31 After

"Ok I made the reservations." Aaron says walking into the room. "Say it one more time just for me." I want to knock that grin off his face.

"We're going to Seattle."

"And why is that love?" He pushes.

"Because you won!" I yell at him tossing the pillow at his face.

"Yea I did!" He flops on the bed beside me. With a kiss on the cheek he jumps back up. "Might want to repack... you know maybe an umbrella rain coat sweater... no never mind I don't think you'll need much to wear."

"Shut it Aaron!" I yell at him. I can't believe I lost.

"I count it a win" My wolf says.

"You would!" I snap at her.

Alpha Aaron's POV

I won... but in truth I won as soon as she marked me.

We did go to Seattle but we didn't spend all day in our room. We went out for dinner every night and did every touristy thing we could find. It was alot of fun.

We decided to wait on pups untill we got our pack situation ironed out. The idea is that we spend summers at Red Rivers and the school year at my pack. We aren't far from each other so if any problems arise we can make as many trips as necessary.

Clayton can run my pack for the most part while I'm gone and Carson was trained to be an Alpha so standing in for Lilly shouldn't be a problem. It all looks good and I'm happy.


Me too... very happy.

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[ The next book is Orphan Wolf. It takes place in Midnight Moon pack. The main character is a boy who doesn't know he is a werewolf until he shifts. You meet Aaron and Lilly's twin boys Tiberious (Ti) and Malakai (Malak) and Aaron's Beta Clayton's daughter Ruby.]

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