228 Leaving the pit

I panted, trying to keep my eyes shut and relax. My breathing was finally catching a normal pace. I felt warmth despite how I was in wet clothes a while back. It felt so warm, as if I was wrapped in my own body heat with nothing wet on me. My brows creased before my eyes flew wide open. 

This did not feel right. There was a gentle breeze that touched my skin and... and... a hand around me!

I looked down and I was half-naked, only my burgundy underwear and slightly different shade bra. A muscular arm wrapped around my abdomen, veins bulging around the perfect cuts over the forearm. I scampered out of the hold and turned back to see Fang was lying there without his shirt, though his pant stayed on. "W-W-What are you doing?" I could feel my cheeks heating up as I covered myself, despite the few pieces of clothing still saving my dignity. 

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