Alpha's Magical Mate
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Alpha's Magical Mate


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What is Alpha's Magical Mate

Read Alpha's Magical Mate novel written by the author ruby_faizal on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering romance, magic, love, werewolf, possessive. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


BOOK 1 of "Mate" Series. She is a moon sorcerer. The chosen one. The future queen of the dominion of Amarz. Loved and respected by all. But then why was she stripped out of her own title. Why was she banished from her own land? Why must she live a life among the humans. Why must her identity be kept a secret? Wait?! Her mates an alpha werewolf? But aren't they extinct creatures? *********************** He is the strongest Alpha ever known. Handsome. A billionaire. Only sadness? Mateless. He had search far and wide for his Luna. To find his missing soul. To find the one who he can pamper and treat like a queen. Then he meets her, his quite secretive human mate.... Or so he thought he was. ***************************************************** ***************************************************** I am a sorcerer. The princess of my realm. I am a werewolf. The Alpha of the largest pack in the Country. I am the daughter and holder of the moon. I am one of the creations of the moon. I was betrayed and banished from the land I once called home. I lost hope in finding my Luna. We are destined mates and we are bound to cross paths. We are proof of co-existence and we are the choice of the Divine above. Join our mystical adventure filled with love, confusion, rivalry and lots more......

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This novel only has 3 chapters but with just 3 chapters it has me begging for more. Left on a slightly mild cliffhanger it's got me wanting to have the next chapter in my gasp of reach. I really want the whole novle to be exact.


Reveal spoiler


I love this story From the beginning it catch my attention good quality The little that i have read so far is so good i hope u keep Like this Writing good Things


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