shop. There are NO stats. This is NOT a heavy RPG-style novel. However, it’s still a great book. Zhao Yao goes around finding other supercats and contracting with them. Whenever he gains XP to a certain amount, he can either give it to his cats or use it on the Book to level them up. Leveling up cats allows him to improve their superpowers, and the Book minorly enhances Zhao Yao’s physique and allows one more cat to be contracted. At some levels of the Book, new items are unlocked in the Shop. MINIOR SPOILER ALERT: Matcha has the power to freeze time. SPOILER OVER Translation Quality: The overall translation quality is quite good. The tenses are correct for the first 500+ chapters, not many grammatical errors, etc. However, the translator was recently changed, and the quality has gone down. For example, there are SKIPPED chapters. From chapter 535 onward, the plot dramatically changes and events are referenced that never occurred. I believe that somewhere between 5-15 chapters are missing. Update Stability: Several months ago, this would have been five stars, with three chapters every day without fail. Then, it stopped for one and a half months, and came back at a rate of two chapters a week. And every so often, it doesn’t update for the week. As it is now, “Am I A God?” is quite long and will keep you occupied for a while, but don’t expect quick updates. Story Development: There is an overall overarching plot here, but it’s one that we only begin to see hints of much later in the story. The beginning of the story is more slice of life style, with Zhao Yao going around undercover, catching cats, working on his cat cafe, and overall finding himself in hilarious situations. Character Design: The character design of “Am I A God?” is very good. Each character has their own unique background and personality traits. We have Zhao Yao, the main character, insanely lazy, who wants to make lots and lots of money- but can never seem to keep it. Matcha, Zhao Yao’s original cat with an inflated sense of superiority that always lands him in trouble. Dust Ball, addicted to catmint, and wants to build a catmint empire. Each character has their own motivations and underlying traits as well besides just the main ones listed here. There are other secondary characters as well besides Matcha and Dust Ball, but those are my favorites and I’m too lazy to list the rest. World Background: If you are looking for a rich, fleshed-out unique world, this is NOT for you! It takes place on Earth, with an emphasis on China (since Zhao Yao lives there). Later in the story, however, we do eat to see the impact on other nations, such as Japan and the USA, of the supercat awakening. We also find out more about how the superpowers cane to be. If you are looking for either something with pets or a light-hearted comedy, this is for you! I would highly recommend it to anyone, though, who finds my review interesting. This novel is one of my favorites and receives most of my Power Stones since it doesn’t get enough compared to the rest of my library. Overall: A Comedic Hidden Gem


The story itself is very good (SRSLY, READ IT NOW. NOW), but I have a few bones to pick with the physics. Now, I know the powers are srsly great and unpredictable, but the thing is, I like to think. And one day, I thought about Matcha's power(not a spoiler, this is literally 2-3 chapters in), which is stopping time. When he does so, he can punch other cats. And I read, speechless, that they could survive! Now, let me explain. You know how to calculate speed, right? It's <distance travelled in n seconds>/n. And you see, when you stop time and travel during that time, the distance is some amount of meters while time is 0. Let's not even think about the fact that it breaks one of the fundamentals in math of not dividing by zero, I'm talking about speed. Let's assume, that n/0 = infinity. Cuz in this scenario it's basically infinite. Now let's see... momentum = mass * speed, so it's infinite too. So, even if you move a fucking spec of dust 1 micrometer, it's momentum will be infinite. That means, it will be able to move without any constraints, because when something collides with the other things, momentum is shared. So the momentum of the object that spec of dust collides with becomes infinite too. The mass is already defined, so now we just have an object moving at infinite speed. Let's not talk about what it would do to the object(other cat in this scenario), let's talk MORE PHYSICS. The speed limit is light speed, and light speed < infinite speed, so we have MORE LAWS OF PHYSICS BROKEN. I like this novel, but the very first cat out MC obtains basically can insta-kill everyone, breaks several laws of physics and EVEN MATH whenever he uses his power. Like, WHAT THE FUCK?!


Some guyz mock me cause i give this novel daily review. Wtf it is not like i harm/damnify them. If u guys really want me stop give daily review. Make suggestion to who have thiss app. Dont make gibe exp for daily review. Some guyz mock me cause i give this novel daily review. Wtf it is not like i harm/damnify them. If u guys really want me stop give daily review. Make suggestion to who have thiss app. Dont make gibe exp for daily review. Some guyz mock me cause i give this novel daily review. Wtf it is not like i harm/damnify them. If u guys really want me stop give daily review. Make suggestion to who have thiss app. Dont make gibe exp for daily review.


A novel about superpowered cats done poorly, it's a pain to see such a good concept go to waste. With a doormat as the main protagonist and a bunch of cats hanging around, this novel will end up as a disappointment if you care to remember any events or details. Often contradicting themselves, the author seems to have the memory of a housefly, as in it dies every few days. This is not helped by the rather mediocre translation quality. Speakers are not clear at times and names are mixed up, leading to a confusing experience. A total disappointment.


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I only read the first chapter and it bored me to death this book truly isn't interesting!


Damn you, can't you give us a good synopsis? All you have to write is a pharagraph with decent lay out of the story. . . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Below average novel. Good from the start but drops all the way down mid story. Mc getting lamer by the second and unstable personality. Too much pet abuse and mc feels like a psychopath


Good. really not bad. up until now, good story development, characters designs, translation quality, and world building. but i will like faster updates. just can't get enough.more more more...


I love this comedy novel so much. Thank u author and translator. Best novel.........,,.........................................................


Great novel but sadly cause hiatus fans gone. Damned 140 character Damned 140 character Damned 140 character Damned 140 character Damned 140 character Damned 140 character Damned 140 character Damned 140 character Damned 140 character Damned 140 character Damned 140 character Damned 140 character


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