"In a high school,Jason gathered his wolf pack and they were on the school roof. Jason was an alpha but he stole the alpha position from the alpha that gave him the bite. Jason was a beta before he slitted Robert's throat,the alpha power was transferred to his body and he was three times stronger than a beta. When he killed Robert,his eyeballs changed to red to indicate the position he maintains. Robert came back to life but he was no an alpha,his eyeballs changed from red to gold. His strength reduced and he could no longer change to a full beast. Jason was waiting for Calvin and his pack, Calvin was an alpha too but he was a true alpha.

A wolf that changed from a beta to an alpha without stealing another alpha's power is a true alpha and they are sometimes stronger than other alphas. Calvin arrived and they were seven in number. They climbed the school roof and they saw Jason and his pack,they moved closer to them and they began to discuss".

Jason: Welcome Calvin,I called you here because... I want you to work for me. You have a lot of connections and you are very respected. We are humans but we are something bigger than a human. We are werewolves,I am an alpha and I have eight betas under me. You are an alpha too and you have just six betas under you.

So I suggest that we should work together to stop Jordan "school headmaster". He is an alpha too and he is giving everyone the bite,we need to act very fast before the next full moon.

Calvin:I am not working with you, though we need to stop Jordan before it is too late but I won't work with a beta that stole the alpha position from someone else.

I am a true alpha and I was given the bite by Robert,he is no longer an alpha but he is alive so he will come back for you.

Jason:Robert is still alive?"He asked ''.

Calvin: Don't you understand what we are... Alphas can't be killed easily,we are strong and powerful. If an alpha is killed by a beta,the alpha position will be given to the beta and the alpha will change to a beta.

We can not be killed easily,we are werewolves and we can heal our wounds.So to kill an alpha werewolf is not easy.

Jason:Tell me where he is, I will kill him and I will tear his heart.

He can never come back to life if I do that.

Calvin:You betrayed his trust and I am not going to betray him,so i won't tell you where he is.

He is like a father to us and he gave us the bite so that we can survive but you repayed him with evil.

Jason:I wanted what he has, I want to have my own pack and I wanted to be powerful. He has everything that I wanted,so I have to get it.

Calvin:I won't tell you anything and by the way... I am leaving this place.

"Calvin turned but Jason and his pack began to fight Calvin and his pack, one beta was killed among Calvin's beta,he escaped with the rest and they were hiding in a truck.

His betas were bleeding and they were seriously injured,he moved close to them and he picked up a pen. He stabbed the truck and he began to speak".

We will get that bastard when the time comes. Ian has been killed and Jason is looking for Robert. We are high school kids but we are werewolves and we are very powerful.

You guys have to protect your identity,no one must know about this. I gathered you all about a month ago and we have witnessed a full moon. I don't know how you are going to do this but whenever the full moon is out,your powers will be uncontrollable and you have to stay away from everyone you love. "Calvin said".

Palmer"a female beta": I think we got that, we will make sure that we keep our identity. You need to teach us, how to control our powers and how to improve.

Those betas are stronger than us.

Vera"a female beta":We are teenagers,those guys have no mercy,they are teenagers like us but they killed Ian.

His family will be looking for him, they will cry when they find out that he is dead.

Calvin:Let's go guys,the cops will arrive soon.

"They left the place,Calvin got to his hostel. He pretended like he was fine.

He entered his room and he saw Any"his girlfriend" in his room. She was lying on the bed,he moved close to her and they began to kiss. They began to romance each other but Calvin stopped kissing her when he remembered Ian".

Amy:Is anything wrong?"she asked him".

Calvin:It is nothing,I was just thinking that, is this thing okay?. You are not allowed in the boy's hostel but you sneaked to this room. We are just seventeen and we should stop romancing each other.

We are still young.

Amy:Oh... Boy, I am not here to get romanced, I am here to have sex with you.

Calvin:You got to be kidding me... We are too young...

"Amy kissed him and they had sex. They slept off and when it was morning... Calvin got out of bed and he moved close to the mirror. He touched a scar beside his PAC. He remembered that Jason injured him with his claws, Amy opened her eyes and she saw him. She saw the scar and she began to speak while sitting on the bed".

Amy:What the fuck is that? "she asked him"

Calvin:Oh! "he turned and he faced her. He moved close to her". Oh... this,I got this mark from an animal. I went to the woods last night and I was chased by wolves.

The chief jumped on me and it injured me.

Amy:Oh... You can not lie to me,I know a lot about werewolves. I know that you are a werewolf and your scar is healing, so that is a proof that you are a werewolf.

"He looked at his scar and he saw that the scar was healing".

"She continued" Tell me the truth and don't lie to me, I came from a family that hunts werewolves.

My grand mother was a werewolf Hunter. and my mother was a werewolf Hunter too. I can help you, please don't lie to me. "Amy said"

Calvin:"He placed one finger on his lips and he began to speak". Yes,I think you got me. I am a werewolf and I am an alpha. I got bitten about two years ago by an alpha.

He was the sport Director in this school and he was my personal coach. He tried to take my pains when I got a broken leg but the pains can't be shared. The doctor told me that my leg will be removed if I wan to live happily.

My coach was sad to hear this and the pains were too much for me to bear,he gave me the bite and I could not feel the pains. My leg healed up and I became a beta.

After a month,Jason was walking on the rail track,he was as lost in thought and he was listening to a very loud music. A train lost it control and it was moving close to Jason, Robert dragged Jason with hiss teeth and he saved his life.

Jason got the bite and he became a werewolf,we were his two betas and we served him with all our heart. A month ago... I became a true alpha and Jason stole Robert's power, we thought it was a competition so we began to give everyone the bite.

I got six betas and he got eight, he killed Robert to get his alpha power.

Amy:Oh,he is cruel and ungrateful. That bastard is getting too close to me and I don't know why. Well I have been following you for the past two months even before you became an alpha. I knew that you are a werewolf and I wanted to taste the strength and the sex.

You were so good and strong,you have the beast energy.

Calvin:"He laughed" you didn't tell me that. Well am not a beast, I am just Calvin Carter, a high school boy.

You need to leave,my friends will be here very soon.

Amy:Okay... But before I leave this place,I knew you had a fight with Jason and his pack last night and he killed one of your betas.

Those guys are really bad,they came back to eat Ian.

Calvin:Eat?"He wondered". Betas and alphas doesn't feed on flesh,so what are you saying? "He asked Amy".

Amy: I am sure of what I am saying, I have never seen that type of werewolf, he has a blue eyeball and a female with orange eyeballs joined him.

They finished the boy and they howled. Those two werewolves looks very dangerous.

Calvin:"He cuts in". I think the one with the orange eyeball is not a werewolf. She is a were-coyote and the one with the blue eyeballs is an Omega werewolf.

I don't understand why they are working together but I need to stop them before it is too late,those mutants are planning something.

We need to stop them before it is too late.

Amy:It is not just your business,it is our business. I am a werewolf Hunter.

So,I will help you and we will stop those bastards together.

"Calvin switched on the television".

News:A body was found at Kingston high school,the body was eaten by animals. The animals finished the boy but the remains was tested.

The body belongs to a high school boy called Ian Jose,no one knows what is really going on but the cops are trying their best. The Kingston high school is still closed.

"Calvin switched off the television".

Calvin:I need to do something about this,the bastard that touched my lack must pay for this.

I will make sure that they pay for this even if I have to kill and I don't care about what it does to my eyes.