53 confrontation 2

??? :" don't worry about the sun I don't see it

anyway "

the man stood Infront of his group and slowly removed his hood causing some of the man to gasp out.

??? :" why!!!? shocked to see me... SURPRISE!!! " he opened his arms wide open and smirked at jungkook .

taehyung :" Mark you bastard !!! get out of our sight or the consequences will not be good for you... " he said in anger looking at mark ( the vampire king )

mark :" don't you worry about me Alpha taehyung .... oh my soon to be brother in law " he smirked refering the word ' alpha ' and ' brother in law ' ....

all the wolves in taehyung and jungkook's pack growled at him including taehyung and jungkook... showing protectiveness for their luna towards mark's comment...

mark :" dogs bark ... I'm so afraid of you all " he said in a crooky voice acting as if being afraid of their growling...

jungkook :" let's get over this " jungkook said in a growl tearing up his shirt shifting in his blackish wolf standing in his four paws from two legs.

as jungkook did that all his pack warriors along with taehyung and pack warriors did the same to protect their Luna/ alpha/ alpha's sister....

yuna is the Luna of blood moon pack.

alpha of heart lake pack.

and alpha's sister of moonlight pack.

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basically she was or hold a lot of main point for this three packs as also for all the packs and their future being the future leader in the heavens to look over the werewolves being the moon goddess....

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