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Alternate Reality


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What is Alternate Reality

Alternate Reality is a popular web novel written by the author ClumsyPandaStudios, covering ACTION, ADVENTURE, CULTIVATION, DRAMA, MYSTERY, REVENGE, WEAK TO STRONG, SCHOOL LIFE, MAGIC REALISM, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 6.2K readers with an average rating of 4.74/5 and 13 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 5 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


{ Temporarily Discontinued } Theodore Spencer, your average cliché high school movie loser. Throughout his high school career, he's bullied by the overhyped, ideal high school jock Ajax. Upon the passing of his closest friend, he slowly discovers his powers with the guidance of Dax his dead friend, but no worries, his ghost would be there to stalk Theo until they find the murderer. As he slowly loses touch with reality, the ghost of his friend is the only thing keeping him sane. Throughout the wild goose chase he’s been led into countless tricks and traps, will he get to avenge his best friend or will he die in the process trying. Read and follow Theo as he ventures on a journey into the supernatural world and second dimension as he slowly comes to his demise.


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I've been seeing this book passing by and also in discord. I think it was a few days ago that I couldn't help but to stare. The cover got me and I thought it was scifi hehe this is so good, only few chaps and it makes you want more! Great work! ❤️


The concept is good. The first few parts seemed a bit of a typical teenage story, but with the twist of mystery and fantasy rolled into one. The flow of the story is good.


The mystery and **** fiction genres are mixed in this novel! The plot might sound a bit cliche, but it has the unique plot you want from a rare imagination of the author! Great job!


Hoh, this is quite interesting approach and the title i thought its a sci-fi or fantasy like but this mystery is new to me. Keep on updating looking forward to it~


I thought the book was funny to me in a way. If it wasn't meant to be funny then that's very surprising. I like the description and design of the book


This is a story worth reading althought its only the first episode, it tackles about the teenage life. As a **** myself I highly recommend everyone to read this. Kudos to the Author


TO ALL MYSTERY and TEEN lover out there, this book is a must read! The plot really draw me in, I love your synopsis and the entire development of the story. Really gave me thrills and curiosity in the first few chapters, I would love to read more. Thank You Author!


this book is sooo gooood. its my cup of tea! the plot realpy hooked me up to the point i even added this to my library! each chaoter is written uniquely. i would recommend this to all teens!


The story is good. It's for teens and if you are one, why not give this story a try. Come and add this to your library and you will not regret it. It's fun to read and I'm sure you all would enjoy this.


Reveal spoiler


This book makes you sitt at the front of your seat. The plot and situations makes hold your breath. I got some real goosebumps at the best friends death scen. 😳 I love how the story mix comedy and the twisting stuff together, one second you are horrified the next you are laughing their snappy comments. 😎 Keep up the good work!!!😁😁😁


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The synopsis is still lacking. Also, grammatical errors are also seen in the synopsis. I advise you to fix it since readers who read the synopsis first will immediately know that the author mixes up in the tenses. Also, the chapters are also mess up. But by simply proofreading is you can fix these problems. All famous authors have their own editors after all. If you want a cheap editor then maybe I can help. Anyways, also improve your grammar. Read 15 words each say in a dictionary, it may help lmao. Do you're the best author! After all, your book has a lot of potentials!!


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