65 flow of temptation 2 [ matured content ]

after jungkook got rid of her shorts , he threw it the same way but on different direction somewhere unknown...

[ rejected belt : " tsk tsk " ]

[assistant trashcan : " shut up ... " ]

what's next!!!

jungkook leaned in for a kiss , soft one , eating her bottom lip !!!

he lowered his hands sliding down her panty in one down lastly removing the last one shit on the way . he could smell her arousal , already wet for him.

he slowly moved his hand up on her leg , thigh , her hips and going towards her private part.

yuna gasped or moan when he touched her core but her moan was swallowed by jungkook.

jungkook started moving her hand in a circular motion on top of her core inspecting her wetness. he suddenly inserted on finger inside her , thrusting slowly . making her to open her eyes wide open and earning a soft scream from here and her scream was soft because jungkook already took her scream.

jungkook : " your still so tight , baby girl!!! " smirked

he said against her lips.

he inserted second finger inside her moving thrusting in the same pace and after some time another.

after few thrust , he pulled out from the kiss and took his fingers out ... he slowly moved down and stood on his feet admiring the beauty Infront of her. he moved to her leg and started kissing up, knees , thigh , inner tight and stop his actions when he reached her core just Infront of her face.

he leaned it and gave a long lick on her splits. yuna moaned out loudly , raising up her hips a bit and curling her toes down . jungkook hold her knees so that she couldn't move and put her both legs on his shoulders holding her hips .

he gave another lick making yuna moan again...

yuna : " Ahh!!! jungkook !!! "

jungkook : " yes baby!!! moan my name .. I'll make you scream my name Tonight... "

another lick .

yuna bite her lower lip to not let another moan come out out her lips but jungkook sucked on her core hard .

jungkook : " don't stop your sounds baby!!! "

he started eating her up , sucking and inserting her tongue inside her.

he was lost on her sweet arousal smell and her sweet juice that he wanted more of it.

he started sucking hard on her core , licking her folds and biting her flower. he didn't stop still yuna released her sweet juice and cum on his mouth. he gulped her juice and licked in again before going for another action...

he hold her legs and kissed her inner thighs one by one. he moved above and connected their lips making yuna to taste her own juice.

he put one hand on her breast and started massaging one and while another one on core moving it in a circular motion .

yuna was holding the bed sheet balling her hands on it .

jungkook inserted 3 fingers inside her in ones and turned thrusting which made yuna seemed to squirm and tears started to pour out of her eyes in pain. jungkook felt that and left her breast hand and started to caresses her forehead.

after some moments yuna seemed to settle down and the Pain turn into pleasure .. the hands can make her feel so good what would happen when he was inside her but that pleasure wasn't long as jungkook pulled out his fingers from inside her as well as pulled out from the kiss and stared deep inside her eyes .

he brought the fingers which were inside her near his mouth and licked his fingers .

jungkook : " Mmmm!!! so delicious !!! " he moaned tasting her juice .

yuna : " jungkook !!!? "

she called his name still breathless and eyes in dark orange full of desire .

jungkook : " hmm!!! " he hummed as a response.

yuna : " let me touch you!!! I want to touch you please !!! " she begged him .

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after hearing her words , jungkook smiled at her and pecked her lips.

he moved upwards in the bed and rested his back on the ocean of pillows on the headboard.

yuna got up from her position earlier and looked at jungkook. feeling sad that jungkook Might reject her request and need .

he led out a hand for yuna to hold.

jungkook : " come on!!! now I won't be in control ... you can do whatever you want to do!!! "

he smirked at her and said pulling her towards him and making her sit on his laps . the proud junior in between them * untouched * .

yuna smiled brightly at his words.

yuna : " what should I do now? I don't know what to do ? I want to make you feel good.... "

she said innocently... ' oh wait !!! she is still innocent '

jungkook smiled at his innocent mate and felt bad for ruining her innocence but hell , they have already done it before too so the sin in already done before .

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