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Alpha's Hate Bond


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I pick up bouquet and open a note attached. In neat curly handwriting ...... "Congrats my love, I'm proud of you my queen♡ And always their to watch your back....." No name mention ,no need. I know who send this and why.....i take a deep breath to calm myself and put note and bouquet down on seat and pick the black box , and open it. Inside a ring of white gold, crown design with beautiful sapphire attached on edges of queen crown. And if its possible my mind panicking more and heart beat quickly. Suddenly my phone beep and at the sound of beep I jumped and place my hand on my heart . I took out my phone from my bag , screen showed a text from unknown number . I open text - "woah! Kitten, don't panic I'm still listen your heartbeats. I love u, you know. right? Don't worry babe I'm always their for you ♡" I stared text on screen with wide eyes drop my phone on next seat and close my eyes. I take a deep breath to clear my mind. Not now alas....NOT NOW.......I put my key in ,engine on smoothly and i start drive out of parking area with no emotion face. wanna show him he isn't has any affect on me...not any more .never .Ever.....I know he's still near me to enjoy my reaction . And I'm not going to give him any satisfaction . This time I set my rules clear....so if devil wanna play again, then GAME ON MATE! Get ready to lose this time...... ¤¤¤¤¤ ☆Alas coulson ,hybrid with supernatural powers , to control others mind and able to see others memories of past ....... In her fight to escape from darkness of her past. With her continuous hate of relationship........And her MATE! ¤¤¤¤ Gabriel Nicolas, twenty-five years ol alpha of strongest and powerful pack of warriors in werewolves realm. Ruthless and dominant wolf, In search for his escaped mate.....what will happen when they both meet each other..... again ?......will they able to accept their fate and look behind their hatred for each other..........?


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