1 Chapter 1

"Don't lie to your Alpha. You've been teasing with me for the past 3 weeks."

"I promise I wasn't Alpha."

That's a lie. Ever since we were kids I've had a crush on Jason, and ever since 10th grade I wanted him to bang me against his headboard. He grabs my neck and pins me against the wall. He slowly moves his hand up my inner thigh leaving a wet pool in between my legs.

"Don't lie to your Alpha...So your telling me...every time you play with yourself you don't think about my hard cock thrusting into you?"


He presses his body closer to mine and I feel his hardness on me.

"Then how come every time I run by your house I see you playing with yourself moaning my name?"

"I wasn-"

His grip around my neck tightens and his hand starts rubbing my cult. Ah, I just want him to fuck me right now.

"If you lie you get punished."

He moves his hand then drops me back to the floor as he walks away.

"I'm so scared."

I mumble to myself. Next thing I know he's back in front of me.

"What was that?"


As he walks away I admire his muscles showing through his tight shirt. Man, I bet his good in bed. As I walk back to class I think about how I was teasing him in some way, but that means he's watching me. A shiver of excitement runs through me.


As I get back to class all eyes are on me. Like it wasn't embarrassing enough that he took me out of class. 'I want him now!' I know Winter. I want him badly too. Just imagine his cock size. My wolf starts to howl inside me. I sit back down next to Romeo.

"Someone got in trouble."

"Shut up"

I couldn't help but smile and nudge him. Romeo has been my best friend since diapers. Our mothers have been best friends so it was bound to happen. Even though I'm adopted. The bell rings not to long after I sit down and we all get up to leave when Youmi comes up to me and Romeo.

"So what did Jason want with you?"

She gives a dirty look as she says you.

"None of your damn business."

"No need to be harsh."

'I wanna rip her to shreds' Its ok Winter. We'll get her one day. Me and Romeo leave the class room and rush to my house.

"Hey mom, hey dad!"

"Hey Daniel and Sydelle!"

"Hey kids how was school?"

"Boring as usual. We're gonna go up to my room."

"Ok me and your father are going out tonight so make sure you get to bed at a good time please."

"I will I promise."

We rush upstairs and as my parents leave.

"So what happened with the Alpha?"

He wiggles his eye brows while saying it. He knows about my crush on Jason.

"Oh shut up nothing happened."

"Something had to if he pulled you out of class."

"Nothing happened. Now let's talk about your little boyfriend huh?"

He pushes me and starts to blush. His light green eyes smile at my bed and he starts to play with his sandy brown hair.

"Be quiet. He's fine."

'I bet his boyfriend will be his mate! I wonder if we already met ours?' Same. Romeo sits on my bed and grabs my notebook.

"I have to head home but can I keep this for notes tonight?"

"Sure. Tell James I said hi."

I wiggles my eyebrows and smile at him. He starts to blush uncontrollably.

"I'll see you later"


When I hear the door downstairs lock I lay back in my bed and smile. Jason watches us Winter. 'Maybe Jason will be our mate?' Ha I wish. He's royalty, he wouldn't even think about being with a normal werewolf like us. 'But white wolfs are rare. So we aren't normal.' I guess your right. I strip from my clothes and slide on my pajama shorts and shirt. Then look out my window to see a big black wolf staring at me. 'Jason' Winter, I'm about to do something stupid. I take off my shirt and massage my boobs. I slide my hands down my body and start to dance sexuality. I hear him growl and and tell me to stop, but I don't. Before I know it, when I turn around Jason is standing in my doorway. His eyes shine yellow and he growls. I stand there admiring his abs that glisten in the light.

"What did I tell you about teasing me?"

"I don't know."

"Rosetta. Listen to your Alpha. When I tell you to stop you stop."

"What if I don't?"

"You'll face the punishments."

"Ah, I'm so scared."

He quickly runs up to me and chokes me. Pinning me against the wall his eyes devour my body. His hands slide up to feel them. A wet pool forms in between my legs. He looks me into my eyes and whispers.

"Time for your punishment."

He pinches my nipple and throws me on the bed. 'Ahrooo'. He starts to play with my cult and rub it. His other hand slides up to squeeze my boob. He starts sucking on one as he slides two fingers inside of me and thrust. My back arches and I try to hold in a moan.

"Learn your lesson yet?"


He slides in a third finger which makes me moan and starts to go faster and harder. I'm gonna cum. He then stops and chokes me.

"Next time follow my orders. Understood?"

He let's go of me and leaves. I let out a sigh of relief. 'He knows what he's doing' Winter be quiet. I smile as I think about how he makes my body feel. I needed that. I slide my clothes back on and cussed under my breath because he didn't let me cum. 'I wanna run'. Not right now Winter. You know no one can see you. She did a low growl and I started to feel bad for her. Unlike other werewolf's we can only go out when we know for sure no one is watching. People like to hunt down white wolfs. I watched outside as a couple birds starts chirping. Today was a good day.