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Madoka's POV

"So you're leaving me to go to Tokyo for college." said Kikotei

"Yea I thought you would be able to go to a middle school there but with your grades looks like you'll stay here to study." I replied

Kikotei's a childhood friend of mine, he's a middle school student who always plays basketball with me.

"I'm wide open." I called out

I shot the ball and it went in.

"Dammit." groaned Kikotei

He passed the ball to me but then I just thought of something.

"Wait... that means that... yea..." I whispered

"'That' mean what?" I asked

"I'll be alone." I replied

I shot the ball again and it went and he groaned.

"Just when I was feeling bad for you." said Kikotei

I smiled and patted his head.

"I'll visit you for sure." I said, "If you have a girlfriend by then, maybe I'll buy you something."

"Fuck you and you're stupid deals you giantess freak." said Kikotei

"What did you say you midget?" I laughed as I picked him up

He yelped in fear.

"Okay you win!" he yelled

I let him down and laughed a bit but then someone was coming towards us. It was a boy, in fact he looked a bit older than me, he was at least 190 cm tall and he was holding a basketball. He had headphones on with a hoodie over his head so I wasn't able to make out his appearance.

"Let's go." said Kikotei

I didn't really care about the boy as he walked past us and began shooting around but he missed most of his shots.

"Who is that guy, I never seen him around here." said Kikotei

"I don't care, let's go." I replied

"Okay, tomboy..." mumbled Kikotei

After dropping off Kikotei I got back to my apartment where my parents were helping me pack up my stuff so I decided to help them.

"You'll be away for a long time." said my mom in a sad tone

"Don't worry about it, I'll be fine and I'll come by to visit." I replied

"But make some friends there." said my dad, "I get that you're a tomboy but just make some friends, it'll be a lot better."

"I already have Kikotei as my friend and that's enough." I bluntly replied

My parents were always worried about me ever since I became a tomboy. I just never found interest in doing what most girls found interesting to them, it just never fit my style.

"You're all packed and ready to go." said my dad

I nodded and went to my room and laid on the bed and scrolled through my phone until Kikotei texted me.

"I won't be able to see you off tomorrow but I hope you have a great time in college, make sure you text me."

I smiled a bit and thanked him before jumping into the shower.


The next day

"Welcome to the basketball team!" yelled the coach

I didn't really want to interact with anyone so I just went to the back of the group of people.

"My name is Coach Yamoto and I'll be your coach for this year." he said, "But first I need to get some personal information so please in a single file line go to the desk."

'Why though?'

I just rolled my eyes and got to the back of the line and waited until it was my turn.

"Name?" asked Coach

"Madoka Yamamoto." I replied

"Height?" he asked

"180, 183 cm I'm not sure." I replied

"Damn that's tall you'll be a great asset." he said while smiling

I sighed in annoyance as he continued asking me questions about things that were really unnecessary.

"Okay everyone, now we're going to do some activities to get to know each other." exclaimed the coach

I sincerely hate anything that has to do with team bonding.

"But first, we also need to have the boys involved." said the coach

I wanted to leave but I got a scholarship for basketball so I just stayed but I was visibly getting agitated. The boys team were approaching us, about 14 of them, all smiling and waving like such annoying brats.

"Okay let's start by introducing ourselves, team captain go first." said Coach

"Hi my name is Homura, a senior and I'm the team captain of the boys' team." said this muscular 195 cm tall boy

To be honest he wasn't bad looking, probably the best looking out of all the other boys. The other boys were introducing themselves while slightly hitting on the girls, most of the boys had their eyes on me, especially Homura. Soon it was my turn and I hate being in the spotlight since everyone's eyes were on me.

"Name's Madoka, I'm a freshman." I simply said

There was an awkward silence for about 10 seconds until Homura chuckled.

"Is that all? I thought you were packing more since you know..." he snickered as he looked at my chests.

I hated my chests since they were huge, everyone always looks at them so I try to wear baggy clothes but it still pops out. The boys started snickering but of course the coach didn't seem to get it, a clueless coach.

'This is going to be the longest 4 years of my life.'

"Anyways next." said Homura

The girls started introducing themselves but then the doors to the basketball court opened and a boy entered in but I couldn't see his face since he was wearing a hoodie.

"You're late Kenji, plus you're wearing a hoodie. Hurry up and get changed." said Coach

The boy nodded and once he put his hoodie down I immediately recognized him as the boy from yesterday who was wearing a hoodie. He left to the locker room but I just dropped my thoughts and went back to listening about the useless things my teammates need to say.

"Okay for today we're going to relax and have some team bonding so just play around." said the coach

I just yawned and headed towards one of the basketball courts and started shooting around on my own until Homura joined me.

"You know it's better to do things with us." said Homura

I just simply nodded as I shot the ball and it went in.

"Where are you from?" he asked

"Kanazawa." I replied

"That's pretty far, must have been a tiring trip." he replied as he passed my the ball

'Why is he here?'

"By any chance, are you seeing anyone." he asked

'Already making a move?'

"No." I replied

I saw him smile as I shot the ball but then the coach called out for Homura so he left me.


I was minding my own business until a ball rolled next to my feet. I picked it up and the boy, Kenji who I recognized had his hands up so I passed the ball to him.

"Thanks." he whispered

'What's up with this guy?'

I watched him shoot around but like yesterday, he missed every shot. Some of the girls near me in other courts were making fun of him but I didn't feel bad, he was trash.

"How did he get on the team?" I heard one girl whisper

"Bribery maybe?" chuckled another girl

"Bribery? He looks so poor." chuckled another girl

I didn't want to be any part of it but I laughed on the inside. After about 2 hours of practicing we finished up and I hit the shower room, quickly changed and headed to my dorm room. Luckily the scholarship covered my dorm, my dorm was big with a bed in the middle, a desk, even a tv with a balcony. I already put my stuff in place so I just put away the boxes and jumped on my bed.

I was bored since it was only the first day of school and there was nothing to do so I just picked up my phone and FaceTimed Kikotei. He takes a while to pick up so I waited for about a minute until he finally picked up.

"Missing me already?" he asked

I smiled but shook my head.

"Awww man." he groaned

"I'm just bored since it's only my first day here." I said

"How was it?" he asked

"It was annoying, we had team bonding and you know me." I replied

"Yea I know you, must have been annoying." he replied

"Yea it was especially the boys." I replied

"Why?" he asked

"They're all perverts." I replied

Kikotei laughed but then suddenly Kenji came to my mind.

"Kikotei remember that boy we saw at the court yesterday?" I asked

"Yea what about him? I asked my parents but they don't know either." he replied

"He goes to my school and he's on the boy's basketball team." I replied

"He's one of the perverts?" he asked

"No he's not, he's different, too different." I replied

"How different can he be?" asked Kikotei

"He missed every shot he shot, I wonder how he even got on the team." I said, "But I don't really care about him or anyone."

"Yea yea, that's who you are." he replied

Kikotei yawned and rubbed his eyes.

"I'm tired and my parents are probably going to scold me for staying up late." he said

"Okay go to sleep mama boy." I replied

"Shut up." he chuckled

"Goodnight." I said

"Goodnight, have fun." he replied

He ended the call and I was so bored that I left my dorm and began walking around the campus until I bumped into Homura.

'No not this guy.'

"Hey what are you doing up so late?" he asked

"Nothing." I simply replied

"Since you're doing nothing, do you want to go to a party? One of my friend's having a party." he said

"Sorry but I'll pass." I replied

"Then how about you and I go to my dorm?" he asked while eyeing me up and down

To be honest, I didn't have anything else to do but I didn't want a relationship, it's not my thing.

"No I'm fine." I replied

He seemed to get a bit annoyed about me rejecting all of his offers.

"Then want to trade numbers?" he asked

I didn't want to talk to him anymore so I just handed him my phone and he added his number to my phone.

"Thanks, if you want to talk I'm here." he said

He smiled and left and I just shuddered from looking at him but whatever. I just continued walking through the campus, through the breezy night but when I looked up I caught something at the corner of my eye and when I looked up I saw the back of someone against a fence on a roof of a building. Not caring I just left and headed back to my dorm to sleep but I just didn't feel tired at all so I decided to text Homura.

"Hey is the party still going on?"

I was about to turn off my phone thinking he'll reply late but he immediately texted back saying it's over.

"Can I come over to your dorm?"

'What am I doing?'

He said sure and gave me his room number so I headed over to the boy's dorm and knocked on his door and he let me in.

"Why did you change your mind?" he asked

"Bored." I replied

"Want water?" he asked

I declined so he let me sit on my bed and he sat next to me.

"You said you're not seeing anyone right?" he asked

"Yea." I replied

"Do you like anyone?" he asked

"No." I replied

He smiled and I felt a bit annoyed but I was just too bored to be really annoyed.

"Want to do something fun then?" he asked

I just nodded so he turned off the lights but kept his lamp on and we began to do things that I didn't think he'd do. He began stripping in front of me and he gestured to me the same.

'Let's just get this over with.'

And there it was, I lost my virginity to someone I just met.

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