6 Raising Shadows

Elena's face instantly lit up.

Rex had just joined the crew with his typical joyful expression, in his sporty outfit and easy-going attitude.

"How's it going sis?" He came over to Elena, kissing her on the cheek, leaving a lot of saliva behind. On purpose of course.

"How's it going sis?" He came over to Elena, kissing her on the cheek and leaving a lot of saliva. On purpose of course.

"I already showered eh! Thanks Rexy!!" Elena complained with a roll of her eyes, cleaning up her face and promptly seeking vengeance.

"Can't believe you dropped so much tomato sauce on your t-shirt! Such a baby!" She said pointing her finger at his chest. When her silly friend looked down at what she was pointing at, she quickly flicked her finger up to his chin, making him howl in pain. Classic trick!

"Babies!" Marco snorted.

"Hey Marcolino! Where's Crucy?" Rex was already back to his mocking ways. He was still massaging his chin and had Elena's head trapped under his armpit. She was trying to escape his iron grip without success.

"Uh don't ask that question please!" Elena quickly exclaimed, but it was too late. The damage was done.

"Glad you ask! That crazy mate will be my death! Do you know what he did yesterday? He-..." And Marco started to repeat his story again, adding even more details.

Elena, in the meantime had escaped from Rex and managed to punch him, before starting to run away.

"I'm going to meet my dad at the refugee homes guys! He just mind-linked me!" She lied without hesitations; an evil grin directed at Rex.

"Nooo El!" Rex called her, looking at her in agony.

"Rex! I'm talking to you!" Marco barked at him.

With a huge theatrical sigh, Rex crossed his arms, glancing daggers at Elena, who was laughing as she quickly disappeared.

Fiuuu! She was safe!

"Hey sweetie!" Her father welcomed her in his office with a tired smile. She decided to pay him a visit anyway.

His desk was littered with documents, while several books were scattered around the studio. "What are you doing dad?" Elena used her favourite nickname to address him. She went to stand next to him and leaned forward to peck his cheek. Feeling comfortable and safe in his presence, his scent had always reminded her of home and warm love.

"Just some issues with that crazy mutt, Alpha Ciro." Her father replied, massaging his eyes. "He wants to take back the young boys that escaped with their mothers. He doesn't care how young they are or about their mothers" Her dad continued.

Elena frowned. "We won't let that happen, will we?"

"Of course not darling. Full Moon and Crystal Wolf have joined forces to be prepared for any attack from that mad man. And I-"

"What about Black Devil, dad?" Elena questioned in a serious tone.

"What about them, sweetie?" Her dad looked at her, puzzled.

"I mean, now with Marco being mated to their Beta and all, shall we try to reconcile with them and at least try to reach a solution for an alliance? The more the merrier!" Elena reasonably pointed out. "Alpha Ciro is a ticking bomb, a threat to every pack. I'm sure the Black Devil Alpha would agree toon some sort of negotiation with us. To fight together." She continued, believing that her solution made total sense and could really reinforce their defences against a possible attack.


Uh oh, he used her full name. "As it could make sense for any other pack that usually represents a rivalry to us, it doesn't with Black Devil." Her father gritted out, carefully pondering his words.

"Even if I turned an eye in respect to our history, they are still the mate less pack, and where there are no mates, there is no control of their warriors and organisational structure. Years after years of werewolves without mates, with some exceptions certainly, but still." He then stood up and headed to the window. The treetops were visible from where she stood, moving and dancing in the strong wind. In that moment, her dad seemed a creature from the fairy world with the moonlight kissing his skin like he was her favourite among all.

"But dad, they let us attend their high school." Elena countered. "True, but probably to clean up the fact that they haven't done much about the madman and all his people escaping from him." Her father was now looking at her, his large shoulders, blocking the view outside. His posture stood tense and his features tired from the amount of work beyond managing so many refugees.

"But if-"

"They just aren't the pack you want to associate with, Elena. End of story." Her dad interrupted her.

"Now go sweetie. Later, we can watch a movie together with your mother and make some pop corn" He added with a sweeter tone. "Ok, Alpha." Elena smirked, leaving her dad with his work. A small kiss on his cheek before returning to her friends downstairs

Alpha Giacomo POV

When my daughter left the room without smelling anything suspicious, I finally released a deep breath of relief. It was never easy to hide the smell of death, especially from an Alpha wolf.

'You have to tell her' My wolf Rutio finally spoke, after remaining silent for the entire conversation I had with Elena.

'She will be a leader one day, you must-'

'I know Rutio. Just not tonight.′ I replied and then sat back down in my chair, searching around the room like hidden eyes were observing me.

'Let her be young and happy just a bit longer. The storm is coming.'

When I opened the drawer, the smell of putrefaction invaded the office again, and I was there alone with my wolf staring at the thing inside the box delivered to me this morning.

A pair of eyes and a severed head with the mouth still gaping...

A cry for help that never came.


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