67 sweet morning

( yuna pov. )

next morning -

I slowly opened my eyes as the sun rays hitting my face. soothing freshing morning breeze coming from the big glass windows which I surely forgot to close yesterday night .

curtains slowly moving by the push of the wind making the sun rays hit my face.

talking about last night , I was flushed with smile on my face about that memory and biting my lower lip. it was rough and i kinda liked it.

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I was in a warm embrace , a strong arm around my waist and another below my head and my back facing a hard chest.

I slowly turned around to face the person who still had his eyes closed and softly snoring indicating he was still sleeping .

my sight first landed on his long black eyelashes . then his perfect nose which I want to pinch so much right now but controlled myself as I don't want to disturb his sleep , I can see light patches of dark circles under his eyes making me think for how much he had slept his this past month.

and then my eyes got averted on his lips which were parted a little but a little swollen , mine personal art hehe....

i had a sudden urge to touch those which I was seeing ... i slowly brought up my hand near his face ...

first slowly caressing his eyelids on the both side then slowly touching his eyebrows .

after that the dark circles under then eyes.

I brought my index finger in eyebrows and slowly sliding down to his nose , when I reached his nose , I softly pinched it , I had an urge again to kiss the tip of his nose but damn girl control your hormones ... it's early morning...

the next stop was above his lips , when I reached above it , the lips kissed my finger making me suddenly pull back my finger.

I looked up this time and immediately met with the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen in my whole life and would never get rid of them... I felt like diving inside his eyes ... those gorgeous blueish-green eyes ...

jungkook : " are you done staring at your husband? .... if no.. you can still why are you suddenly shy ? you were staring already when I had my eyes closed "

he said pecking her nose . damn!!! this single line can make me blush so hard... yuna!!!! control your self.... but can't help with the butterflies doing salsa in my stomach...

jungkook : " like what you see ? " he said smirking now.

Aish!!! nooooo !!!! more butterflies on my stomach. I just leaning closer to his body and hide my flushed red face on his chest.

yuna : " yes. "

jungkook : " aw... is my cute , innocent little mate behaving bold at last ... "

he said pulling more closer ( if that's possible ) in his embrace and leaning his jaw on top of her head.

jungkook : " I feel so good and at peace now as if I was walking in a long desert and finally found my way home. and I'm so sorry for whatever I did... please don't misunderstand m- "

I cut his words for all the wrong things he was thinking ....

yuna : " no.. Don't say that... I never did ... I know and understand that you did all this to protect me and strengthen both the packs ... an-"

jungkook suddenly kept his finger on my lips...

jungkook : " shhh... let me complete... "

pecks my lips making electric shocks running down from my mouth .

" I know you've felt the pain of staying separated and most importantly my pain ... i always thought why I never felt any pain after I totally exhaust myself and wake up the next morning . I am the worst mate ever for you ... "

he hold her hand ... and kissed my hand.

" please forgive me ... I don't deserve you... please forgive me... I left you alone when you needed me the most... "

he said as tears threatened him from falling... I felt my heart scattering in pieces as I finally see his tears sliding down. I quickly brought my hand near his eyes and wiped his tears.

he kept on repeating the same word again and again to forgive him... how would I forgive him if I really didn't felt bad or envy him ... yeah it's true , I missed him, needed him, but I wasn't some typical one like the girls out there who would behave rudely and even act aggressively if attention wasn't given... I wasn't an attention seeker or a brat ... i understood his fear , his responsibility , his mind and mostly him. he just did it for me, for the pack.

I quickly hugged him bringing his head to rest on my chest now Letting him enjoy my heartbeat. I slowly caressed his hair whispering sweet words on his ears .

after some moments later, jungkook suddenly pulled back and smiled at me.

jungkook : " did our roles exchanged !!!? " he chuckled.

he pulled me back on his chest now and started caressing me. I stayed like that without moving enjoying his warmth and scent. and here alora doing back flips inside my head.

it was a sweet morning with some beautiful moments, my mate being all clingy and us sharing what we thought about the separation. him feeling bad about that ... its not like I wanted this but I felt it cute when he acted like a baby just now sobbing on my chest while hugging my waist tightly...

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