3 New School

Elena was bickering with her best friends after their first class, while Black Devils glared at them from time to time.

Marco, the Full Moon Beta's son, and his sister Giulia walked alongside her, while Rex was right behind. An Alpha's daughter always radiated power, resulting in an urge to protect her.

"Ele! Do you want to check out that new training center that opened the other day?" Giulia asked with a grin, showing her perfect white teeth.

The girl enjoyed a hard training session. Were-folk considered her one of the most promising pack warriors.

"Sure!" Elena replied with a small smile, although she preferred running and lifting rocks in the wilderness, instead of feeling caged inside concrete walls.

But she adored Giulia and didn't want to steal her smile away by saying no to that angelic face.

"El!" Rex snorted with annoyance, his blond eyebrows furrowed above those hypnotic silver eyes. It appeared as if someone had poured mercury in them.

"We have our special night tonight, or have you forgotten?"

Monday nights were their private bubble of friendship. No one else was allowed and the two were sure to continue that tradition until the end of time. Chatting, consuming large quantities of sugar, and watching a new movie was all they did.

"Sorry Giuly! Duty calls." Elena joked, raising her hands. Giulia rolled her eyes, already knowing that it was a lost cause.

"Oh, I forgot!" She said, pouting.

"I think we are all a bit lost today, being here and all!" Marco pointed out, while checking out a group of girls with a critical eye.

As usual, the Beta's son was judging everyone, throwing a sneaky comment here and a sarcastic remark there.

"Considering Alpha has an agreement with the Black Devil's leaders, I don't anticipate we will have too many issues here" Rex responded, yawing loudly.

He had never been a morning person.

"It will be the same damn thing!" He continued, placing his arm around Giulia's shoulder who pushed him away with a growl.

"And what's that, Rexi?" Marco snickered at that suffering face.

"Wake up early, attend useless classes and pretend to listen to people who ended up here because they couldn't hack it." Rex's answer was not surprising.

"Oh my poor naïve friend! Didn't you consider the new magical bonus?" Marco questioned him with fake surprise.

"And what's that? Enlighten me, your grace!"

It was in that precise moment that Elena's wolf began to feel uneasy, pacing around her head.

'What's the matter, Titilas?'

Before her wolf could utter a response, Elena froze. Her hand still mid way, her smile fading quickly, and completely missing all the comments and jokes coming from her friends.

A delectable scent struck her like a slap on the cheek. It was pure forest, just after a rainy day, when the sunshine came out and every living creature was happy with the world; it was primitive and wild.

Elena licked her lips, lost in a bubble of emotions.

Could it be.. was it possible that was her Ma..?

And then, the scent suddenly vanished, upsetting her wolf. Elena felt as if someone had smashed her heart with a hammer. Maybe she was just imagining things...she had been a bit stressed after so many changes at the pack, the refugees and the temporary new school.

″We should go for a run at the next break.″ A grinning Marco interrupted her train of thought.

Elena went to the next class with Marco trotting alongside her, while Giulia and Rex had a different lesson.

The two halted at the sight of three tall she-wolves chatting in the middle of the hall, like they owned the place. All the students scurried around them.

The tallest peered at Elena and Marco, assessing them carefully. Elena felt nauseated by her perfume, mixed with other fragrances.

"Aren't those the new wolves from the pack that doesn't have a high school anymore?" She exclaimed with fake surprise, calling the attention of other students passing by, who stopped chatting to stare at the ensuing situation. Probably hoping for some blood shed.

"Isn't it the evil witch that hopes to be the Luna of the pack?! Never thought I would get to meet you today." Marco barked back.

My god, if looks could kill, Marco would be a little mound of powder right now.

The girl turned vermilion; her nostrils flared wildly.

"Do you know her?" Elena mind-linked him.

"Fortunately, no." He replied with a wink.

"But then how-"

"It's obvious, El!" He stated with a proud tone. "And what kind of Beta would I be, if I can read people straight away?"

Elena chuckled, glancing at the furious girl glaring daggers at Marco.

"Well, for your information I AM the future Luna of Black Devil, you carrion!" She shot back with an evil smile, thinking that victory was hers.

"Then why hasn't your Alpha marked you yet, princess?" Marco cooed, crossing his arms, as if challenging her to explain something impossible. He had always enjoyed arguments with girls. That was probably the reason why Elena's only female friend was Giulia, his own sister.

"Or should I say, mistress"

Besides, Elena had a theory: Marco wore a shield of armour to hide the real him and the loneliness. As surprising as it may sound, Marco was the only one of the group who really craved a mate... though he would never ever admit it.

"He did mark me, but in a place you would never think of." The she-wolf snarled showing her fangs.

The derision laced in Marco's laugh echoed through the corridor.

"Oh sweetie, poor you, I can think of places that a pup like you would never go. Because mine are real, yours are just in your head."

Elena could see the girl fuming and her friends were in shock. Luna or not, she was probably someone important in Black Devil's pack.

"Let's just go. The broom over there is about to jump on you and cause a scene." Elena whispered to Marco, only realising she had said it aloud.

They were about to turn and walk away, when the broom attacked. She was fast, but not enough for the Full Moon Alpha's daughter.

With a fluid and precise rotation, Elena stuck her up against the wall, holding her by the throat with just one hand. Her wolf nos in control.

Elena could feel the witch's heartbeat exploding beneath her hand.

"Maybe you should not mess with an Alpha blood like me, next time you try, I won't hesitate to smash this empty head of yours against the wall."

Elena's wolf could be violent when the need arose. Plus, Titilas had been on edge since they had arrived in the parking lot that same morning, for no particular reason.

Little by little, Elena regained control, blinking her eyes a few times.

"Sorry, my wolf was in.." A second later, the she-wolf slapped Elena so fiercely, she saw all the stars, planets and gods laughing at her.

Marco growled in anger, severely offended that someone had dared to touch Elena under his guard.

The situation quickly spiralled out of hand: Elena lost control and began to punch the other repeatedly, while Marco yelled and held the two other girls back, receiving scratches and bites.


A frighteningly powerful voice vibrated throughout the halls, making everyone freeze on the spot.

And then Elena heard it.

That magical word. The one each of us deeply crave to hear... the word that will undoubtably change our existence forever.


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