10 Heartbeats

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Later that day, several Black Devil students were missing. Apparently, they had been called to attend an important, top-secret meeting back at their packhouse, followed by another 'special' training session. Crazy wolves indeed.

During the history class, Elena was sitting in her usual spot, with her chin resting on her palms, more distracted than ever, and daydreaming about a certain male.

They had shared a long, passionate stare and the emotions that coursed through her, left her speechless. Under his intense gaze, she had felt so shy that her feet froze on the spot, although the desire to walk to him and kiss those plump lips was powerful.

When an unaware (and silly) Rex had grabbed her arm and shook her, Elena barely realised it. However, the creepy growl that followed from her mate, together with his change of eye colour, made Elena unconsciously step back from her mate. A glimpse of hurt and disappointment crossed his face.

Elena shivered at the memory of his black veins popping out across his face and arms, before he stormed out off the gym in an aggressive swirl.

Her friends, like everyone else, stared speechless in the direction of where her beautiful mate had vanished. Oddly, the Black Devil Gamma ran behind him like a chicken.

Rex galred at her from time to time with an inquisitive look. He knew something was up with her, but Elena was avoiding him, not ready to talk about her brooding mate.

It was too much, and she didn't even know his name.

The fact that they had found each other was still quite shocking.

While Elena was wholly distracted, speculating about her mate's identity and the reasons for his sudden disappearance, the attack began.

Alarms echoed throughout the corridors. All the students and teachers instantly exited out the classrooms and sped towards the assembly hall. The youngest were being hurriedly pushed in first.

"What's happening?!" Giulia exclaimed, fidgeting with her hands. "It's probably some rogues." Marco replied to her with a reassuring smile, hurrying her inside. Rex was at my side, holding my hand firmly. His protector slash personal bodyguard mode activated.

As soon as everyone was in the room, the doors were securely closed. 'Dad! There's a rogue attack!' Elena mind linked him frenetically. But there was no response.

All of a sudden, several growls vibrated from all directions, including outside. Fear increased and heartbeats doubled.

When none of the teachers helped to calm the panic, Elena decided to take control, her fists clenched. "Listen to me!" Elena shouted, her Alpha instincts kicking in. The silence was immediate, all attention on her. "Don't be afraid of these poor excuses for werewolves. They don't have anything to fight for and thrive on creating chaos only. Plus, reinforcements will arrive soon!" or at least she hoped so. She paused looking at several unknown – and too young - faces, then lingered on her friends: Marco and Rex with determined expressions stood in defensive positions around Giulia, who was biting her lips nervously.

Such bad luck that the senior students of Black Devil were all missing, leaving them with the less-prepared wolves.

"Everyone in formation and keep close! Trust your wolf as your life's gift!" Marco yelled with power.

"Let's hunt them down as a pack that chases freedom from injustice and corruption!" Elena roared. The room filled with cheers and applause, as some transformed into their powerful beasts. Elena's eyes turned into neon green and her hair slightly raised, turning white. Titilas was with her.

When the door was smashed away as if it were a piece of paper, several students stepped back in terror. All that fervour of the moment, gone.

An enormous man entered with a smirk, like he owned the place. "My, my! What a pleasure!" He eyed Elena like she was a sweet pie. Elena glared at him, fear and fury surging through her. Probably in his fifties, with deep wrinkles and oily grey hair, the glint of pure madness displayed in his eyes revealed his identity. After all, this wasn't a random rogue's attack as they had first believed.

"Alpha Ciro." She spat, her assumption was correct by the look of surprise that briefly crossed his face, before returning to his original expression. "I should be honoured that you know who I am, my dear." His venomous smile hid a world of agony.

"Don't look at her!" Rex yelled with fury. When the Alpha ignored him, Rex growled and shifted into his powerful grey wolf.

Ready to spill blood.

The Alpha of Lord Skull was exactly how she imagined: an ageing lonely man with a deteriorated brain.

"There's nothing here for you. Why trespass on this territory?" A brave teacher stood from the crowd.

"Oh, I want what was taken from me," He growled coldly, the threat seeping from his pores. "From your nasty father!" He said pointing at Elena. Her mind was filled with the images of those women, forced to abandon their homes, leaving behind everything they had ever known and loved. All those families separated, so many hearts broken, and tears shed.

All because this crazed werewolf was consumed by his depraved thoughts. Or lost in the dark maze that was his damaged mind.

"He will be here soon and tear you into pieces, you coward! How dare you attack a school?" Elena blurted, elongating her canines.

"I don't think so, my dear future Luna!" Lord Skull sneered with a knowing look. His words crept Elena out. Shock and nausea enveloped her.

Was Alpha Ciro really there to kidnap her? And probably her friends too, as pay back for all his ex-pack members that fled his dictatorship to Full Moon. "Here! You can say hi to your naïve father!" He said viciously, causing Elena to narrow her eyes suspiciously at the plastic bag he held in his hand.

When he tossed it near her feet, it landed with a thud. The instant stench of death, along with the scent of her dad, instantly filled her nostrils.

And it was chaos.

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