63 I love you more than 3000 : 4

warning : 18+ alert .

jungkook carried her towards the king sized bed and slowly layed her down on the soft mattress like if it moves a little harshly her body would breakdown.

he stared at her eyes for a moment before slowly leaning down and attaching his lips to her plump lips .

the kiss began with a slow pace but as the time passed it became hot and rough syncing with the same pace . jungkook nibbled at her lower lips sucking it and softly biting on it asking for entrance which yuna obviously allowed him in letting out a addictive moan for jungkook's ears.

he wanted to hear most of that sound from yuna but instead his name out of her mouth again.

his tongue started to explore her mouth tasting her sweet mouth and fighting with her for dominance which he easy got the victory on.

he hold her both hands on his hands and interlocking them with eachother while still kissing her and nibbling on her lips making them swollen.

he pulled out when he felt yuna was short of breath and both breathed out sharply in short of breath still eyes locked in each other.

jungkook : " I missed your presence so much and I love you so much "

he said in a low and regretful voice . leaving her hands and lifting up his weight from yuna but still hovering over her .

jungkook : " and I'm so sorry I left you alone when you needed me the most and you had to stay with others and not me besides you "

he had tiny specks of tears on the edge of his eyes and the teas almost threatening to fall out.

yuna quickly lifted up her hands snaking around his necks and pulling for a hug putting his weight on her again .

yuna : " my baby alpha is sad * aww ... you don't have to feel bad anyway my baby wolf!!! i understand you and your feelings, you are doing this just for me and my safety but just take care of yourself too "

she said smiling feeling what is jungkook's thoughts right now.

yuna : " I love you so much jungkook "

jungkook : " I love you too "

a cute pout and chuckled awhile later.

yuna : " but I love you more "

she said with a wide smile .

he chuckled again.

jungkook : " then I love you 3000 "

yuna : " but I love you more than 3000 "

jungkook smiled at her words but as soon as a realization hit him he pulled out from the hug .

jungkook : " wait a minute !!! what? baby alpha and baby wolf !!!!!! "

a laughter heard short after followed by a smug smirk on his face.

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jungkook : " baby girl !!! aren't you being under me and being too confident why only baby alpha? do you want to see the daddy alpha too... ? hmmm? "

the smirk still displayed on his face .

yuna gasped at his words, followed by a red blush on her face . she squinted her face cutely and hit his chest which let jungkook to chuckle at her reaction.

jungkook : " aww my baby girl is shy !!! "

yuna suddenly pulled back her hands covering her face with both of her hands , eyes closed... and then another chuckle from jungkook.

jungkook supporting his weight with one hand , he removed her hands and kissed both of eyes one by one and then on her forehead , tip of her nose , both cheeks and then finally her lips .

kissing softly at first while slowly turning into a hot make out session.

~ to be continued ~

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