52 confrontation

???: " step aside from my way jungkook... your time hasn't come yet ... yuna is my target now... you'll be next ... " he said in his crooky voice with a smirk under his hood.

jungkook :" just keep your mouth shut and don't even take yuna's name from your mouth you f*cking bastard.... don't waste my time and spit out what you want ... " he said in his alpha tone fully raged .

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??? :" I. want. yuna. " he stated every word loud and clear... " hand over her here to me and you're free to go " his eyes twitched with a smirk.

jungkook let out a loud alpha growled followed by a scoff .

jungkook :" in. your. dreams. get the hell out of our way orelse you won't be able to see the sun tomorrow " ... his eyes were just fixed on the guy ahead.

???: " don't worry about the sun anyway I don't see it anyway "

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