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Lyrica Ley Rael, a 16 year old highschool student found herself in front of death's door after seemingly having her body move on it's own to save an old man from being hit by a speeding jeepney. But as she begin to accept the horrible fate she's facing, a voice started speaking to her inside her head, asking her what world she desired before the voice sent her in another world. And after having an agreement with the voice she somehow forgotten, Lyrica's journey in Alteria finally begins!! ------------------------------------------------- The story starts slowly with Lyrica's past with her parents. I apologize for that. If you want to go straight to the real story and action, feel free to skip to chapter 8 after finishing chapter 1! One more thing, the book cover is not mine. If the artist wants me to remove it, please do contact me via Gmail and I will take it down as fast as possible. Gmail: Josephrobertmarbella@gmail.com


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