Alpha That Wants to be Dominated
novel - LGBT+

Alpha That Wants to be Dominated

Cherry Lily

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What is Alpha That Wants to be Dominated

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Jaden is the Alpha of Red Luck Pack. He's strong and breathes authority. Alpha would go weak on him, omegas would fall for him. However he has a secret, although he seems to dominate others, he wants to the one being monopolized, but who would give him that? Matt is an Omega from the Moon Pine Pack. He was the heir to the Moon Pine yet after being tested as an omega he was stripped of his title and all was given to his twin brother. However, he's not a typical omega, He has the appearance of god with a height of 6'11 the same as his brother. Mason is the younger brother of Matt and currently the heir to the Moon Pine Pack. He has a crush on Jaden when they meet by chance.....and want to hide and protect Jason from the world.

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Reading this story is just different but I admire the plot ,I love it immensely even though it is slightly different but that is what makes is amazing.


This is a very different plot. I am not into werewolves usually but this is different, right from the synopsis. The first encounter is so mesmerizing I want to keep reading it further. Have saved it and would love to find out more. Cheers to the author!


I don't usually read LGBT and werewolf story but this one is awesome! It's well written and it got me hooked ☺️Looking forward to read more about the plot twist😊


I liked the story plot. It's pretty existing to read it. It's well written. The synopsis and cover are interesting and existing. Kudos writer keep it up.


I have to say, Omegaverses are often angst. This one isn't any different, how ever, I really like he idea of someone who can dominate other, but wants to be dominated instead. I hope the author updates more, I can't wait to read it!!!!![img=update][img=update]


This story is just beginning, so there's a lot we don't know yet. For the moment, the setting looks promising, and we've got a little background on the characters. I'll be happy to see where it goes but the text needs a little reviewing as it can be confusing.


I love the fact that the alpha wants to be protected and cared for and loved it just so sweet and sensitive and vulnerable and that is so attractive and I love supernatural genres especially wolves. I'm so hooked on this love connection.


Wow, Author, it's a beautiful change in the storyline of omega verse, where alfa wants to get protected and omega is strong. ❤❤ I love it when omega's are strong and very capable of handling the pressure...Its a nice start and awesome storyline. Good going👏👏👏


Ok I've read this and the story so far is lit, I love the way the story is portrayed and the way the characters are depicted it is a beautiful story


Okay, this is an amazing story thus far. The chapters are long and the writing style is very good. There were not many mistakes too. I hope you won't drop this book. More power author!


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