12 Chapter 12 New Reality

The dense atmosphere within the Full Moon packhouse was palpable

The community was on edge, cracks forming in its strong pack unity. The fight for life against death had created a solemn sense of uncertainty and constant agony inside each member's heart.

Elena, Rex and Giulia were recovering in the infirmary of the Full Moon Hospital, all in the same room. Each silent, lost in their private world of thoughts. with broken ribs, perforations, and constellations of deep scratches. Minor wounds in comparison to what Marco sustained… If there was still a Marco.

In that particular moment, Alpha Giacomo and his Beta were at the infamous Black Devil pack, where their beloved Marco was under intensive therapy and medically induced coma. Still miraculously alive. At least, those were the latest news, just from that morning. According to the doctors and the several specialists, the chances of his survival were tiny. But hope was always the last to die.

Crucifero was not at his mate's side. Not even when they had operated on his mocked hand or stitching several of his lower body injuries. And he was not the one who donated the precious blood his mate needed, despite having the same blood type. Elena, outrageous at first, immediately felt guilty after hearing what had really happened to the Black Devil's Beta.

The Black Devil Alpha ~ Elena still had issues believing of this Alpha and her fated mate as one and the same ~ had to chain his own Beta down. And very far away from their pack hospital, where he couldn't sniff Marco's scent. Keeping you far away from your dying mate may seem inhumane to some; however, it was solely for practical and safe reasons. The doctors were unable to complete their duties with a ferocious werewolf, a ticking time bomb ready to explode. It kept everyone inside the hospital and its surroundings safe from his blind fury.

When Crucifero arrived at the school and saw Marco torn to shreds, he would have lost his mind if it weren't for a weak breath coming from Marco. Crucifero and Gamma Rolando brought him to the emergency room at Black Devil, moving mountains and oceans to make sure all the best surgeons and medical specialists took care of Marco's needs.

Elena was heartbroken for Crucifero. She could not fathom how she would feel if her mate had been taken away so brutally by the destiny itself. Destiny, that had created a mate for you in the first place.

As for Alpha Ciro, he was kept alive in the Black Devil dungeons. Unsure of how long he would live once Crucifero was free to roam again. In all honesty, the crazed Alpha had managed to pull off an accurate and almost infallible plan… if it wasn't for the Black Devil Alpha's incredible sense of smell.

Ciro had sent several rogues onto Full Moon territory, ensuring no one suspected it was a premeditated attack and one of those mutts managed to obtain the blood scent of Elena's father. All the while, another team of warriors from Lord Skull were sent to distract Black Devil, and being the cowards they were, they burned their woods and homes along the borders, avoiding a head-on attack from the formidable Black Devil warriors. All of this meticulous strategy, solely to kidnap Elena and Marco.

The latter because he was the mate of the ferocious Killing Machine and considered a means to negotiate with Black Devil. And Elena... well, Alpha Ciro's madness had totally consumed his logical brain: he wanted to mate her, make her the Luna of his pack and churn out a strong heir. Being an Alpha's daughter, she was considered stronger, with the bonus of coming from the pack that welcomed several of Alpha Ciro's people. This was all too convenient for the Ciro. As if the Black Alpha was going to allow that to happen to his precious mate. Silly Ciro had no idea Elena was mated to the legendary Black Alpha, the raven nightmare, the boogieman. No one else knew anyway, Elena hadn't whispered a word. Yet.

And fortunately for our dear Rex, and not for Marco, Alpha Ciro's men confused the two. Hence the reason why Rex survived, and Marco was barely alive.

If a fog of sorrow hovered over the Full Moon and Black Devil territories, everyone was happier than ever in Lord Skull's, celebrating and partying. The chain of oppression finally broken.

For now...


A few days later

Full Moon members close to Marco were given free access to the Black Devil pack. With the only condition to notify either their Gamma or Alpha. Elena didn't feel like contacting her own mate, so she tried to manipulate Rex or Giulia into doing so, and even her own father. At first it had worked, she was acting very casual. "Hey Rex, fancy a visit with Marco today? Ok, cool! Call the Alpha while I grab some snacks!"


"Daaad!! Let's go to visit Marco! Call the Alpha, I'm going to pee."

The first time they went into Black Devil territory, Elena had turbulent feelings. Her wolf of course was in total joy, happy to sneak a peek at her future pack and her mate.

Marco was kept in a special facility in a secluded area. Elena, Giulia and Rex together with two Full Moon warriors were accompanied there by a daunting Black Devil warrior, covered in tattoos than a that barely spoke a word to them apart from some growls and huffs.

When they arrived, Elena barely registered her Father standing in front of the Medical facility next to Gamma Rolando. She was too shocked by the scene to the right of the building! If she were a cartoon, her eyes would have popped out from her sockets with springs attached.

The Black Alpha was there, with his back casually leaned against a oak, and his arms - which competed in width and heaviness with the branches of the tree on which he rested - crossed over his never ending chest.

Just wearing underwear!

It was like a piece of cloth strewn over mountains of muscles. There were three tall she-wolves, drooling around him, as he was in the middle talking to them nonchalantly. As if it were normal for him to not wear anything and hang around like that.

How dare he? Elena was fuming and only when her elongated claws pierced her palms and drew blood, had she decided to play.

Game on, mate.

His gaze was on her the moment they opened the car door; his scent hit Elena in full force, nearly shoving her back into the car. She almost forgot about his lack of clothes.

Without sparing a glance in his direction, Elena confidently strode toward her Dad and clung to Rex's arm. From her peripheral vision, she noticed he stood straighter; all the chatter evaporated as it must have happened with his pants and t-shirt.

"Girls, return to the training fields," that husky voice alone sent shivers down her spine and had her yearning for his electrified touch, "We will continue this conversation later."

Hell no, you won't! Elena growled internally. "Are you ok?" Rex asked her with his eyes furrowed. She just nodded with a pout.

"Welcome to Black Devil territory! I'm Mirko, and you already know my gamma here, Rolando." His husky voice was polite but hid a powerful, almost scary, dark side. "And these are my warriors Rick and Curt." Alpha Giacomo started to introduce us. "Then we have Rex, my gamma's son, and Giulia, which is Marco's sister." He continued to explain in a monotone. His facial features were tense, but Elena could see he respected Alpha Mirko. Even though he was in underwear...

"And this is my daughter Elena."

At the mention of her name, Elena finally glanced at Mirko who was, of course, looking at her. Those blue eyes, like skies from other worlds, almost sucked her in. The sinister shadow of a smile lingered on that handsome face.

"Thanks for taking care of my brother, Alpha Mirko." Giulia said, nodding at him before gazing at Elena, expecting her to add something. "Yes, thank you for rescuing us back at the school! Your wolf's a beast!" Rex exclaimed, to which Alpha Giacomo raised an eyebrow and Mirko chuckled.

Elena froze in place.

That sound had stroke her soul.

An overwhelming, possessive instinct flashed through her; with dread, she realized the urge to mark him. As hers. Elena wanted her scent all over him so no other female would come near him nor hear his throaty laughter.

"Shall we go see Marco?" She snapped, clenching her hands. She was about to jump him, mark him, and strangle him, all at the same time.

"Oh! So she can speak!"

'Let's kiss mate!' Her wolf barked through their mind-link.

'Your comment was unnecessary, Titilas'.

"I need to attend a pack meeting with my warriors, but my Gamma will be around if you need anything." Mirko then said, heading toward the woods... the same direction taken by those she-wolves. Elena huffed and crossed her arms, receiving a questioning look from Giulia. Rex was typing on his phone with a grin.

"Thank you Alpha Mirko, we will only stay an hour or so." With that, Alpha Giacomo and Gamma Rolando entered the building, along with her friends. Elena was about to followed, still frustrated at a certain male, when sparks exploded on her wrist.

"Hi mate." Mirko smirked at her.

When their eyes locked, her mind floated away, to the island of insanity. But judging from his expression, she had the same effect on him. Which gave her courage to speak up.

"Funny you call me mate," Elena mumbled, tying not to glance at his chest. When she failed, her eyes identified scars scattered here and there, over those plains of muscles.

"What?" He furrowed his inky black brows, confusion written on his face.

"Isn't a custom to wear clothes around here?" She continued with an apparent calm, "Or are you the only one that stand around girls like this, naked, even after finding your mate?"

A flicker of surprise crossed those blue depths.

"I don't think-" But Elena cut him off.

"Ok! I will also do the same! Guess is nice to aerate my bum from time to time."

Mirko pulled her into his arms and cradled her face. The simple action had her stomach flipping as her breath hitched.

A deep rumble came from his chest and it morphed into a full blown growl. Long fangs flashed for a second, showing a glimpse of the fate of those who dared cross his territory.

"Fine with me." He whispered, sniffing her blond locks.

"I will kill all the male population around you and enjoy the show."

Elena bit her lip, as butterflies and what felt like an entire zoo went crazy in her stomach.

"I need to check on Marco." She murmured, peering at the door.

All her sass gone at the close proximity with this apex that beautified and terrified the planet with his enormous presence.

And there was too much hard skin.

"I do not tend to wear clothes in my territory because my wolf and I feel more comfortable without them." He said, like a teacher explaining the water cycle to a child.


That was unexpected.

His gaze shifted to her lips, his big hand enveloping her much smaller one. When he leaned in with eyes hooded, her lips parted and her hand rested on his warm chest.

A few inches away, their noses brushed...


Of course Rex-The Babysitter must always check on her.

The spell broken, both Elena and Mirko blushed and quickly separated from each other; he was scratching the back of his neck, while she covered her mouth in shock.

"Ehmmm, so Alpha that's how you take care of wild pines! Lots of water and some manure! Now I need to go! Byeee!" She patted his shoulder like they were old friends and then ran inside, pushing Rex on the side.

"What was that?" The latter asked.

Mirko smirked and said: "Didn't you know your Alpha daughter is a gardening master?"

"Gardening." Rex repeated with a perplexed expression, unsure of what had just happened.

'El must have lost her mind...after Marco's incident and everything.' Rex reflected as he tilted his head to the side and observed the retracting figure of Black Alpha. Probably going to devour a couple of deer in the woods.

He was pretty eerie in his human form. Sure, he had sounded polite before, but only because Marco was his Beta's mate. Rex had never met a 'person' of sort.

And his wolf, oh God. It was some kind of dinosaur that had disguised itself in fake wolf fur.

And what he did back at the school. Man, that kind of violence was out of even Rex's league. Growing up in a pack of werewolves, Rex had experienced plenty of violence and some hardcore fights. But never a slaughter like that

'Could someone like him have a mate?'


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