14 proclamation of love

we reached new York and was waiting for our car to come... jungkook even booked a car for us to roam and site viewing... so right now we are waiting for our car to drop us to our hotel.

the airport was as clean as a pearl at the checkout post were two guards and two guards at the entrance with six guards lingering around.

after looking through the whole airport. we saw man carrying a pamphlet ' jeon jungkook and jeon yuna ' so we went near him and he bowed at us....


' hello sir, hello ma'am, nice to meet you both.. I'm Steve your tour guide and driver... ' he forwarded his right hand to give a handshake to jungkook which he honourably took.

' hey Steve!!! how you doing bro. ' jungkook replies which in a handshake.

' I'm doing well... '

' by the way, how did you know it was us... I mean you are just carrying our pamphlet and you even recognised us... ' I was just curious about this .

the man was with a light blond hair with deep sea blue eyes. he was a olderly guy with a cozy and shabby clothes. he looked all welcomed and warmly person. he guided us to his car and we got inside the car.

' sir, what is the address that I need to take you both!? ' the driver asked

' the chedi andermatt at andermatt ... ' jungkook said looking at his phone.

' wow!!! that's a great choice... the hotel is the no. 1 hotel and it's rating is 5 stars in the whole Switzerland ... and we can hotel reach in just 10 mins drive ' the driver said in amazed.

' ohh just like my no. 1 wife. actually this is chosen by my wife just a while ago in hurry ' jungkook said looking at me and sparkle in his eyes...

' good choice ma'am '

' thanks ' I said smiling as a response

' ok then here we go ' the driver said pulling off the staring wheels...

10 minutes later--

we reached the hotel at the entrance and the the hotel was just in an awe it's welcoming and entrance is so grand. he got inside and the hallway was so huge and clean .. the floor was made up of fine marble and both side walls were made up of thick dark glass... I walked through the hall and directly went to the reception counter. our luggage were brought by the carriage guys.

' excuse me!!! we have done a booking these morning in the name of Mr and Mrs jeon so can I get our room keys ' jungkook went back to his expressionless face while talking with the receptionist.

the lady was in her early twenties and she had blond hair with curled up hair. she was dressed up in way as if she was here not to be receptionist but a seducer. she wore a tight white shirt with a v shape which popped up her breast explosively and a grey short tight mini skirt with pairs of black hight heels . her cleavage was wide shown up.

' please wait a minute sir ' she adjusted her dress and popped up her boobs more checked at her screen ' ohh!! yes... here is the keys... 16th floor, first room, room no. 109 ' pushes up the key and shows a light smirk looking at jungkook.

' thank you ' I said as I saw Jungkook was not in the mood of saying this , he was totally annoyed.

we turned around to leave.

' excuse me sir, please can I have a pic with you... you are very handsome sir... ' the lady said gluing her eyes on jungkook with sparkling eyes as jungkook was her idol hubby.

' sorry!! I can't ' he said straight forward without even looking at her.

' why? please just ones ' he said acting all cute and childish...

' because I'm her's ' he raised our hand which was interwinded together ... ' so you have to ask her first for everything... '

' please ma'am!!! ' she said whining at me...

I felt a red tint in my face at jungkook's words ... ' ahh!! it's ok ... it's alright you can have a pic .

' then here you go ' gives me her phone.

I felt like giving her a punch in her face right on her face when she told me to click there photo . I saw she put up her left hand on jungkook's chest going to his abs . the only thing differentiating their touch was the shirt. I clicked some random pictures without even looking . I saw her hand going lower. jungkook standing there in annoyance and didn't moved even an inch nor looked at the camera.

' ok that's enough ' I blurted out . I kept her phone on the reception desk and jungkook hurried towards me.

' let's go... honey... ' he said holding my hand ...

we went towards the elevator... we were alone inside the elevator and was made up of glass so I was looking outside thinking about what I just did and even feeling jealous. my mind was all out right now...

jungkook: yuna!!! yuna!!! ( shakes her hand )

' h- huh!!! yup did you said something ' I said getting out of my thoughts

' yes!!! are you okay? ' he said looking all concerned...

' yup!!! I'm okay ' I lied ... no I'm not okay... I'm jealous... I'm burning inside all red... I'm mad at myself as well as my wolf how can I let someone else touch our mate....

' no ... you don't seem okay!!!! '

' jungkook I'm oka- '

before I could complete my word, he suddenly pulled me in a kiss by my waist and it was a soft and light kiss... as the moment passed the kiss heated up and I really want proclame our love, my love. I want to show how much I love him , how much I need him, how much I care about him... I felt a sensation of needy too but I have to control myself because we are on the elevator now. soon we reached our floor and the the whole floor was empty. we looked for our room and got inside.

the room was so lavish and modern . it had a master bed with 2 rocky chairs in the left side and a big glass wall with curtains hanging down to cover the glass... the room had 4 dressing tables and decorated in a specific way with vase and statues. it had 2 big couch and 2 small couch linking the glass wall... the room was in dark Marron coloured with bright lights which makes the room cozy. the room had a lot of space. it even had a door which indicating that it must be the bathroom.

I got inside and directly threw myself on the couch...

' huh!!! atlast I can sleep ' I said closing my eyes and spreading out my arms

' although the flight you were sleeping on my shoulder and my shoulder still hurts and you wanna sleep more... ' he said looking at me in laughing at me

' yup!!! sleep is my medicine to throw away bad memories and sight '

' then... ok ... you can sleep now because I won't let you to sleep the whole night tonight!!!

I eyes were wide open ' JUNGKOOK!!! ' I threw a cushion on jungkook from the couch...

DiNg DoNg

the door bell rang.

jungkook opened the door and a carriage boy came in with our luggage...

CB : here's your luggage sir and ma'am ( looks at me ) ahh!!! are you Kim yuna!!!? '

' I was.... but now ( holds jungkook's hand ) I'm jeon yuna '

CB: ohh!!! I'm so happy to hear that... actually before ... I was living in Kim dynasty so that's why I felt you like a familiar person... '

the carriage boy was actually not a boy , he was a middle aged person around his 40s . he has dark black coloured hair and wearing an uniform.

jungkook took out his vollet and gives him some notes of money.

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' here's your tip... '

' thank you... sir... please grant me your leave... ' he bowed, asking for a leave... the leaves the room and closed the door behind him.

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