20 happy to see you happy....


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time skip---

the shower was hot which the two souls interwinded with each other.. the hot session was like being two bodies one soul. they have became one soul now. no one can come in between them now. are they aware of the danger outside?

after the shower yuna was selecting some clothes like what to wear so that they could go out.... she got a knee length yellow dress, white sneakers and a light lipstick and her daily losion in the name of makeup. she doesn't need to hide her true beauty under heavy make-ups. she is a natural beauty so she doesn't need any make up nor she prefers to carry any make up.

and on the outside jungkook was ordering their food like what could they possibly eat for breakfast... probably jungkook would prefer to eat up yuna for breakfast but he understands that yuna needs to eat food so he let her go.

he ordered some sandwich, juice, omelette, toasts and some fruits... it should be considered health and okay to be called as breakfast right?

yuna wore her outfit and she could somehow walk now after the two hot sessions as she is not an ordinary human to not be able to walk after those beast like rampages by jungkook. wolf's can recover soon from any injuries or hurts soon and yuna was not an ordinary wolf as well she was the Luna of the blood moon pack and even the future moon goddess so what ever....

she was at first nervous to come out of their in front of jungkook but in any case she have to come out. she got out and they silently ate there breakfast and then went out to enjoy New York. jungkook at first thought that they would not go out but yuna seemed fine and even yuna started sulking when jungkook said they won't go out. but atlast yuna convinced jungkook to go out and she was totally fine.

after visiting some places, shopping and enjoying the whole day atlast they went to st. mariena's beach. the sunset in the beach looked more beautiful with two beautiful people standing watching the sunset . yuna was in the front and Jungkook was behind her wrapping up his arms around her tiny perfect waist. as it was already getting dark the beach became less crowded.

yuna was so energetic towards the attraction of the sea that she couldn't stop herself from getting into the water and even pulled jungkook to join her which he happily joined. he was so happy to see his woman so happy and being all childish and playful in the water. it was the first time he saw his mate so carefree and playful like she has came out of the shell and shown out her true self. ' aww!!! she looks so beautiful and charming when she is all carefree and lively... I am happy to see you happy ' he thought to himself. at that time he promised to himself to spoil her alot and keep her all happy and even to make her experience all the things that she missed during her childhood.

Yuna was always a playful , happy and jolly kid from her childhood even same with taehyung but the tragedy happened to her and taehyung changed their situation alot. taehyung became all cold and strick Infront of the pack but not with yuna. she was the most precious thing he had and he was willing to do anything to protect her. his only Moto was to keep yuna safe and protect her with all his might till she finds her mate. it wasn't like he was not going to keep worrying about her after she finds her mate but he was told to protect her from everything till then.

yuna was all restricted and was banned from being out alone. this made her being lonely and cold until Jennie ( taehyung's mate ) came to their life. she felt the feeling of being in a companionship and she never felt lonely after Jennie was introduced to her.

back to the story---

they were having a lot of fun with eachother

.. suddenly yuna splashes water on jungkook.

jungkook :" yaaa!!! yuna don't make me wet!!! and yourself too.... " he said worrying about yuna but he too was enjoying the moment. he said that not because he was afraid of getting wet but he was worrying about yuna she might get sick if she gets wet ... he was so relieved and happy to see his mate so lively Today.

yuna :" hahaha!!! want more... " she splashed water on him again...

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after playing alot in the water ( beach) . they went back to their hotel and changed their clothes....

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