226 In the darkness

I walked ahead as I leaned closer to touch the golden and white flowers. One of the flower's leaves closed as soon as my fingers glided over it. But when I touched the flower even it closed. I retracted my hand quickly, "What did I do?"

"Nothing," Fang replied, "they are sensitive to touch." 

"Okay," I responded. Though I wanted to touch the glowing algae as well but I did not want the gooey feeling on my fingers. Honestly speaking, some things only looked beautiful to the eyes when seen in the wild. 

"True," Fang remarked as he held the back of my hand before bringing it near another golden flower, making it close because of touch. "Everything looks beautiful in their true self. In the wild when untamed. Just like us." I looked at him, confused, as I took my hand out of his hold. Of course, he read my mind but I particularly did not understand what he meant here. Fang tilted his head to look at me, "We werewolves don't look any good when tamed." 

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