1 Chapter One

I was walking around in my house thinking about how this new adult life was going to be great, horrible, or just a boring and lonely life in this wonderful place I called home.

I sigh heavily as I had gone inside my room going over to my bookcase with all the manga from every anime I had read. Looking through all the manga that was on my bookshelf and stopped as my eyes landed on the manga series "Dragon ball super...mmm I think I left off on Volume five...mmm yeah" I said as I slowly reached my hand out about to grab the Manga when the sky turned black and gray all of a sudden.

I raised a brow as I looked out the window and tilted my head very confused until I heard something crash into the ground right in front of my house. I stopped as my eyes widened with concern of who might have gotten hurt as I rushed to the front door opening seeing the cornfields on fire in front of my house and stopped.

"W-what going on around here, never mind that I have to see what the heck is going on around here!?" I thought in my head as I rushed into the cornfield without thinking what it could have been and was only worried that someone could have gotten hurt badly. As I was running, I finally reached where the huge crash had to happen only to find a big hole in the ground with someone in the middle of it not moving at all.

As I was looking at the unknown person that was in the middle of the crater, I was shocked by how this unknown person had made a big hole. But now isn't the time to think about what the heck was going on at the moment. I took a deep breath as I slid down once I got closer my eyes widened and stopped as I saw the dark spiky hair, with the black gi, with the green earring.

"G-goku black b-but h-how are you here" I mumbled as my eyes widen in fear at first, but stopped as you noticed his wounds and sighs being the kind person you are went over and helped him up even though her was knocked out.

~Time Skip because it took sometime to get him to you house owo~

Once I got goku black on the couch I noticed the wound and blood coming out of his Ki and sighs "...Mmm I never wanted to see someone shirtless until I was a bit older" I whine slowly and sighs as I slowly took his ki off and looked at his chest blushing and getting a hold of myself.

As I was about to touch his wound he shoot up and glared my arm in anger squeezing it hard as I was whining in pain and looked at him with bit of fear trying to get my arm free, but he was too strong and kept a hold "What....Mmm Who are you...you ugly mortal, and what have you brought me too!?" He yelled with questions as I was shaking slowly hoping this wasn't real.

'I-I shouldn't have brought him here...b-but...I just didn't think to leave him out there...Wait what Am I thinking!?..Please don't tell me..I-I might have feelings f-for him'

I think as my eyes widened and looked at him and stared, as I was about to answer but closed my mouth not able to answer as they both were staring into each other eyes black with a glare and me with shock.

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