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Alternate Reality (Super Short Story)


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Dull, so dull, my life is so dull. How can I live my life to the fullest? I am so sick of this constant daily life with no change, no color, no excitement. Just plain old me trying to live and see what's good in living But then... One day, something happened that changed my outlook in life. From my plain ol' life to the world of fantasy. I'm never gonna have a dull, depressing life again. (On a side note, this is just a short story created due to academic requirement. I'm not really a writer but for once, I felt a bit proud on what I wrote... Made me a tad bit happy that I could write something like this when I'm just a self proclaimed reader. I just wanna know how others would think of this so I tried to publish it here and maybe on other social sites perhaps. I mean, I tried sharing it to my friends but according to them they're too lazy to read what I wrote so now I want to know a stranger's opinion on this. Though... as if someone would really read this like really (っóДòς ) Even if there's only one person who could read this and share their opinion then I'd be so happy. Maybe, if others do want to know what happens on the adventure part maybe I could alter the story, but that's only "if" there'll be people wanting to know or read this :-/ )


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