19 I don't know what to name this--- ( l )

yuna woke up by the sun rays hitting her eyes and saw her hands interwinded and with jungkook's and him playing with the ring gifted by jungkook... as she was sleeping on his bare chest suddenly an intense smile plastered on her smooth beautiful lips and an unique feeling like jungkook is her's and she is his.

jungkook :" so your awakening!!! huh? "

his sudden voice disturbs her thoughts.

jungkook :" last night.... was I too hard at you? "

yuna :" y-yup!!! ( feels shy )

jungkook :" ahh!! sorry!!! I won't be that harsh from the next time... and don't you enjoyed that ( smirks ) and I can't even count how many times or rounds we did... "

yuna gets all red from shyness .... to escape the shyness and awkward moment she sat up straight covering herself with the blanket but felt a sharp pain on her abdomen.... she can't feel her legs anymore and I think she won't be able to walk properly the whole day after yesterday's session.

jungkook pulled her back on the bed in his arms again... as they were naked he pulled the blanket a little up to cover their upper body below the shoulder.

jungkook :" just stay in this way alittle bit more

.... " he said pulling her more closer in his chest by his strong arms.

yuna :" o-ok!!! "

jungkook :" babe!!! " he suddenly calls her.

yuna :" hmm!!! " she hummed as a response

jungkook :" I want to say something to you... can I ?

yuna :" sure!!! "

jungkook :" the first time I saw you... I felt in love with you... the way you walked, the way to speak , smiled, sang the song, show attitude but kind and friendly towards everyone... and everything about you is unique.... I love you... " peeks her lips....

yuna :" I love you too... " smiles

jungkook:" and I know I'm very handsome and cute... so you can directly tell me anything regarding what you want to say to me "

yuna :" what!!! every time I thought... anything.. you heard all ? " eyes widened .....

jungkook :" yup!!! " innocent smile

" ..... "

she gets all red again...

jungkook :" so do you want go out or you wanna stay like this the whole day... if you want then I don't mind... we can make love the whole day like yesterday night... " lightly smirks and starts to come closer.

her eyes widened and she keeps her palm on her chest to prevent him from coming more closer.

yuna :" I think we should go " tried to sit up " ahh!!! " suddenly feels pain on her abdomen again

jungkook :" what happened??? " gets worried

yuna :" nothing... I wanna go out but I don't know how to walk as I can't feel my legs now .... "

jungkook :" sorry!! ( sad face ) if I was too harsh on you... by the way I'm here so don't worry you don't need to walk... if I wish I will never let you walk on earth... I'll never let your legs touch the ground " gets determined...

yuna :" ouuu!!! sooo cute!!! my husband is sooo good!!!! you love me that much???? "

jungkook :" yup... so let's take a shower now.... together!!! "

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yuna :" h-huh!!! t-together!!! "

jungkook :" yup "

without warning he suddenly picks me in bridal style and takes her to the bathroom and lets me sits on the bathroom counter....

he did his brushing and morning routine and mine too....

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