224 Intrusive thoughts

My hair flowed with the wind haphazardly while Fang basked in nature's touch. His forehead was bared now, making his face look perfectly symmetrical. Usually, he would side part his hair, but now that they were pushed back, he looked just perfect. My attention was being diverted by it, though I forced myself to be back on the topic. 

"I'm not stuck anywhere," I spoke a little louder so he could hear me over the winds, "at least not in the teen phase." 

What was even a teen phase? I got the part where most of my life was spent in the dungeons, but that did not mean my inner child missed its childhood. I sure as hell had a good childhood. My wolf was pretty fine and smart on its own, even without me. 

"Come on, Selene," Fang turned to face me and ruffled my hair. 

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