Alpha Princess's Possessive Mate
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Alpha Princess's Possessive Mate


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What is Alpha Princess's Possessive Mate

Read Alpha Princess's Possessive Mate novel written by the author Eaagles_wings on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering action, r18, strongfemalelead, werewolf, dark. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


[Mature Content Warning] She wanted to just end her mission and go back to her political marriage, but he had already claimed her his possession. Selene Adawolfa, the Princess of the Adalopha kingdom. Promises her father to bring peace to the village in their kingdom, by ending the age-old war, without revealing her identity. On the first day of becoming part of the Winterwells pack in disguise, she gets herself into trouble. The unexpected turn of events brings her in contact with Fang Warchild, the alpha of the neighbouring village. The most handsome, yet the most vicious man in the entire kingdom who recognises her at the very first glance. And he was ready to ruin her mission just for the sake of owning her! (The story takes place in the 90s so you will find technology in it!) ——[snippet]—— He approached me as his footsteps resonated in the dead silence inside the tent, and I couldn't get myself to step back waiting stunned. Stepping closer he lifted my chin asking again, "do you still choose otherwise Princess?" I gulped, knowing Fang would understand very well what was on my mind, all my lies would be useless in front of how well he knew every nook and cranny of my brain. Mustering all the strength inside me I whispered, diverting my eyes, answering exactly what he didn't want to hear right now, "Yes!" A vicious smirk played on his face as he lifted me by my collar, while I tip-toed barely able to find the ground, trying to match his towering height. "I don't like it when someone touches what is mine," he leaned closer, his tall stature hovering over me just inches from my face and his infuriated breath crawling on my soft skin, "and you better know that your entirety belongs to only me!" ---- All credits of the cover to belong to its owner ---- Discord: https://discord.gg/ZhjZ9aHEZ6

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This is one of the best werewolf stories and trust me, I have read a lot. Selene's character has made the story exciting! The characters and world background is created so well that you can feel yourself in the story!


Alright . I really love this one. Intriguing story from the start, stealing your attention as you go. I love the pace and the mystery of the story. Really good one, author.😌😊😊


Intriguing from the very first lines. A well-written story that keeps the mystery alive without revealing too much, so it can keep you on the edge.


Very well written! Characters are really cool and the pace is good. Keep writing, keep posting, let's get this to 100 chapters asap! Well done!


Love love absolutely love the novel! The characters introduction, story structure, grammar, everything is so awesome... Please do post a lot of chapters as I want to be lost in this world of Selene forever !!!!


Only One Word: Mesmerizing! The Storyline is pretty well developed and written. At no point, does it feel stale and uninteresting. It is quite gripping, and always manages to keep the reader on edge. I love the character development, storyline and backgrounds. It is really very interesting! Amazing Work! ❤✨


An amazing plot and the cliff hangers just hit differently . They keep me wanting more [img=update]. Keep on updating. Character and world building is on point.


Wow. I love the character of Selene. It's amazing. I hope, she will get the peace her pack wants. And this story.. ahem.. i mean the love story will surely gonna be epic. Fighting author.


Oh My ! I was always a fantasy lover to begin with and this is just what I wanted, a push and pull story between the werewolves. The characters are pretty interesting. I wish to see more of this in the next chapters.


From the beginning everything was so great in writing, characters everything was so good I loved truly...really did a great job making such an interesting story gonna add this to my library again!!


I could not stop reading this book. I love the character development. I am ready for Selene to submit to her soulmate, Fang. Even though he is barbaric, it is sooooo sexy.!!!! Cannot wait for the next update.


Reveal spoiler


I genuinely think that this story has a lot of potential, the story and the character interactions make the characters, especially the main one seem like a real human- well werewolf, in a situation like this. Despite being a fantasy book it's definitely one of the most realistic werewolf based books I've read. An extremely good read with no faults other than the occasional grammar mistakes and typos!


Not gonna lie, i ended up reading more than I should. The plot is good, the action is definitely great. The design, detail, and storytelling are all amazing if I say so myself. All in all, a very good book. More chapters please, Author!


So far from what I have read the book his heading in the right direction and their is one thing i want to say to author-san keep up the good work.


An amazing story with great character dynamics. I love the way the author creates tension and keeps the story mysterious. The characters are really likable and have great depth. Selene's internal struggles as well as the external circumstances make the story engaging and really interesting to read. An absolute gem of a novel, that I would recommend to everyone.


It is a good story, with no grammatical mistakes, good plot, basically, it is a very good one. And it has a nice touch of mystery that I loved! I recommend it!


Wow, this story has upgraded so much. I was following the previous one irrespective of the mistakes, but hello this looks better now. Good job Author-san ❤️


This story is really the kind of story I read. The mystery, the little twist, and such a strong start. I wanted to state that this kind of story is a rare diamond in a rough, you won't find it except for luck! I enjoyed it so much, and adding this to my library! Keep it up, Author!




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