64 flow of temptation [ matured content ]

warning : 18+

lost in the temptation of kissing!!! jungkook pressed his body against yuna's feeling her skin on his.

jungkook started unbuttoned her shirt while kissing continuously... getting frustrated with some button still left , he pulled out from the kiss and got up from the position , kneeling on the bed and yuna's legs in-between his .

he harshly pulled her shirt breaking the buttons and tearing off her shirt. he did the same to his own shirt too.

he was wearing a round neck shirt so he didn't have to tear his shirt and just pull off his shirt above his head and again hovered above yuna connecting his lips on her's.

leaving her lips he started attacking his kisses on her neck but before that he gave a quick peak and licked her mark on her neck earning a loud and satisfying moan from yuna's mouth turning his on more .

he wanted to take her right now but he thought of taking it slow and give yuna the full satisfaction and make her feel good..

he trailed his kisses to her jaw , neck , collarbone , chest leaving love marks ( love bites hehe ) hickeys on everywhere.

on the other hand , yuna was a moaning mess , making jungkook smirk again and again realising he was doing a very good job satisfying his mate.

after some more sucking and biting on her , he again pulled back his body to admire his art on her.

then his eyes landed on yuna's black laced bra which was still not satisfying for him and he wanted to give her hickeys on the skin below her bra too.

yuna saw where he was looking at and slowly lifted up upper body , went to unhook her bra , she was almost done and just had to remove that shit piece of cloth stopping them and covering her skin but jungkook pushed away hand as he wanted to remove every cloth that in on her.

as he already knew the bra was already unhooked he quickly pulled that piece of cloth and threw it away in a corner unknown.

he quickly leaned in and kissed he lips again. he started roaming his hands on top of her slowly reaching up and up and Landed his right hand on her left soft mould, earning a soft moan from her but he swallowed it with the kiss.

he started trailing wet kisses down from her jaw , neck , shoulder , collarbone , chest and then her right breast taking her purple hard nipple in his mouth . while massaging the other.

yuna moaned when his mouth reached her right breast and took it in.

jungkook started sucking and biting on it yearning a loud moan from yuna.

yuna : " Ahh!!! jungkook ... "

she unconsciously raised up her hand hold some of jungkook's hair .

after some more sucking and biting , he changed to the other ignored and neglected breast which he would never leave alone without tasting it repeating the same massage therapy on the other one which he had just now tasted.

after he was done with the other , he gave it a last lick on the purple bud and bare in face in between her breasts trailing wet kisses down. when he reached her belly button, he gave a peak there and again got up to his feet , unbuckling his belt and throwing his belt to the same unknown corner same as the pity bra .

[ rejected belt : " what was my fault ??? (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`) " ]

[ third Wheller bra : " it was your fault that you were on him XD " ]

[ rejected belt : " says the one who was discarded before me lol " ]

[ assistant trashcan : " aishh!!! you two don't ruin the fun ... let me enjoy and don't worry some more will be joining you two... " ]

[ rejected belt + third Wheller : " *why we still here? just to suffer?* " ]

jungkook unbuttoned his pant button and unzipped it ... now turning yuna on!!! XD

he pulled down both his boxer and pant in one go, releasing his little junior beast out who was proudly standing there.

yuna gulped looking at his thickness and how big he was ... again doubting how can she adjust that size inside her...!!!

jungkook smirked as he saw yuna's reaction looking at his junior.

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he reached out his hands for the waistband of the shorts on yuna. yuna lifted up her hips so that jungkook could easily removed that another piece of cloth.

jungkook kissed on the side of yuna's leg when he raised up her legs to remove her shorts automatically smirking thinking about what he was going to do next keeping her leg on his shoulder.

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