Alter Dimension: Lucky Dungeon Master

Alex, a young man with ambition but unfortunate life. He grew up as an orphan and from a very young age, learned to stand on his own feet. Barely making a living by searching through the dumpsite for things that could be sold. One day, when he came back home from the dumpsite, Alex decided to rest on the new sofa that he got from the dumpsite just the other day. But unexpectedly something magical happened to him. A stone inlaid on the sofa suddenly brought him to an alternate dimension! And there, Alex rise started, controlling the luck of the world. Everything runs through his favor. Whenever a problem comes up, it gets solve unknowingly. When he lacks money, gold suddenly fell down from the sky. Opening a treasure chest will always give great rewards. Lottery is nonsense, he will win no matter what. When a strong monster is about to kill him, it will trip on a rock and have its head explode, dying by itself. That's how against the sky he is! From then on, Alex became known as 'Fortune', the one who controls luck!

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240 Chs

Evening Gathering

It didn't take long for Alex to arrive in front of the Cherry Hotel.

As the most popular hotel in the city, Cherry Hotel's reputation is well-deserved.

It's a magnificently tall building that seems to pierce through the night sky.

From the outside, it exudes a certain elegant charm that subconsciously attracts the eyes of the people around.

Alex looks up and said, "Ho~ as expected of Cherry Hotel, just one look and you can see that it's expensive!"

Walking through the entrance, Alex was welcome by a few pretty hotel staffs.

"Good evening, sir. Welcome to Chery Hotel!"

Alex smiled and nodded at them before heading directly to the reception desk.

The receptionist smiled professionally and said, "Hello, sir, how may I help you?"

"My friend Kris invited me to a gathering here, can you help me with that?" Alex said.

Exclaiming softly, the receptionists asked, "Ah, are you Mr. Alex?"


Alex nodded.

Hearing the positive reply, the receptionist showed a brighter smile.

"The gathering is on the 48th floor. Let me guide you there, sir."

Alex didn't decline and the two boarded an elevator.

After the receptionist pressed the '48', the elevator started rising silently.

Inside the elevator, there's only Alex and the receptionist.

At first, Alex didn't care about it and just stood there, patiently waiting for the elevator to reach the 48th floor.

But maybe it's because of his teenage hormones, he can't help but take a glance at the receptionist from time to time.

Wearing the hotel uniform that has a professional but alluring charm to it, the beauty of an 'older sister' vibe came out.

Additionally, the receptionist also has quite a good body where the places that should be plump are plump.

That's why Alex can't help but take a look at her from time to time.

Alas, no matter how cold a person is, a man is still a man.


Soon, the elevator stops at the 48th floor.

The receptionist turned to Alex with a smile and said,

"We're here, sir. Just walk straight ahead and you will be at the gathering."

Alex looked at her and smiled calmly, "Thank you, Miss…"

He glanced at the nametag on the chest of the receptionist and added, "...Irene."

Irene bowed slightly without saying a word.

Alex once again nodded at her before stepping out of the elevator.

As he left, Irene's eyes were staring at his back with unknown thoughts running through her mind.

Alex didn't walk for long before he arrived in a wide hall.

At the entrance, there are men in black, processing the entry of every guest.

Beside them, Alex also saw a familiar figure standing not far away from the entrance, welcoming those who came.

It is Kris.

Tonight, she's wearing a long purple dress that is very pleasing to the eye.

It really shows how lady-like she is and the elegance in her personality.

It was the image that you would imagine when the word noble is mentioned.

Seeing such a Kris, Alex was surprised.

In his impression, Kris is a girl who's very casual.

Even though he knows that she's from a rich family, he just doesn't see such an image from her in the past.

But now, his eyes were opened after seeing how graceful and beautiful Kris is tonight.

'So she can be this beautiful too, huh…' Alex thought.

At the same time that Alex laid his eyes on Kris, she also saw him standing outside.

Leaving the guests that she just greeted, she walked towards Alex with a smile.

"Hey, why are you still standing there?"

Hearing her voice, Alex finally came to his senses.

"Ah, nothing, I was just thinking of something." He calmly said.

"Is that so? Well then, let's go inside."

Saying that, Kris grabs his hands and strode inside the hall.

Alex didn't say anything and just followed obediently.

As they walk in, Alex saw a lot of well-known people inside, socializing, laughing and talking with one another.

Just like the mayor of Pearl City who's chatting with a chubby middle-aged man who is one of the richest businessman in the city.

Another one is an actor popular nationwide that originated from Pearl City.

Beside them, there's a lot more people around that Alex recognizes as he saw them in tv in the past.

Alex didn't really care about them and just took a glance before he continued walking beside Kris.

Of course, as a strange man accompanying the daughter of tonight's host, Alex also attracted the eyes of the people.

Especially when everyone is wearing formal clothes while he's wearing casual clothing.

He really stood out from the crowd.

"Hey, who's that guy?"

"I don't know as well, it's the first time I see his face."

"Is he the boyfriend of Miss Kris?"

"From the way they are holding hands, maybe he is really Miss Kris' boyfriend."

"Well, he's pretty handsome, I won't be surprised if he is really her boyfriend."

The people whispered among them, guessing Alex's identity.

Meanwhile, the females in the hall immediately noticed his appearance.

Thanks to putting more attribute points to his charm, Alex's looks once again went up.

Also, his temperament has become outstanding that even in the midst of all these well-known people, Alex didn't fall into obscurity.

Kris brought Alex to a table where a good-looking middle-aged man with a dignified aura surrounding him is seated.

Beside him, there are also a few people who obviously have high status but fell short by a little compared to the middle-aged man.

With a smile, Kris called the middle-aged man.


The middle-aged man raised his head and looked at Kris.

"Oh, Krissy, what's the matter?" He said.

Then when he noticed Alex standing beside Kris, his eyes lit up.

With a smile, he said, "Oh, is this handsome young man the one you told me about?"

"Yes, Dad!"

Kris introduced them to each other.

"Dad, let me introduce you. This is my friend, Alex. He's also the one who helped us solve the big problem this time."

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