9 Speak of the Devil - Part 2

The pull she felt toward this stranger made her breathless. Elena couldn't stop staring at the dark God over there.

His facial features were perfectly balanced and masculine, with a strong square jaw, beautiful nose slightly crooked on one side, like a fighter's, and a lazy mess of raven hair that kissed his face in a way that made Elena want to reach out and stroke it. And his eyes... their colour was unbelievable. It appeared as if a piece of the sky had been trapped in them.

When Rex dropped her, she barely realised it and had to grab the door handle to prevent from landing on the floor.

"Mate mate mateee!" Her wolf was howling like crazy, her heart beating erractically. "Go to mate! Go to mate!"

Elena felt overwhelmed.

She wanted to run to him but her feet wouldn't budge, as if stuck in cement. The word mate made sense now. And so the stories she had heard all her life: on how mates made you feel, turning your world upside down, on how her parents couldn't separate from each other for more than a couple of hours, on how you feel complete.

She couldn't stop absorbing his presence, his facial and physical details. My god, he was so tall and huge, his arms looked like tree trunks and shoulders so broad, like the wardrobe back in her room.

He made Rex look like a sardine, and Rex had always been one of the biggest guys she had ever seen. Elena wondered, in her dreamy state, who he could be. And why he was talking to the Black Devil Gamma? And why he hadn't he detected her?

When a puff of air ruffled her hair and her heated face, she knew why. The vents of the gym blew the air in her direction, so he probably hadn't noticed her scent... yet.

As soon as she thought that, he immediately stopped talking. It was quite funny to watch: his mouth still parted because he was about to say something, his eyes first dilated and then his brows furrowed, while his huge posture stiffened. His head turned, searching, distracted by something…

From the corner of her eyes, Elena noticed Gamma Rolando staring at him with a puzzled look… Why was he talking to her mate anyway? Was he another teacher with whom Elena didn't have classes? But he seemed too young to be a professor… So who was he?!

When her gorgeous mate scanned the crowded room, sniffing the air a couple of times, his eyes flashed a dark shade of blue. Elena gnawed on the inside of her lip. Millions of butterflies exploded inside her, while Titilas was jumping inside her head chanting the word mate. He must have caught her scent by now, his sense of smell was impressive.

And then, after another second of searching, he looked in her direction and saw her.

Their eyes locked instantly.

They weren't very near, Elena at the entrance of the hall, just about to leave, opposite to where he was standing, at the main entrance.

But the distance didn't matter, and the entire world vanished… there were only the two of them, staring at each other in their private, magical bubble.

The mix of reactions that passed through his face was like a carousel of emotions: confusion, recognition, surprise and then pure shock. His mouth parted and his eyes blackened, he couldn't believe his mate was there staring at him, staring at the Black Alpha…

10 minutes earlier

When Mirko stretched his big arms over his head and folded his hands behind his head, lazily looking at Redwood High, Craken started pacing with agitation. That was a first, since his wolf was never scared about anything.

"Hate being back here, Crak? Don't worry we won't be staying long, but you knew that.' Mirko scoffed at his wolf.

'There's someone in the school, I can sense it.' Craken growled, growing uneasy.

'Well yes many students from Full Moon are on our territory' Mirko said bored, while entering the school.

Several students stood petrified on the spot, seeing their Alpha there, others bowed their heads, while the word Alpha was murmured with a holy tone.

'It's not that, dickhead!' Craken blurted with his short temper already on edge.

'I already sniffed those younglings way before you did.'

Mirko chuckled internally, maintaining his stoic face in front of the students. He couldn't start laughing like a nutty wolf while they were saluting him.

'Then what is it? I don't feel anything different, furry head!' Mirko retorted, grinning.


One of the teachers greeted him, adjusting her thick glasses with her unsteady hand. "W-welcome b-b-b-ack." She stuttered, avoiding his stare and pointedly looking at her shoes.

Mirko sighed at the trembling leaf in front of him. "Thanks Maria."

'Argh!' Craken sneered. 'Everyone is scared of me' He continued with a proud voice.

'You mean us.' Mirko replied, rolling his eyes at his moody wolf, barely realising that his action made two little students stumble over each other and fall in a mess of arms and legs.

"S-sorry A-A-Alph-" One of them stammered, with a mortified face. With another sigh, Mirko offered his hand to the tiny boy who probably thought he rolled his eyes at him.

'You made them fall on the floor!' Craken was laughing so hard, he sounded like a boat motor that wasn't switching on.

'The giant has arrived!! Run away little students!' Craken continued to mock him. Mirko helped the boy, with a grimace that was supposed to resemble a smile.

He was a bit bored of his pack members fearing him. Aware that his size was bigger than the average Alpha male and his wolf resembled more a prehistoric beast than an average mammal, he hadn't mistreated any of them.

′Hey! Mammal who?' Craken complained.

When he reached the gym, Rolando and several senior students greeted him. Most of them were from his pack but he knew Full Moon's and rogues were still around.

He had wanted to check his Beta's mate, conscious that Crucifero had forbidden both Rolando and him to talk to his mate.

Mirko only accepted because he had to meet with Alpha Giacomo to discuss how to proceed, although obviously, this famous Marco was going to move in with them. At Black Devil's.

Also, there was the issue of the Lord Skull pack and its crazed Alpha Ciro.

Full Moon had reported an ambush by Ciro's infiltrators but Alpha Giacomo had managed it well. Many considered him a good leader, but Mirko believed he had too many soft spots. Not to mention his easy training practises.

"Black Alpha." Rolando saluted him with a nod. Mirko smiled at his friend who didn't need to address him as Alpha, but he would do so no matter what.

"Cunning Fox." He replied, knowing that his Gamma hated that name. "How are we doing here?" He continued, eyeing the large group of Black Devil students standing there, whispering among each other.

"The training went well, Crucifero has got a feisty mate." Rolando chuckled lowly. "He defeated Brad in less then ten minutes." He declared, making Mirko lift his eyebrows.

"Impressive. Think this so-called mate could be a good Beta mate then?" Mirko murmured, still a little shocked that his ferocious Beta had a breathing mate.

"If Cruci doesn't make him run away." Rolando chuckled, quickly covering his mouth ~ he didn't want his students to see his tenderness, only reserved for a tiny circle of people.

"Do you want to bet?" Mirko grinned.

"Deal. I bet he won't last two months. If that's the case, then you must train the amazons for a whole week." Rolando proposed with cunning eyes. "You know how happy they would be to be trained by their Alpha himself"

The amused face of Rolando was contagious, and Mirko laughed.

"Deal. But if you lose, then you will have to-"

When Mirko was about to add one more detail, his wolf, strangely silent until then, started to howl and tried to take control.

'Craken! What the f++k!' Mirko's angry voice yelled at him, pushing him back and preventing the shift. There was no need for people to faint and scream at the sight of a possessed Craken.

His internal fight resulted in a confused stare from Rolando.

One heartbeat later, a faded scent of honey and vanilla made his blood boil and a growl rose from his throat. Mirko sniffed the air a couple of times to catch the peculiar scent, among several other smells, some boring and some disgusting.

Craken was uncontrollable. 'Follow the smell! Follow it!!!!! NOW!' He was shouting.

With all his overdeveloped senses on alert, Mirko didn't need to be told twice. A sudden tickling sensation made all his hairs stand on end. Someone was staring at him.

So, he turned toward that particular glare, and that was the moment he saw her.

The most captivating thing he had ever seen in all his years of life. She was there, standing. One little hand was grabbing the side of the door like she needed support. Her angelic hair flew down in magical golden waves over her perfect, little figure.

A pair of mesmerising green eyes were piercing his soul.

'Mate! She is our mate!!' Craken roared in excitement and happiness, trying again to control him.

'Go and mark mate!' He ordered, getting more agitated.

But Mirko wasn't listening.

He couldn't stop looking at this creature from the fairy world who cast a sort of spell on him.

She was perfect, stunning. Mirko blinked a few times, unsure if he was daydreaming.

Who was she? Why had he never seen her before? Was she a rogue?

Then, like a bucket of cold water, a realisation flooded him.

He had a mate!

Real, alive and heart-stirring.

"Mine!" He growled.

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