59 100 deaths in one life

three auratic persons were sitting together in room and the pressure and power erecting from the room was unbearable for a common omega to handle.

monk :" as we all present here know the situation going on , we have a serious issue between the monks and the devils too... but that isn't the problem here...

we have to keep yuna safe and sound from them as the blood-moon day is approaching and many secrets will be opening up which you both need to handle it with calmness and right mindset "

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the monk sigh and looked at jungkook ...

monk :" you can ask your questions... alpha jungkook "

jungkook looked up at him and hesitated a little...

jungkook :" I got a dream a while ago that yuna fainted and got too weak and when I was talking her to the hospital , we got a sudden attached in the middle of nowhere and yuna go-... yuna got killed by him... "

taehyung literally stunned out...

taehyung :" he... who is that he..? did you know his name or even saw his face...!!? "

jungkook :" yeah- ... yeah... I don't know who he is or ever saw him in my life Time but he said his name was mark "

jungkook looks away trying to think the right name or it was something else ...

jungkook :" yeah- it was mark... im 100% sure that it was the name "

taehyung's face redden at the sudden talk about ' mark ' and tightened his fist.

monk :" taehyung !!! control your emotions and we know what to do right... "

taehyung :" yes!!! now we can get according to which level he can go... "

monk :" we don't know if he is the one but we have to be very careful with him too... as he can't be the only one behind this whole theory but someone with bigger minded and planning will be playing the game of distraction with us "

taehyung just nodded his head and there left jungkook all confused and looking from taehyung to the monk in order to understand what they are talking about or whom they are talking about and who the hell is mark? ...

jungkook :" who is mark ? why is he after yuna ? " he looked angered too.

time skip to after taehyung explained everything -----

taehyung :" so this is mark "

jungkook :" I swear to god with my life I won't spear him a single breath when he is in front of me "

he looked determined and already planned how to kill him and the other little by little piercing one skin to another... and even planned to keep them alive and let them eat their own flesh and kill them 100 deaths in one life for the whole torchers they brought to yuna's life .

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