4 Girl in Pink

"I'll quickly park." She says in a serious tone, I nod respectfully as I move out of her way, she parks her car and opens the door. Turning immediately to me, we make eye contact; her eyes are intense and more or less sinister.

"Hey there! Jane, wasn't it?" She asks politely, now grinning as she puts on her sunglasses. I gulp and politely smile at her.

"Uh, yeah, that's my name! You're Amy?" I offer, she nods and makes her way towards me, locking her car.

"It's so great to finally meet you personally; You're famous!" She holds out her hand to shake, I stare at it; I'm not embarrassing myself like last time.

I chuckle, "Thanks, It's nice to meet you too." I shake her hand.

"So, Jane. What do you do for fun?", she adjusts her bag and looks at me expectantly.

I rub the back of my neck, "Well, I go to school. Church, and stay at home. Most of the time." I admit, there's no reason to try and impress her anyways.

"Hm, I should've known. No worries, then! Are you busy right now?"

I look at her, waiting for a warning bell to sign, a giggle, a slight smirk, tapping of the feet? Nothing. "...No?" I question, she takes my hand in hers.

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"Wanna hang out? I don't know anyone here and you seem very down to earth." I flinch at the sudden gesture, she tilts her head in confusion. I'm silently praying this isn't another one of those pranks my peers constantly pull on me. Someway, somehow, I have a feeling that she's different; dare I think genuine?

"Why the hell not?" I smile, shrugging.

"Really? Awesome, so are there any cafes or something to hang out at?" She offers, I hesitate and shake my head.

"There are some, but I have a feeling they won't be to your…. Standard."

"What do you mean-"

I interrupt. "Let's just say standard. Trust me, you do not want to go." I don't wanna go, my brain screams at me.

I'll no doubt see my classmates there either working or having a cuppa and either way I'll be disgraced; I'd much rather not show that side of my life to somebody I just met.

We enter the café, I open the door to allow for at least half a second of peace before anybody could possibly notice I'm here. I'm hoping Amy's beauty and charm will be a good enough distraction from my entire presence.

As Amy struts in the diner I feel the pit in my stomach grow as the hum of coffee and glass moving mixed with low level chatter increases as I take a step foot into the door. I scan the small perimeter, I don't see many of my peers, not any at all really.

"Where do you wanna sit?" She smiles at me, I immediately straighten my back and nod confidently as I point out the right corner booth. I tail behind her as we shift past the other booths, careful not to hit anything. I scan behind the caps of the diner employees, peering for any sort of expression or look that could tell me whether or not I should stay or go.

"Are you gonna sit?" I turn to see Amy has already taken her seat, I pull my shoulders back and smile awkwardly as I take my seat. Immediately sliding to the corner of the table. Amy gives me a suspicious glare,

"Are you good there Sherlock?" she inquires, shifting my glance from her to the front entrance I smile to compensate for my growing nervousness.

I feel her grab my hand from across the table, jolting all my senses. "Jane, are you wondering if your classmates are coming in here?" she gently asks, I swivel my head to look at her. "Why do you ask?" I question, is she pulling a prank on me? Are they going to burst in here at any moment to laugh, stare, take pictures?

"Yea, I am. You happy? Look, you picked the wrong person to get to know. They know everything there is to know about me, they've made practically every joke they could about my physical and mental self-" I pause, composing myself.

So if you could just please let me go and we can forget this happened. You can go make friends with the other people who are far more interesting and talkative and overall better than me, ok?" I take a deep breath and look at her. Amy's expression is quite smug, however I can't really tell just yet.

"Wow. You sure talk a lot for someone who claims not to be that talkative." She points out, crossing her arms. I sigh, slumping in my chair in defeat. "I'm not going to make fun of you. I want to genuinely get to know you-become close." She smiles, leaning across the table. I avoid her gaze and mask my expression, it sounds genuine enough, but she might just be a great actor.

"Trust me, five minutes with them is a nightmare. All they talk about is mediocre high school boyfriends and what they'll name their kids when they become famous housewives." She rolls her eyes dramatically, and I can't help myself to not laugh. She laughs with me, and for once I feel comfortable.

"Really?" I double check, squinting at her suspiciously. She grins, and nods.

"Really really."

"You���re not serious! No way."

"Yes way, sister. I couldn't stop myself. After I finished one I somehow saw the sun rise and look down at the 7 books I've just devoured."

Amy and I are leaving the diner, she opens the door for me and we walk down the street. We spent almost 2 hours talking about everything and anything and surprisingly we had a lot more in common than I thought.

"They're just so good! The perfect mixture of romance, action and drama." I smile, we match our pace as we cross the road to her car.

"And can we talk about the inclusivity, we love a book with more than just a straight couple." she smiles, leaning in closer to me.

"The flavour-" I start, "is immaculate." she finishes. We both look at each other and pause, after a moment we both dissolve into giggles.

We both appreciate the art of literature, playwright, and, musicals. Plus she's an avid listener of girls in pink; her favourite artist, as she emphasised.

We make it to her car and before I can turn to leave she sprints to the passenger door, opening it.

"Need a ride?" she offers, smiling as she stands by her car. The hue of pink matches her monochrome pink outfit. I hesitate, she paid for the food at the diner and now she's offering to give me a ride?

"Oh no, it's okay I'm sure I can manage-"

She walks over to me, taking my hand as she gently leads me to the door of the passenger seat, I take her hands in mine and let them go.

"Seriously, I think I'll manage." I smile politely, swaying from side to side nervously.

"Your mum sped off and you obviously have quite the walk. Plus taking a taxi is way too expensive." She pauses, and smirks at me.

"The taxi is right here." She gestures to the car and opens the door wider this time, gesturing for me to get in. I squint at her, moving my stare from the car to her.

"Well, if you insist." I step into the car and allow the magenta coloured leather seats to calm my nerves; this car is way too nice for me to be in. Before Amy shuts the car door she leans in, hand still holding the car door.

"I do insist." She smirks and stares at me for a moment, without breaking any eye contact. I cough awkwardly and she grins, shutting the door on me.

"Let's go." she starts up the car and turns around to reverse, I feel my cheeks red hot, I turn my head to face the window, trying my best to look busy when something catches my eye; someone. Before Amy can reverse I yell;

"Watch out!" She checks the rear-view mirror and grimaces, she sees who I see; Bus boy.