225 Great fall.

"No way, I am not undressing and neither am I jumping," I tried to push back but Fang now stood with me at the edge. His hands holding my arms around the shoulders. My breath shivered by the sheer cold which surfaced the environment. It was a water body, after all. 

Fang hummed, "So you are okay with going back drenched?" 

I shouted immediately, "No! I want to go back just the way I am alive and in one piece." 

I heard a hearty chuckle from Fang right beside my ears. It was intoxicating to stand this close to him with his voice playing in my ears like a melody. A part of me wanted to let go and jump. Just to see how I felt without wasting thoughts on the consequence. However, I wasn't that part and I wanted to go back to the hotel room. Fang gently pushed me ahead and I screamed out loud, a shriek to be honestly. 

"I did not take you to be this lame. I thought you must be daring enough," Fang said in a mock pity. 

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