4 Mate!

Someone's POV

The scene before of me was unreal. I blinked twice to make sure it wasn't a dream.

I shivered uncontrollably and all my hairs stood up, while a warmth exploded from within me, like a fire that fed directly from the depth of my soul. I slowly turned to face the most beautiful creature I had ever laid my eyes on.

And trust me when I say that I have laid them on many.

I took my time to savour the first time I was seeing the person made solely for me.

He was huge. Massive. Khal Drogo had nothing on him, in both beauty and ferocity.

His shoulders were larger than mine and I could already envision grabbing them in a certain situation... which I wished could happen at this very moment.

I felt so aroused and needy. The majestic creature must have felt it too, judging by his sudden sniffing and change in eye colour. Without breaking eye contact, he stalked towards us.

My dear Goddess, his smell was so delicious! So tempting I could drool.

When he reached our spot, he harshly removed the hands of the girls, who were still clenching my arms.

"Return to the pack house. We will discuss your punishment for touching and hurting my mate later." He snapped with a voice that emitted power and wildness.

It only made me stare at him in awe and pride.

′Mate is defending us!′ My wolf was jumping in joy and excitement.

The she-wolves paled and bowed before running away, as if the devil was chasing them. I would have felt bad if their scratches on my arms were not that deep.

Plus, I was busy with something else, like studying all the details of my mate's face.

He was slightly shorter than me but definitely larger. Like a sexy bulldozer!

When his attention was back on me, a swirl of emotions crossed his face.

I couldn't help but touch him...I had to.

I literally threw myself on him and started to kiss him fervidly. His response was immediate, with an approving growl that made me stir like never before.

Sparks exploded everywhere we touched, like little atomic bombs of emotions. His manly scent intoxicated me, while my wolf was yelling to mark our mate. To mark what was created for us.

I did not let him repeat it twice. My lips moved to his thick neck peppering it with open mouth kisses. I made sure no inch of that tantalising skin was ignored.

I felt so powerful when I heard a choked moan. My fangs elongated and sunk into my mate's neck as his sweet blood flooded my mouth.

An heartbeat later, an electrifying connection pierced through my soul.

The fine specimen that I could proudly call mine, let out a ferocious, yet sexy roar.

And, without asking for a permission that I would have gladly granted him in a microsecond, he showed me a set of fangs that would make a shark hide in shame before returning the favour and marked my own neck, opposite of where I had marked him.

Pain and joy fought for domination over my body as my wolf howled in primal animal satisfaction.

I had never felt so complete in all my life.

As I closed my eyes, ravishing in the electrifying sparks, two thoughts crossed my foggy mind.

I would never be alone again and... I had found my mate!


Elena POV

I could not believe what I had just witnessed.

Marco, my childhood friend and rock had just marked his very own mate, who happened to actually exist!

And by the looks of it, the newly discovered mate seemed to be part of the notorious Black Devil pack. Just to make the situation more spicy, he was not an ordinary werewolf.

The tremendous aura of power radiating from him did not go unnoticed.

My best friend was mated with none other than Beta Crucifero himself, also known as the Killing Machine.

Perhaps Marco did not mind or, worse, was blind to the rumours circulating about his mate. Elena had heard her older pack members murmuring that he was a savage killer, with his ferocious red wolf and reddish eyes fuming in constant anger. And apparently he had no mercy towards any living creature who dared cross his killing path, regardless if it was a child, his granny or their pet. Once the Alpha had commanded him, he was in action mode, executing the orders without hesitation or regards for morals. Despite that, a mate was supposed to complete someone else's soul, so... Maybe it could work, or maybe Marco would end up as his snack?

Well, I guessed Marco had made this Machine his own now: they were almost having sex in the corridor of our school, in front of an astonished crowd.

I silently chuckled, shaking my head in disbelief, while the blond girl in front of me was strangely speechless. When we finally realised we were still next to each other, too close actually, we promptly separated: I ignored her and the witch continued to stare.

Oh! If a glare could kill!

When the newly formed couple finally stopped, probably to breathe a little, the crowd dissipated, probably not wanting to be too near to their ferocious Beta. Quiet murmurs suddenly spread through the air, as if nothing so intense had just occurred.

But I could catch a couple of distorted sentences here and there, commenting on the situation.

″He will surely **** him while sleeping and then kidnap him to his cave in the woods..″

″Damn such a shame they are gay!"

"The Alpha won't approve a Beta of his rivals in our territory"

I sighed, bored by all the chatting and gossip about my best friend and his mate.

"I wonder when the Alpha will finally find our Luna"

I felt slightly annoyed, not really sure why but I decided to focus on that particular conversation. It was between a boy and a girl, probably first years, looking very young and whispering close to one another.

"Cornelia will kill her! She has always acted like the Luna even though none really respected her as such" The little guy said ~ let's call him Al.

"Pft! Who would want that superficial wolf as a Luna! And Alpha treats her like any other warrior anyway," The girl chuckled ~ let's call her Pin. Al & Pin.

"I wonder if he will ever give up his freedom once he finds the real Luna" I felt very tense and my wolf whined at Pin's words.

"I've never seen him with any girl... maybe he only had some, just to keep his wolf at bay while waiting for his mate?" Pin whispered, in a dreamy way.

"All the pack women are in love with him, come on! Including you!" Al replied, giggling softly. "But it's true, I I have never really seen him with any girls either."

Then Al whispered much lower, like he was about to speak forbidden words. "Also , did you know, he doesn't believe in soul mates? It's probably because of the legend, and what happened with his pa.."

Then a sudden and powerful hug took my breath away for a painful moment, and it would have surely broken my back if I wasn't a powerful Alpha daughter. Ough that hug had abruptly interrupted my eavesdropping. I felt a bit ashamed about that, never really minding when people were talking about other people' affairs.

When Marco's hug lessening in intensity, I heard a terrifying growl that silenced my wolf. Well, the entire school went silent and maybe all the nearby towns and territories as well.

Marco and I gingerly turned with a similar face of stupefaction, mixed with some apprehension. And there he was.. a furious wolf staring at me like he could tear my heart out.


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